NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Minutes from General Meeting #2-2010
Lancellotta’s Restaurant
March 16, 2010
Attendance: 58

Pledge of Allegiance: Alan Conca
Welcome: Dean Ambrosino @ 6:30 PM

Treasurer’s report was given by Norma Johnson. A motion to accept was made by Andy Maynard and seconded by Brad Fish. Becky Brown gave the secretary’s report. A motion to accept was made by Lou Bruno and seconded by Bob Conroy.

Dean welcomed Lori Bruzzi, Kris Leclair, Joe Barbato, and Roland Boisvert because they had not attended a meeting in a while. He announced that Gail Gagne had resigned from the E-board. Dean spoke about advocacy training that he, Michaela, and Gail had attended in Boston in February. One of the top infractions that supervisors are being terminated for is falsifying information, particularly in TACS. If you do this and are caught, you do not have a winnable case. Dean told us to call an E-board member immediately if you are going to be issued discipline or any corrective action. If you are given a notice of debt collection, you have 10 days to respond. NAPS wins these cases for EAS employees 99% of the time but time is of the essence.

Break for dinner 6:55

Meeting was resumed at 7:20 PM with the legislative report given by Pam Monroe. She briefed everyone on the four main issues that we will be bringing to the Hill during LTS. She thanked everyone for supporting SPAC through the 50-50 raffles and thanked Al Poli for his donation. A motion to accept Pam’s report was made by Dan Guenette and seconded by Brian Holt.

Dean introduced guest speaker Louis Atkins, NAPS executive vice-president.
Louis said that it is always a pleasure to be up north. He said that the climate in the postal service is tense right now because bad decisions are being made. This is one of the reasons that LTS is so important this year. We need to have access to Congress so that our rights are represented by management. The biggest issue that NAPS is dealing with is NPA. EAS have until March 21, to file in eRecourse. We need to file if we feel we were evaluated unfairly not because of the money but because the Postal Service did not keep their word. This is an integrity issue.

Louis went on to tell us that by the year 2020 half of our workforce will be eligible for retirement. This past year we lost 3,600 supervisor positions but everyone that wanted to continue working got a job. Louis believes that we will not go to 5 day delivery until 2012. There are too many other ways for the postal service to save money such as getting rid of the Mystery Shopper program and VOE. NAPS feels that 5 day delivery is the first step in privatization of the postal service because we are opening Saturday delivery up to our competitors. The good news is, the postal service will still be here two hundred years from now.

Cy spoke briefly about SOX. He said it is important to know your job inside and out. If you have questions, call for help. Cy recognized newly retired member Ted Loughran, for 37 years of service.

Michaela spoke about the training seminar that she, Dean and Gail went to in February. One of the highlights was David Solomon’s training on meeting with district leadership. This was something Michaela and Dean have already used when they met with the DM on issues facing NAPS members. NAPUS and the League were also represented at this meeting. One of the issues that was brought to the DM was the disconnect that EAS feel from the goals that are being given to them. Dean suggested that managers need to explain the goals better and they need to be goals that EAS can control.

Santo made a motion that our branch sponsor a $100.00 tee for the American Diabetes Foundation Golf Tournament. This was seconded by Brian Holt and voted in by the membership.

The last order of business was to nominate members to go to the national convention this August in Orlando, FL. Sue Evans nominated Pam Monroe and this was seconded by Cy Dumas. Cy nominated Michaela Saccoccio which was seconded by Alan Conca. The president has an automatic spot for the convention.

The 50-50 raffle winner was picked by Louis Atkins. Pam Monroe was the winner for the first time in 10 years of buying raffle tickets. She won $158.00.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brown
Secretary, Branch 105