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NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes 

Branch 105 – General Meeting
March 19, 2008
West Valley Inn

Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.                                                       Attendance:  46

Pledge of Allegiance led by Alan Conca.                                              

Roll Call:  Present:  Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Rose Russo, Sue Evans, Pam Thurber, Alan Conca, Gail Gagne, Frank Halm, Dan Guenette, Al Poli, and Joanne Keeling.  Absent: Eric McCarthy.

Guest: Louis Atkins, Executive Vice President, NAPs

Speaker Carol Fish:  Secretary to the District Manager Carol Fish explained the new job application process for EAS employees effective April 1st.  At that time the 991 form will become obsolete.  She encouraged members to sign up for workshops to learn how to navigate the system.  One-on-one training is available to larger offices.  Training is off the clock.  Job postings will be accessible on line.  It will be up to employees to check for job opportunities.  Postings will still be available for two weeks.  She urged members to contact PEDC, Carol Fish or Mary Hahnan with any further questions.  Through liteblue we will gain access to job postings and personal profiles.
Windows of Opportunity (WOO) will continue to be a resource for detail assignments.  Make sure your WOO files are up to date.
Dean Ambrosino added that WOO is undergoing an update.  New positions are being placed into WOO  Those interested in detail opportunities should access WOO and update their file and also verify that their file has not been purged due to lack of use.  Inactive files are deleted from WOO.  He added that the district manager has made a commitment to use WOO as a primary resource for detail assignments.

Treasurer’s Report by Sue Evans: Financial report:  checking account balance:  $1,101.22, savings account balance:  $189.44, money market account balance:  $28,144.60.  total assets:  $29,435.26.  total income:  $5,952.55, total expenses:  $6,194.45, Balance: ($241.90).
Sue said that we will be in the red for a month or two more since we have the LTS coming up and, in May, the NE Convention.

Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report made by Frank Halm, seconded by Alan Conca.  Motion passed.

Secretary’s Report by Rose Russo: Regular members on the rolls 260, associate members on the rolls 24.  Correspondences received include:

  • Thank you note from:  Sharon Musco for the retirement gift certificate and from John Ahern for the get well gift basket. A thank you was also received from Denise Briar for the get well gift assortment sent to her.
  • We received thank you cards from the Jane Larson and family and Bob McCall and family for the spiritual bouquets sent in the memory of Jane’s father and Bob’s mother. 

Rose added that updates are being sent to the NAPS web site in an effort to keep the information current and make the site relevant to members with computers.  Forms such as the Foxwoods trip and Scholarship Application can be printed from this site.  Frank Halm added that there also is, on the web site, a job opportunity notice for retirees interested in performing route inspections.  Positions are available to those retirees interested throughout the district.

Motion made to accept the secretary’s report made by Genie DelSesto, seconded by Bill Barker.  Motion passed.

Legislative Report by Pam Thurber: Appointments have been scheduled with the legislators for the LTS.  The issues being presented include:

  • expanding the use of voting by mail in federal elections,
  • expand health care access through favorable tax treatment of  health insurance premiums for postal and federal retires
  • protecting employment rights of military veterans including those employed by the Postal Service

Deter SL abuse by crediting accumulated SL for FERS employees
Michaela, Dean and Pam attended a Senator Jack Reed fund raiser at Sheldon Whitehouse’s house.  Pam said that Jack Reed has been a great supporter of the Postal Service. 
The invitation to the Spring Breakfast, Sunday, May 4th, Rhodes on the Pawtuxet has been received.  Anyone interested in going should let Pam know.  A NAP has a table for 10.
Motion made to accept the Legislative report made by Frank Halm, seconded by Pat Bennett.  Motion passed.

Dean mentioned the many ways to donate to SPAC and it does not need to be a lot.  He reminded us that contributions can be made by payroll deduction, by phone, check, payroll allotment, on line with a credit card, at www.    Dean added that many of us have issues that are important to us.  We may have postal issues today or retirement issues in the future.  Congress makes those decisions.  If we don’t tell them what is important, someone else will tell them what is important.  SPAC is like an insurance policy. 

Guest speaker National Vice President Louis Atkins:  Referring to legislative matters Mr. Atkins said, “If we are not in the ball game we will be left out.”  We want to be heard in Congress. He said that he had been a postal supervisor since 1975, 31 years before retirement.   Louis said that he has never been embarrassed by things we’ve asked for from the legislators.    The Postal Service is going through some changes.  We have had Postal Reform but now we have the implementation of Postal Reform.  Also, congress and Washington DC are the center of things that affect the U.S. Postal Service.   He stressed the importance of developing a relationship with local legislators.
Atkins said that we are transitioning politically from one president to another and we have three honorable, good people running for president.  When we contribute $500-$1,000 per campaign it is to support those people who support us.  It is important to be in the political scene.  They can make us or break us. 
He mentioned that other agencies to watch include the powerful Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and the Federal Trade Commission – they just had a doctrine come out that asks if the USPS should have a monopoly on first class mail.  We have to stay tuned.  We have to be at the table.  We are important. We can make a difference.  Together we make more of an impact. 
Atkins added that Dean is doing a fantastic job and Cy speaks his mind.  He is very proud of Cy. 
The FERS bill is about sick leave buy back up to $10,000.  It’s a start and perhaps we will improve on it later.  Remind congressmen to support this.
One problem that comes up is integrity.  Integrity is what we have. It is when what we say and do is consistent.  When they are different, we loose integrity.  Laws, rules, policies tell us how to behave in an organization.
Rules are there to protect everyone.   We loose integrity by doing something wrong.  We as managers are charged with getting work done by others.  Bad followers can be traced to bad leaders.  Louis stressed the importance of doing the right thing to protect our jobs.  We need to step up to the plate. Collaboration is a great form of leadership.

Cy Dumas - Thanked everyone for attending the meeting because everyone has done something for NAPS.  He called them good members – members that care. When I come here it keeps me from getting discouraged.  Elsewhere we don’t have the support of the rank and file we have here. 
New England officers and some members have been sending me information that helps me stay current with things that are happening in New England. 
Cy asked everyone to look around the room and notice that two groups of members that are not present 1 – plant people and 2 - no young ASP of customer service or the plant.  He asked members to reach out to the newer members. They need to be educated and eventually carry the torch.  See if you can get them to come.  There are five meetings a year - it is informative. 
Hottest NAPS issue at the Area level has to do with SWCs for delivery supervisors. It’s an ongoing process.  Dean and Michaela have met with District Manager Bob Koestner and, in a separate meeting with HR Manager Ann Mailloux who is the local point person.  The main bone of contention is “How do you count the transitionals?”Contention how SWCs doesn’t take into consideration the mail processing machines and it doesn’t take into consideration offices that are open late -7 p.m.  It is a work in progress
On safety, Cy said, you don’t want someone working for you to go home with an injury.  Let’s get people to go home safely. 
New initiative – Business Development Team – only details. 
Cy added when you deal with L’Enfant Plaza, even things that seem obvious, take forever. –an example would be the AMS topic which has been going on for five to six years.  We have to stay the course.  If we can’t get things resolved here we go to headquarters and it may take time but we stay the course.
Cy said that eRecourse is a three year process.  We still have ’06 appeals unsettled.  Get the denied appeals to branch president and we’ll send them down to area or headquarters.
Dean added that officers have met with Ann Mailloux about SWCs who has sent our concerns to the NE Area.  There were nine offices Dean wanted looked at and Ann agreed to send seven to area.  No word back from Area yet.  There is no provision for relief supervisors.
Dean said NPA mid-year is coming up and this year we need to do a better job of clarifying goals.  Be clear midyear is time to make adjustments, if need be.  As supervisors, we must do a better job of managing our goals.
Dean announced that he has two vacancies on the Executive Board Frank Halm and Lauri Papsadore.  Anyone interested in volunteering please let Dean know.

Social Committee Report:  Alan Conca     Thirty-one people have signed up for Foxwoods, four more needed. 
Alan reminded all that if anyone knows of someone who is out sick for more than two weeks to notify him so a fruit basket can be sent out.  Also, if a member has a death in the family a spiritual bouquet will be sent and if anyone is out for more that 30 days Alan serves on the Cafeteria Committee and a fruit basket will be sent

NAPS VP Michaela Saccoccio spoke on behalf of The Employee Assistant Program (EAP) she is the NAPS representative for the District Advisory Committee, April is EAP month. She wants all to know that this is a benefit that is for employees and their families too.  There is no more overtime and this creates more stress.  She called an EAP representative to her office to speak to her employees.  Some employees accepted the representative’s business card- it’s free and a good benefit.  It seemed to help them.  If you hear of anyone with problems and needs help, keep EAP in mind.

Q & A     Dean was asked how SWCs changes would be implemented.
Cy answered saying that changes will be handled similarly to RIF rules:
1 - Veterans’ preference
2 - Total Government service
3 - EAS Seniority
Louis Atkins said that volunteers will be moved first, adding that the last three years Merit ratings count –
Exceptional rating adds 16 years credit per year
High rating - adds 14 years credit per year
Plain contributor - 1 year added.
Dean thinks the SWCs resolve will be a long road.

Comment:  Dan Guenette said that revenue generation is such a hot topic that we should share creative revenue generating ideas with the Marketing office.  His postmaster asked him to visit CPAs in the area with Priority Mail and Express Mail supplies and Delivery Confirmation forms to generate business.

Old Business - None

New Business - Dean took nominations for the National Convention
Pam Thurber nominated by Sue Evans, seconded by Frank Halm
Sue Evans nominated by Betty DiSalvia, seconded by Cy Dumas
Michaela Saccoccio nominated by Rick Laporte, seconded by Genie DelSesto
Rose Russo nominated by Frank Halm, seconded by Cy Dumas

Dean recognized and congratulated Mary and Russell Fontaine for their new positions as new postmasters of Coventry (Mary) and Wakefield (Russ) Post Offices.  He wished them the best of luck.

NAPS Vice President Michaela Saccoccio presented a thank you gift to Louis Atkins for coming down to see us.  It was a Red Sox wind breaker jacket.

SPAC 50-50 drawing ticket number 37836 picked by Louis Atkins held by Eddie Gutierrez $105.00

Adjournment:    Motion to adjourn by Alan Conca, seconded by Betty DiSalvia.

Rose A. Russo
Secretary, NAPS Branch 105