NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS 105 General Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2010

Kelly Gazzero Post                                                                       Attendance-51

Meeting began at 6:30

Pledge of Allegiance led by Alan Conca.

Welcome given by Dean Ambosino, President of Branch 105. Dean recognized first time meeting attendees, Joe Quaglietta, and Donna Pratt and past president Steve Sondler.

Roll Call:  Officers and eboard members in attendance, President Dean Ambrosino, Vice President Michaela Saccoccio, Treasurer Norma Johnson, Legislative Representative Pam Monroe, Secretary Rebecca Brown, Alan Conca, Dan Guennette, Sue Evans, Brad Fish, Roberta Menard, and Brady Sullivan. Joanne Keeling was excused.

Kathy McKenna from EAP spoke about the need to give employees the time to vent in this stressful work environment. She reminded us that EAP is available for both craft employees and EAS and asked us to give her a call if we need help in how to go about referring someone.

 Sue Evans gave her last treasurer’s report. We came under budget for 2009. We currently have $124.93 in our checking acct. $183.30 in our savings acct. and $40,513.80 in our money market acct. We had income last year of $34,959.34 and expenses of $27,364.51. A motion was made by Rick Laporte to accept the treasurer’s report and was seconded by Gail Gagne. Sue then presented the budget for 2010 and explained that expenses will be higher this year because it is a national convention year. Dean thanked Sue for her eight years of hard work as treasurer for our branch.

 Secretary’s Report given by Rebecca Brown:  We currently have 243 members in Branch 105 including 29 associate members.

 Legislative Report was given by Pam Monroe: We are in the process of planning for the Legislative Training Seminar in Washington, DC this March. Pam was then sworn in for her current term by Cy Dumas who said she is the best legislative rep. in the United States.

 Break for Dinner.

 Cy Dumas, guest speaker, was introduced by Dean:  Branch 105 has the best meetings, the best officers and he tries to never miss one of our meetings. Jay Killackey, Ted Keating, and Louis Atkins send their greetings. Cy spoke about NPA and urged all members that feel they were cheated to file an appeal in eRecourse and to do the best you can in presenting your case. Ann Mailloux agreed that this is important and explained some of the nuances of NPA. On 12/29/09, 3,000 EAS vacancies were posted nationwide. Headquarters and NAPS will be meeting to revamp the Associate Supervisor Program. We are in the era of the RIF. Maintenance restructuring is coming up in the near future as well as a sales RIF. Cy thanked Kathy McKenna for coming and said how important EAP is right now. He also discussed SOX and said that as officers and advocates for NAPS, we need to bone up on our knowledge of SOX. Dean said that it is our responsibility to follow financial procedures and if you don’t know how, you need to get help from someone that does.

Jeanne Delsesto gave the  report from the audit committee. All accounts were reconciled.

New Business: A suggestion was made to form a committee to take a look at the constitution and by-laws to see if they need updating. It was also suggested that they be posted on our website so that all members have access to them. Gail Gagne and Joanne Keeling were nominated to be the scholarship committee because they did such a great job last year.

Bob McCall won the 50/50 raffle of $122.00. He donated $70.00 to SPAC.

A motion to adjourn was made at 8:30. Have a safe drive home.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brown, Secretary, NAPS 105



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