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NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes 

Branch 105 General Meeting #1 - 2008
Kelley & Gazzero VFW Post
Thursday January 24th, 2008

Roll call - present: Frank Halm, Alan Conca, Daniel Guenette, Joanne Keeling, Lauri Papsadore, Al Poli and Eric McCarthy, Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Rose Russo, Sue Evans and Pam Thurber.  Excused: Gail Gagne

Guests:  District Manager Robert Koestner, NAPS New England Area Vice President Cy Dumas, three guests from CT John Balardi, Hartford Treasurer Bill Galvin and Hartford Vice President Ralph Stango.

Attendance: 54

Guest speaker- District Manager Robert Koestner  - Began by introducing himself and giving some information about his  35 year postal career and personal background.  He is happy to be in SENE and praised the dedication of the district employees.  He continued with information about revenue.
Revenue state of the union/organization. Koestner said that in the past we have driven expense.  Now we really need to drive revenue.  Koestner thanked everyone for the Mystery Shop scores.  Quarter 4 SENE finished at a 93.4, number four in the country, and he said that we made revenue, demonstrating the relationship between the Mystery Shop scores and the revenue .  Although, he added, the money did not come in as it did last year. The district showed a five percent decrease in stamp sales from last year.
There is a  new Business Development Team in conjunction with Boston.  We need to get leads through Business and Carrier Connect.  Revenue retention is a new focus, in other words, once we get a customer we want to keep it. SENE generated $199,000 through Carrier Connect alone.  He added that developing revenue generation programs is about the solvency of the organization.
Revenue has been reduced through the size of the piece, companies are using both sides of the page to conserve paper, making mailings lighter and reducing their postage. 
OIG audits are revealing that mail is coming in without the correct revenue and PO Boxes are expiring and we are not taking proper procedures to get the revenue.
Service:  In Quarter 1 SENE had two zero bundles. We were number 78 in the country.  We have bounced back in Quarter 2.
Koestner said that there would be new service standards starting Oct. 1 and EXFC will remain the same.  Presort mail, overnight, two-day and three day will be measured through intelligent mail barcode.  Totally different from the color code system.  New system measurement will begin at the point of origin and end at the destination.
Koestner talked about a competitive product change beginning March 3, Sunday delivery of EM will have a surcharge.  New size Priority  Mail box
He added that SENE Safety statistics show 18 percent less accidents than last year.
On expenses Koestner said that the organization needs your help to drive performance and productivity.  Most employees do a great job. Reduce OT.  Find a more efficient ways of doing the job.  The organization is at a crossroads your help is needed to respond.  We are $2.4 million over plan now.
FSS -  Koestner added that the Providence plant expansion of 140,000 sq. ft.  will house three FSS Machines   Construction will begin 4/08, end 9/09 and first machine deployment is expected in the Spring of 2010. The APPS machine will go into the extension  the 010 machines will go into the mezzanine.  Koestner added that there will be much change at he plant in the next 18 to 24 months.

Cy Dumas - Dumas said that Bob Koestner is NAPS friendly. He is open and a people person.  Cy’s dealings with him have been good.  We are fortunate to have him

In the 2007 financial report he noticed budgeted $9,000 for meetings and spent $6,000 - this could mean a drop in attendance. Therefore less was budgeted for 2008.  Dumas suggested talking up attendance with other members.
Dumas said that on a national level LTS registration is down. 
Dumas noted that SPAC funds are used nationally to support candidates.  Walk the Talk  by making contributions.
Dumas said that Dean is doing a good job with Bob Koestner.
There are 200 - 2006 appeals we hope to have results for by the end of the month.
The 2007 appeals open tomorrow.
Ninety percent of the owness of getting what you deserve falls on you the individual.
Dumas said that SWCs is ahot item that will be worked on at all levels. In New England -  CT shows a net loss of 49. District wide SENE will loose 25. Any Senior manager knows you can’t do same quality of work if you cut supervisors when responsibilities have increased.

President’s report: Dean Ambrosino - NPA - Ambrosino mentioned that there have been reports of  higher level managers arbitrarily lowering ratings.  Contact Dean or Michaela or one of the executive board members so we can set the wheels in motion to appeal.  It must be done through eRecourse.  If there is really a problem he wants to represent the individual appropriately.
SPAC  There are different ways to contribute to SPAC - on line, by phone, automatic withdrawal - see for more information.
A raffle is planned with the proceeds to benefit SPAC. 

Treasurer’s report:  Sue Evans  Dec. 31st report - Checking account balance: $295.19 Savings account balance: $189.44  Money Market Account balance: $29,193.03. Total assets: $29677.66 Total income: $36,661.70.  Total Expenses: $26,211.48.  Balance: $10,450.22.  Motion to accept the Treasurers Report Frank Halm seconded by Pat Bennett.

Secretary’s report: Rose Russo  Number of members 269 and associate members 15.  She reminded Associate Members  that it is time to pay dues and that the fee for the year is $45.50.  Thank you correspondence from Donna Schmader and acknowledgement/thank you from Genie and Skip Delsesto for the Spiritual Bouquet.  Motion to accept the report by Norma Johnson seconded by Alan Conca.

Legislative report - Pam Thurber  The Legislative conference in Washington DC is scheduled for April 1 and 2.  Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Frank Halm and Dan Guenette are scheduled to attend.  Al Poli has agreed to act as an alternate should a replacement be needed. The number is limited to 5 for financial reasons.  National will pay for the president’s and legislative rep’s housing.  Bills taking to the hill include:
1)  Expand the use of voting by mail in Federal Elections.  Bills HR 281, HR 1667 and S979, and HR1646.
2)  Expand health care access through premium conversion for Postal and other retirees - senate and house bills S-773 and HR-1110
3)  Protect the federal employment rights of military veterans HR 728
4)  Provide sick leave credit for FERS-covered employees
Pam petitioned for members’ help to get lawmakers to cosponsor bills on line and offered her personal assistance in the process to anyone who needs it
Anyone with questions for the National Officers or Legal Counsel can bring them to Dean Michaela, Frank or Pam before March 29th.  Emails are accepted.
Motion to accept legislative report Steve Linden seconded by Frank Halm.
Dean Amborsino reminded all  that if anyone knows anyone that is sick, has a death in the family, or is retiring please let one of the eboard members know.

Winner of  the 50-50  is ticket number 037624 held by David Goudreau, $122.00.

New Business  - Alan Conca is working on the Foxwoods Trip mailing.

Old Business - none

Adjourned - Brad Fish seconded by Alan Conca.

Next meeting 3/19- featured speaker Louis Atkins