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General Meeting #4-2010

Lancellota’s 9/16/2010

Attendance: 48

Pledge of Allegiance:  Alan Conca

Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM by Dean Ambrosino and a moment of silence took place for the victims of 9/11.

Dinner Served

Dean Ambrosino began meeting at 7:08 by recognizing Andy Sozi, Cy Dumas, Mike Haggerty, and Mike Powers and thanked them for attending. He then took roll call of officers and eboard members.

Mike Powers said a few words about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Providence plant and the shape of our business. “We are ending the year with a 7 billion dollar loss. We have an APC in our country that does more business than 19,000 post offices but closing post offices is political and being debated at a national level. Title 39 says that we can not shut down a post office for financial reasons so we are constantly going to lose money. The objective in our district is to shut all CSBCS sights and centralize in the Providence plant where we have plenty of room because we are only getting 2 FSS machines instead of the 3 we planned on.” Mike took questions for a brief period of time.

Dean introduced Andy Sozi who thanked us for inviting him and congratulated Mike Powers on the job he is doing in the district. He went on to say that Branch 105 is one of the best run NAPS branches in the country and that NAPS has done a good job making sure that no members get laid off. Andy talked about NAPS position on PFP and said NAPS wants out of it. There is an on-going investigation of PFP by the OIGs office. “What sort of compensation will take it’s place is anyone’s guess.” Dean presented Andy with a thank-you gift and asked Cy to come up and speak.

Cy said Andy is the smartest person he knows that is an active NAPS representative. He said our district has done a good job in terms of SWCS thanks to Anne Mailloux and thanked Mike Powers and Mike Haggerty for attending the meeting. Cy encouraged all members to get active in the current legislative campaigns. Cy ended by saying he would be at his first consultation with the new area VP.

Dean spoke briefly about the national convention that he attended in August. “At the national convention I had the honor of nominating Cy for area VP and I had to follow the Michael Jackson impersonator. We are fortunate that for the most part there are positions for people to go to when their job is abolished. Anne has done a good job of keeping people informed and giving them an answer. At the convention the most talked about topic was SWCS and the formula.” Dean encouraged everyone to donate to SPAC and get more members to come to meetings.

Norma Johnson gave the treasurer’s report. A motion to accept it was made by someone whose name I did not get and seconded by Brad Fish.

Becky Brown gave the secretary’s report. A motion to accept was made by Alan Conca and seconded by someone whose name I did not get.

Pam Monroe gave the legislative report. “The bill that addresses overpayment of CSRS has not gotten too far because Congress just started back in session after summer break.” Pam encouraged all members to go to NAPS National website and send letters to our congressman in support of the bill. She told us to be sure to do this from our personal computers and to sign up on that site to get legislative updates from Bruce Moyer. A motion to accept Pam’s report was made by Rick Laporte and seconded by Brad Fish.

Joanne Keeling presented the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of NAPS Branch 105. I will give only the results. The actual changes were included in the minutes from the last meeting in May.

                   Changes to numbering of Constitution and By-Laws-passed

                   Changes to Article 6-defeated

                   Changes to Article 8-passed with amendments

                   Changes to Article 9- passed

                   Changes and Amendments to Article 4-defeated

        The following By-Laws Recommendations will be voted on at the November meeting:

         Art. 1 Meetings

          The Association shall meet during the months of January, March, May, September, and November. The meeting in Nov. shall be the Annual Meeting.

          Recommendation: The association shall meet during the months of January, May, September, and November. The November meeting will be the Annual meeting.

          Art. 2 Dues

          Recommendation- Add new Sec. 2 Any dues increase by the National Office will automatically increase NAPS Branch 105 dues by the same amount.

           Art. 2 Old Sec. 2 will become Sec. 3 (renumber)

           Art. 3 Elections

           Recommendation- Add Sec. 4 (c) Any nominee not present at the September meeting must submit a letter, in writing to the president, accepting the nomination within 10 days of the meeting.


50/50 Raffle was drawn at 9:25. The winning ticket belonged to Mike Haggerty who generously donated the $112.00 back to SPAC.


Motion to adjourn was made at 9:28 by Alan Conca.


Respectfully submitted by,

Rebecca Brown

Secretary Branch 105


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