NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Meeting Minutes General Meeting #3-2011

May 18, 2011

Attendance 48

Meeting called to order at 5:40 PM
Pledge of Allegiance led by Edd Pedro

Dean announced that Kim Peters was not able to speak at the meeting but Paul Chabot was here to talk about 650 Mediation.

Roll call of officers: all present except for Sue Evans, Vic Giorgio, Brady Sullivan, and Brad Fish.

Dean spoke about the difference between “redress” and “650 mediation”. Redress never really solves issues but is meant to improve communication between parties. The purpose of 650 mediation is to resolve issues. Dean introduced Paul Chabot.
Paul said that the success rate for 650 mediation in CT, MA, and RI was 68% in 2010 and 69% in 2009. Most of the cases were letters of warning in lieu of some sort of action and involved harassment, improper conduct, and failure to perform duties. Most mediations take about two hours.
The date of the mediation has to be scheduled within 14 days of notification and it is usually 24-25 days until the case is heard. Mediation is voluntary and it is very important that the confidentially of the party is kept. Anything given to the mediator is handed back to the employee or destroyed. This is a good avenue for parties that want to talk out an issue. The philosophy of 650 Mediation is that discipline should be rehabilitative and not punitive.

6:55 PM Dean thanked Paul for his presentation and also thanked Don Spurlett and Dan Guennette for coming. He then introduced Cy.

Cy talked about the New England Area Naps Convention that had just taken place. He said that our branch was well represented among the 70 delegates from every state in New England. Some of the issues that were discussed at the convention were restructure of the Postal Service and legislative issues. Cy urged all the members present to stay educated on the issues and to contact our legislators. He also asked all of us to make donations to SPAC and quoted Al Poli who says that “SPAC donations are like life insurance”.
Cy thanked Anne Mailloux for doing everything possible for the impacted employees in our former district even though she is acting in Boston. He also thanked Kathy McKenna for the emails she has put out.

Dean said that one of the things that Jay Killackey discussed at the convention is that NAPS is going to make sure that all vacant positions get posted at the national level. Dean asked us to get in touch with him if we don’t see some vacant positions posted.

Becky Brown gave secretary’s report. The motion to accept was made by Andy Maynard and seconded by Alan Conca.

Pam Monroe gave the legislative report. She urged all members to go onto the NAPS website to contact our representatives and ask them to sponsor the bills that NAPS supports to fix the financial problems of the Postal Service. She also urged members to contribute to SPAC.

Dean mentioned the SENE Farewell Party and said that Marion Varone and Anne Mailloux would take reservations that night.

The SPAC 50/50 raffle was won by Rose Russo who donated $50.00 back to SPAC.

The motion to adjourn was made by Alan Conca and seconded by Pat Bennett.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brown Secretary, Branch 105