NAPS Branch 105
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NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes  #2-2011
March 29, 2011

Meeting called to order:  5:35 p.m.

Pledge of allegiance led by Brian Holt

Roll Call:  Present – Dean Ambrosino, President; Michaela Saccoccio, Vice President; Pam Monroe, Legislative Representative; Norma Johnson, Treasurer; Brian Holt, Vic Giorgio, Joanne Keeling, Sue Evans, Brad Fish, Roberta Menard.  Absent – Becky Brown, Secretary, Alan Conca, Brady Sullivan.

Guests:  Jay Killackey, NAPS Vice President; Cy Dumas, NAPS NEA Vice President; Kathy McKenna, EAP; Don Spirlet, NAPS Branch 118

Kathy McKenna spoke regarding Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The changes we are going through can be stressful.  It is important to take care of yourself.  Expect to have some kind of reaction to the changes.  Do not focus on the negative.  It is important to talk to your family.  Move yourself forward, one day at a time.  EAP will continue and be available for the foreseeable future.  Kathy is once again launching an eCampaign for the Employee Assistance Program.

Treasurer’s Report:  February Financial Report shows our YTD Total Income as $4,842.80 and YTD Total Expenses as $4,899.62 for a YTD loss of $56.82.

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report – Dave Girard, seconded by Andy Maynard.

Legislative Report:  Dean, Michaela, Brian and Pam attended the Legislative Training Conference in Washington D.C. last week.  They didn’t get to see the congressmen as they were at home on break that week.  They did meet with the staffers for each representative.  LTS provided great training including role play.  The new PMG spoke.  There were three issues that our team brought to our legislators.  We need to fix the Post Office’s financial problems.  HR137 relates to six day mail delivery – NAPS is NOT in favor of 5 day delivery.  The general public is not aware that the Post Office is NOT tax funded.  Pam asked that we consider giving to SPAC.  You can now make donations to SPAC by payroll deduction.  Branch 105 has a table for 10 at the upcoming Reed Annual Spring Breakfast – 5 seats are still available.

Brian spoke about his experience as a First Timer to the LTS stating that NAPS HQ works hard for us.  Without SPAC contributions, Bruce Moyer can’t do what he needs to do.  Every little bit helps.

Pam continued stating the purpose of the LTS is to educate our legislators and their aides.  You can go to the Legislative Center on the NAPS website at to get more information.  Any relief for the Postal Service goes through Congress.

Dean encouraged all to get involved and get our elected officials’ attention. 

Skip DelSesto explained that it is so easy to go on to the website.  The letters to the Congressmen are already there, all you have to do is hit “Send”.  It takes 5 minutes of your time.

Motion to accept Legislative Report – Pat Bennett, seconded by Roger Johnson.

Dean spoke regarding EAP and district closing.  “Who’s stressed?”  You don’t have to do this alone.  This will be a long process – approximately 3-6 months.  Ask for help.  Keep a good attitude and stay positive.

Cy’s remarks:  Ann Mailloux and Jay Killackey know about RIF.  Cy’s #1 priority is to this branch.  Remember Andy Sozzi’s motto “Stay Strong”.  Saturday, April 9th there will be an 11:00 a.m. memorial service for Andy – let Cy know if you plan on attending.

President’s remarks:  Dean asked that you provide NAPS with your personal e-mail address in order to receive NAPS related information.  Dean welcomed 1st timers to the NAPS meeting and thanked them for attending.

Vice President’s remarks:  Michaela provided handouts regarding eOPF, Shared Service retirement information and a “To Do” list.  Also handouts were available from Kathy McKenna.  Michaela encouraged us to take some back to people who couldn’t make the meeting.  She also encouraged us to keep an eye on each other.

Dean acknowledged the following for their services to the branch:  Roger St. George received American Express Gift Cards for his service as Webmaster.  Carol Fish, Alan Conca, and Jeanne DelSesto received Dunkin Donuts gift cards for their service on the Audit Committee.  Joanne Keeling received a Dunkin Donuts gift card for her service on the Scholarship Committee.  Thanks to all.

Old Business:

Proposed change in By-Laws – Article 4, Section 2 – In addition to the Executive Committee named above there shall be six Executive Committee members elected from any Post Office holding a NAPS charter, which has or will merge with Branch 105.

Proposal Passed.

Guest speaker Jay Killackey’s remarks:  Got the unfortunate news.  Can’t guarantee everyone has a job.  Everyone is impacted.  Detail assignments / training.  Take the opportunity to reach out and be available to others in the District.  Check in on those in District offices.  Keep a positive attitude.  Complaints won’t help.  Talk to EAP.  Jay provided handouts to all impacted employees present at the meeting relative to the RIF.  Know your rights.  Ann Mailloux is the best HR person in the country.  Jay met 2 hours with Boston District Manager who will work with NAPS for best resolution for everyone.  Can’t bid jobs until this summer.  SENE must wait for application process.  NAPS HQ put out a letter describing everything that is going to happen.  There will be detail opportunities.

Ann Mailloux interjected that anyone interested in a detail assignment should let her know.  The transition staff will be meeting one on one with everyone.  No one will go on a detail until she has information from everyone.  Alice Newman had stated to the impacted employees that between the first and second posting they would be trying to place people into operational positions that remain vacant.  This is not correct – the soonest reassignment will be June 14th – reference Ann’s e-mail of March 29th.  Next Tuesday a representative from the Federal Executive Council will be coming from Boston to discuss the availability of federal positions in the commuting area.  Ann will continue to provide us with facts.  Also, don’t be your own advocate relative to detail assignments – go through the proper channels.

Jay continued indicating the NAPS National officers will keep in close contact with this area.  Veterans have no rights in SENE.  Seniority plays no role.  Put your best foot forward in eCareer including external experience.  Timelines have been addressed with all impacted employees.  Key points – Go to all information sharing meetings, visit offices you think you may want to go to and review applicable reports.


Brad Fish, Mgr., Field Operations:  Brad Fish, Mgr., Field Maintenance Operations and Steve Linden, Maintenance Engineering Specialist both cover the District, where do they stand?  Are they impacted?  ANSWER:  Jay advised Brad that NAPS needs to get a definitive answer.

Visit the NAPS website for FAQs.

Don Gregory, Budget Analyst:  The NEA indicated a Transition Talent Team would be available, where are they?  ANSWER:  Jay advised that they are NOT providing that service.

Carrie Damon, Mgr., Finance:  Regarding the incentive, will it be offered to Postmasters or others?  ANSWER:  Jay does not believe it will be extended to others.  If there are more people than jobs, maybe yes, but not now.

The PO is near their debt ceiling.  Need to fix money problems.  98% of Congress support 6 day delivery.

Ron Young, Mgr., AMS:  Restructuring for Connecticut or Boston?  ANSWER:  Jay will ask for the new staffing for Connecticut and Boston.  Cy indicated Boston has a net loss of 18 positions or 15 people.  Ron had heard Connecticut went from 111 positions to 87; there were 96 in place leaving them 9 people over.

Steve Rodowicz, Mgr., Business Mail Entry:  How many are impacted in the seven districts?  ANSWER:  Ann indicated about 500 people.  Question:  Where are the other 7000 coming from?  ANSWER:  Jay – postmasters.

Jay encouraged us to go to the NAPS website at with any questions.

Dean provided his cell phone number to call with any questions or concerns – 401-864-5075.

How will this impact Branch 105?  You’d be able to ask for a special exception to remain in the branch.

SPAC 50/50 drawing:  $175.00 - #7203293 – won by Cy Dumas.  Cy donated his winnings to SPAC.

Motion to adjourn made by Roger Johnson, seconded by Carol Fish.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

NOTE:  Next meeting will be May 19th at Lancellotta’s.