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Meeting Minutes 

NAPS 105 General Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2008
Cranston Country Club

Meeting called to order at 6:37 p.m.                                           43 in attendance

Roll call:  Cy Dumas, Dean Ambrosino, Sue Evans, Rose Russo, Pam Thurber, Norma Johnson, Joanne Keeling, Dan Guenette, Gail Gagnon and Roberta Menard.
Excused:: Michaela Saccoccio, Alan Conca and Brad Fish

Dean recognized guest speakers: EAP Professional Kathy McKenna and NAPS Secretary/Treasurer Jay Killackey

Guest speaker:  Employee Assistance Professional Kathy McKenna reminded everyone that the employees are going through a lot of changes, and change and stress go hand in hand.  She explained that, as supervisors, if we are experiencing stress it carries over to work and reminded everyone that EAP is just a phone call away for any troubles they may be experiencing.  Right not we are going through difficult times.  We are all being asked to do more with less.  Kathy asked everyone to know what we can and cannot control and to focus on the things that can be changed.  She said first and foremost is self care.  Employees with problems take up your time.  If they are suddenly calling in sick, talk to them to see if personal problems are affecting their work and if so, refer them to EAP.  EAP has creative ways to help people and you.  There are financial resources for people with personal budgeting problems.  Assistance is available to employees and extends to those living in the household regardless of age.  This benefit is free and confidential.  Don’t hesitate to call EAP.

Kathy noted that in the future EAP will be offering coaching to help people be more effective.  More information will be rolled out.

Ann Mailloux made a suggestion.  So many of the rural carriers have experienced pay cuts since the inspections we should offer a non-profit consumer credit agency to do sessions for them.

EAP reference materials were available for those in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report given by Sue Evans.   During the month of April we spent $8,117.39 and most of that was for the NE Convention, the Legislative Training Seminar (LTS), the Foxwoods bus trip, and health and welfare.  Total expenses year-to-date are $15,744.14 and the total assets of the checking, savings and Money Market accounts is $26,611.06.  Someone asked at the last meeting why we have a savings account and Sue explained that we have to leave that account open because that is where the deposit from Dues Check Off (DCO) is made.  The year to date Income to expense results is <$3,094.07>.

There were no questions.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report made by Skip DelSesto and seconded by Santo Lobuono.

Secretary’s report given by Rose Russo:  There are 260 members and 24 associate members at this time.  There were no correspondences.  If anyone is experiencing a name change please contact Rose so she can update the records.

There were no questions.

Motion made to accept the report by Dan Guenette and seconded by Pat Bennett.

Legislative Report given by Pam Thurber:  Pam spoke about the Senator Jack Reed 19th annual spring breakfast where NAPS reserved a table of 10 for $200.00.  She added information about the Jack Reed fundraiser at Senator Whithouse’s home where NAPS contributed $500.00. She read a thank you note from Senator Reed for support.  She said that the Whitehouse fundraiser was great opportunities to meet and sometimes speak one-on-one to the politicians.    The breakfast attracted 1200 people and a one on one would not be possible. NAPS headquarters supports our attendance.  It doesn’t come out of our treasury.  That’s why it’s important for us to give to SPAC.  She pointed out the many options available to contribute making the process easy including by phone, on line, through payroll allotment and by check.  This year Branch 105’s contributions are increasing over 2007 and we have tried a few new things such as the Foxwoods bus trip that raised $130.00 The LTS raffle raised a total of $96.00.  She added that National has given $1,700 to RI which is considered very good.

Legislative training summary 3/30/08 - 4/2/08.  Dean Ambrosino,  Michaela Saccoccio, Frank Halm and Pam attended.  The keynote address speaker was funny and entertaining The PMG addressed the assembly.

She added that the lawmaker forum on Capitol Hill was an opportunity for NAPS delegates to go and be addressed by the lawmakers although Pam could not attend due to illness.

Then there was the education - on bills and key issues of NAPS and what we are taking to the Hill.  We have four issues: 1. Universal right to vote by mail 2. Lump sum payment to FERS employees for unused sick leave. 3. Make health care more affordable 4. Veterans reassignment protection act

No questions.

Motion to accept the legislative report made by Skip DelSesto and seconded by Gail Gagnon.

Guest speaker NAPS Secretary/Treasurer Jay Killackey - Jay thanked everyone.
He asked everyone “What would we do to correct the problems of the Postal Service”
In ‘92 we had mail volume.  He said right now the issue is no mail volume.  Jay said that the Postal Service would close if we were anyone else.
He asked us to remember that not one supervisor has been laid off and no employees have been transferred.  The Express Mail Service Specialist positions have been eliminated, totaling 126 positions nationally. From a Postal perspective that equates to a savings of $1 million a year.  NAPS is trying to make sure that there are landing zones for these employees.  In the last few years there has been a major restructuring in finance and everyone has found a landing zone.

Jay asked, “If you were running a business in RI what would you do? “
We have a problem
What is the solution
Don’t do anything to put yourselves in harms way
We have people who have been fired for:
tampering with clock rings
Owing OT to carriers
Percentage to standard insufficiencies

Supervisors are being told, “I don’t want any carriers out after 5:00.” with the next sentence being “I don’t care how you do it.”  In delivery - What percentage of routes do you have to pivot today? And you want everyone back by 5:00?   What ever happens, report it.  Never be in trouble alone.  Tell someone about any problem.  There are no simple solution to the Post Office’s problems.
We are all having these issues.  Employees are having issues, financially with reduced OT.  People in over their heads have pressure.  Jay said that it is a good idea to have EAP involved.

Jay reminded us not to be put into a position where you can loose your job. The right decision is the one that keeps you out of trouble!  Jay assured everyone that we will get through this and that we at the Postal Service provide a valuable service to the country.  Just do your job and make sure your employees do theirs.  He added that we are lucky to have the jobs we have
NAPS 105 has a relationship with management that is one of the best in the country.  Do the right thing!

Al Poli asked if there was any truth to the rumor that the Postal Service is running out of its borrowing limit  Jay replied: True

Dean presented Boston Red Sox red jersey to Jay for his support from Branch 105.

Area Vice Present Cy Dumas said that he has witnessed the tremendous amount of constituents’ calls Jay gets even on the weekends.  He said that Jay gets more NAPS calls than any NAPS officer anywhere in the country.  Cy said he is honored to succeed him as Area VP.

Cy said that Branch 105 has the highest membership of the larger branches, and New England has one of the Best memberships. He added that there are two level 24 direct reports comfortably in attendance at the meeting which is indicative of  the relationship NAPS has with the leadership here in SENE.  Cy added that he belongs to the best branch, in the best area, in the country and we can consider ourselves to be the best of the best.  He asked everyone to not sit back.

Cy reported that the NAPS New England convention went well.  Cy recognized the help he received with the planning from Sue Evans and Michaela Saccoccio.  A wrist watch was presented to Michaela.  Sue Evans accepted it, from Cy, on Michaela‘s behalf.  Cy commented that Dean has the best support adding that Michaela does more than any other vice president in the Area adding that few level 22-23 employees take on that responsibility.

Execs attending the New England Convention included Tom Day and Tim Haney who reviewed the volume and revenue problems the Postal Service is experiencing.  Tom Day did a presentation on Intelligent Mail. Kathy McKenna and Luke Gagne of NH - VT gave EAP presentations.  Cy confirmed the confidentiality of EAP. 
A wonderful health insurance presentation was made by Blue Cross/Blue Shield for retirement minded individuals at the convention.

District will meet with the employees whose jobs have been impacted.

Cy announced that two leaders have been selected for committees at the National Convention: Dean for Constitutions and By Laws Committee, and Michaela for the Resolutions Committee

President Dean Ambrosino said that he spoke to the district manager a number of times re NPA and pay for performance and he is very interested in working together with all the management associations on the goal setting process and how it is done next year.  He is trying to avoid issues that have come up in the past. Time must be spent at the start of the year during the goal setting process.  Goals should be fair to the USPS and the employee.  By not doing that, NPA has an opposite effect.  It should be a morale booster.  Although it can never be perfect because of variables in what we do.  Supervisors and managers should be actively involved in the process.

Dean added that mid-years many had changes in goals that were not realistic.  If goals changed mid-year and you know someone who feels it is not fair, tell the manager, document it, copy NAPS.  Hope for better results next year.

New England Convention  Tim Haney said we can only reduce expenses so much adding that revenue to plan is down $750 million.  Each employee must look into how we can raise revenue.
Dean said that he thinks that as the economy comes back our business will come back.

SWCs - Dean thanked Ann Mailloux for her months of patience.  He thanked Cy.  He has worked patiently for months.  Originally we were told not to count all TEs, now we are counting all TEs.  There is still talk about window credit and Cy is still working on that with the NE Area.

Cy mentioned that we have to get people coming to the NAPS meetings - -  If they are working long hours or late, he can understand.

Cy said we need people who are actively involved adding that NAPS always need new people.
When only 20 percent of the membership attends meetings it’s hard to get all the information out.
Cy said that Jay had a number of important things to share today.  Plenty of supervisors face pressure to get the work done in the right way.  If you, or someone you know, has a problem- call a NAPS Executive Board member, Michaela or Dean.  Sometimes after a problem blows up, someone will call Dean. 

A question was raised about the phrasing on the meeting announcement letter to encourage attendance was made.  Changes will appear on the next mailing.

New Executive Board members include Brad Fish and Roberta Menard. Frank Halm is leaving to another branch since he is now working in that territory.  Dean said Frank was a great help and he we will miss him.

Motion made by Al Poli  He proposed making a donation $1,000 to Jay Killackey reelection campaign. Seconded by Pam Thurber.  Motion passed.

-Representatives to the National NAPS convention include Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Sue Evans, Rose Russo and Pam Thurber and Rose confirmed that they each meet qualifications.

Motion made to contribute $100 to the golf tournament supporting the American Diabetes Association on June 8th at the Richmond Country Club.  Motion passed.

-A NAPS 105 scholarship winner was randomly selected by Jay Killackey. And the winner is Krystal DiBenedetto, step-daughter of William Gino DeConti.

-Winner of 50-50 raffle ticket 3979079 Al Poli ($109)

Adjournment:  Motion made to adjourn by Peter Wood; seconded by Andy Menard.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Rose A. Russo
NAPS Branch 105 Secretary