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 NAPS 105 General Meeting Minutes

 May 20, 2009

Cranston Country Club

Meeting began at 6:35                                                                           Attendance – 58

 The Pledge of Allegiance

 Roll call: In attendance President Dean Ambrosino, Vice President Michaela Saccoccio, Treasurer Sue Evans, Secretary Rose Russo, Legislative Rep Pam Monroe. Executive Board members Alan Conca, Brad Fish, Al Poli, Norma Johnson, Dan Guenette, Joanne Keeling, Gail Gagne, Roberta Menard and Cy Dumas.

Excused:  Alan Conca

 Branch 105 Treasurer Report given by Sue Evans

 Motion to accept made by

Seconded by Russ Fontaine

 Northeast Area Vice President Cy Dumas presented Sue Evans with a watch for her leadership calling her the Best NAPS Treasurer in New England

 Secretary’s report given by Rose Russo:  Number of current members 242. Number of associate members 32.

Correspondences received include a thank you from Anne Brothers for contribution to Home and Hospice Care in memory of Thomas Brothers.  A thank you was received from Tom Boland for the retirement gift certificate.  A thank you received from Jim Yarnell for the fruit basket.  A thank you received form the International Essential Tremor Foundation for contributions in memory of Katherine Neirinckx.  A thank you was received for the donation to Hospice Care in remembrance of Colleen Sharratt’s father. A thank you from Carl Papino for the donation to the Dorac Howard Center in memory of his mother. Another thank you was received for  the donation to Scallop Shell Nursing Home in honor and memory of their mother  from Carol Deschenes, Bill Sousa and the Sousa family.


(Legislative Report given by Pam Monroe: 

Motion to accept made by Brad Fish, seconded by Pat Bennett.)

Dean broke for dinner.  After dinner he introduced NAPS President Ted Keating.

Guest Speaker Manager Operations Support Gerald Botelho – Gerry has been with the U. S. Postal Service for 30 years with experience as a manager of customer services in Providence, postmaster of Norwich CT, acting post office operations manager (POOM) in CT.

Gerry said that the Postal Service is loosing $22 million a day. 6 – 7 - 8% below SPLY and we are not making plan.  Something is wrong we are loosing too much money.  Working on 2010  EB 8 CSBCSs have been absorbed by the plant.  Newport is next Tues. DBs in the field Warwick New Bedford and Taunton are all to be absorbed by the plant.  The plant went through a Tour II compression.  Most senior people in the plant who were on Tour II are no longer there.  Cancellation letters from the Cape and Brockton will be going to Providence. Saturday 387,    cancelled for the entire district. At one time it was 800,000 in the plant.  We are at pre 1960 levels less mail .  We’re in trouble.  These are facts.  People in the company cannot react quickly enough.  The agereements with the NALC based on certain time frames.  Another 88 routes are being  

I don’t believe that we are going out of business.  Not gospel.  I know what it is like to ask you to do what you are going to do.  What can you do to save money.  We cannot afford to use premium time.  Put clerks on standby time. Put regulars on standby.  We need clerks to be carriers.

FSS – we bought these machines when we had flats.  Here’s the problem – Boston impacted 312 routes over400 carriers. Residual vacancies here will be filled by these people.

Next round – moving 5 clerks and excessing 6 residual jobs.

As vacancies are filled TEs will go away.  Your employees are overwhelmed.  You need to talk to them not protecting route j/job.  There is no huge payroll somewhere.
See union officials making drastic changes it’s real – We are the leaders – If you need help lots of pressure to get to it. Targets are unbelievable.  We must keep making changes – People at the Northease Area level told that they are no longer needed by the USPS – If you have people that don’t do the work -= fire them. We may as well make the changes than have others make the decision for us. 

Message from Mike Powers- everyone earn pay at all levels.  He wants you to work hard – play hard – message must be the same. Your people will look to you for leadership.

Six Zero Bundles – half of the total for the entire NE Area .  They have been removed.  The issue with Zone B.  It is how we are rated. AM/PM absolute must be completed.  That is your guide to keeping you out of trouble. If you do them.  Do not get caught with equipment inside the vehicles. NE Area is checking offices.  Mail in the building not reported in CSDRS.  31 of 35 had equipment.  Use the check list for what it’s worth.  Check for sleepers.  Delegate if your have to.  It is too much for you to do.  Supervisors and managers are getting disciplined.  Organize it and get it covered.  Put a system in place to get the work done.

Q>  Would delegating protect the supervisor from discipline?

A – You want to be accurate – you have to spot check – give the clerks something to do.  Scanning and poarcel post and Priority Mail – 2 products parcel return service – EBS – Huge opportunity.  We need the parcel business.  It is the only area that is growing.  First class mail is not coming back.  New generation scanning, scanning, scanning.  Great job moving the mail – we are notdoing well scanning.  The customers are [paying for it because they want it.  Express Mail people aren’t paying as mucha s they areif they did not want the scan.  Use IIMS, PRS and EBS.

You do a great job

Rural counts again in September ?

Thirty percent discount for saturation mailers.

New packaging for Priority Mail

We need to scan. Don’t get pummeled because you are not delegating MSP. Greatest toolIf you don’t use it shame on you .  Use DOIS.  Keep up the good work you do a good job

Retail Clerks should be looking at parcels for unmmailable markings.  Tests are being conducted by teams.



Area Vice President Cy Dumas Gerry one of the best – he gets things done humanistic.  We’re luck to have him.  Money analysis is right there.  Wednesday at headquarters and releted meetings. Consult with headquarters.  March 19th last branch meetingTed spoke.  We didn’t expecttwo districts to be abolished in the Northeast Area.  Four hundred positions are eliminated.  Fit in terms of geography.  Take a toll on personal life carer and finances.  Last couple of months he has been more upset than ever.  Councelling coping. 

Tim Haney has family in the USPostal Service including his wife, mother and son.  Senior managers – humanistic as possible in getting people in landing spots.

Conversations with Mike Powers – done everything he could to get his people to train.

Not a lot of bidding in Phase I.  those remaining will go up in Phase II. Outside the Postal Service most of us know of people who lost a job.  If you are working with someone.  No slack to EAS who have behavioral issues or cannot do the job – termination – no tolerance for slackness – medical issue personal issue.


What’s happening in NAPS?  Doug Tolino Vice President of Labor Relations.  All reorganization is coming out of his shop.  NAPS sent a letter re failure to consult with NAPS on the 40 percent cut in MDOs nationally.  How does that affect theproduct going out.  RIF avoidance . RIF at the end of August. Encourage impacted peers to apply for jobs.


Person in a new job is afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.  Ask a NAPS rep. Doug Tolino’s answer to Ted’s letter nothing definitive.  NAPS Has legal council to make sure the U.S. Postal Service follows the law.  People in the areas have a greater need for Cy’s assistance.  Cy will be emailing Dean.  Keep in close touch with Dean if you are impacted.


Kevin Trainor


People in headquarters are designing programs in headquarters who don’t know what F1 or F2 is.


ASPs ongioing – program suspended.

Under 18 months no raise subject to consultation


Q. Ann- maintenance – concerned that they have been held up.  No difference in Phase I or Phase II – only impacted can apply.  Can they still be considered  impacted. Can’t answer until he verifies with others.  Too many changes. Expect an answer within a week.

Honey – Good attendance all EAS craft scanning operational must

Job quality


Legislative report by Pam Monroe.  Obama administration to Health care costs in line with what other government agencies are paying.

Two weeks ov to [postal reps re concessions

Maintain positions limited areas of competition

Meet with the new DM. First year breakout.  Because of the changes met with Mr. Powers.  Expects manager, business customers and employees.  Dean is concerned with craziness – especially with exempt employees.  Moving into expensive . Hurting the effectiveness of the managers.  Members need a balance in life – Ignored how productive can an employee.

 Branch 105 Vice President Machaela Saccoccio Making the right choices – time piranhas, interusptions changes to priorities

Good job.

EBoard member Al PoliZero bundles, removal, discipline removed.

Powers – Inappropriate behavior will be addressed. No tolerance for actions.

Dean Retirement Gift Certificate listed

Scholarship winner picked by Gerry Botelho number 29 Kayla St. George daughter of Roger St. George.  Next meeting nominations for eboard positions.  Interested in stepping up, let us know.  We need people who can step up

 50 – 50 drawing winner Bill Connors number 9439001 $132.00

Cy donated 10 Bags that were given away to 10 lucky winners.

 A motion was made to end the meeting by Al Poli.  Seconded by Steve Linden.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Rose A. Russo


NAPS Branch 105

Providence, RI

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