NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Meeting Minutes General Meeting #4-2011

September 28, 2011

Attendance 43

Pledge of Allegiance led by Roger Johnson
Meeting called to order by Michaela Saccoccio at 5:45 PM.

Our guest speaker, Kim Peters had to cancel.

Roll call of officers and eboard: Pam Monroe and Brian Holt excused, Brad Fish, Victor Giorgio, and Brady Sullivan were absent. All other officers and eboard members present.

Michaela welcomed invited guests Don Spurlet, president of NAPS branch 118 and Kathy McKenna from EAP.

Norma Johnson gave the treasurer’s report:

Year to Date:
Total income: $16,892.08
Total Expenses: $22,832.86
Balance : ($5,940.78)
Our income is declining because of member retirements.

Michaela Saccoccio made a motion to accept the report, seconded by Alan Conca.

Rebecca Brown gave the treasurer’s report: 199 regular members and 28 associate members.

Rebecca Brown gave the legislative report for Pam Monroe:
talked about contacting senators and congress- men to support bills to save the postal service. I also talked about the rally that took place across the country on 9/27/2011.

Dean announced that Steve Forte the area vice-president is retiring on 10/3/11 and is being replaced by Rick Galesky.
Dean asked Kathy McKenna to say a few words: “We still have a major transition going on and many people are feeling isolated. Make sure you get support for yourself and communicate your feelings. If there is anything that we can do to help contact my office.”

Break for dinner: 6:05 PM

Meeting resumed: 6:45 PM

Dean asked Cy to come up and say a few words:
Cy talked about his health issues and urged everyone to put their own health first. There is a lot of stress in the workplace and it can cause health problems. Keep an eye on your craft employees as well. Cy said that Kim Peters would have been at our meeting if it was at all possible for her to. When we have a member in upper management speaking at a branch meeting we need to make sure we pack the hall. Talk it up at work and get your colleagues here. Cy reminded us that Ted Keeting said years ago that Congress would one day determine the fate of the Postal Service not L’enfant Plaza. Cy also reminded us that the consolidation and restructuring of the Postal Service is still on-going. There are 17 plants that are slated to be closed. Providence is not one of them and will actually gain work. We have lost 1,000 NAPS members nationally because of retirements. A few years ago this branch had 300 members and now we are down to about 200.
Dean said that there are a lot of EAS jobs authorized under SWCS that are not being posted because they are being held for the New England areas that have EAS employees above what SWCS authorizes. There is no relief in site for offices in Providence that are understaffed with EAS employees. Cy mentioned that since the last restructuring some of the managers jobs have been posted but not all of them.
Cy said that the pay negotiations were not going well and to not expect much in the way of a pay raise.
Bob Conroy Sr. asked about the PMG wanting the Postal Service to manage their own health benefit plan. Cy assured him that there a lot of things that PMG wants that are not going to be accepted by congress. Dean commented that pulling the Postal Service out of the federal health plan is not feasible as far as the rest of the government agencies go.

Nominations were taken for officers and executive board of Branch 105:
Dean Ambrosino was nominated for president by Alan Conca.
Michaela Saccoccio was nominated for vice-president by Pat Bennett
Becky Brown was nominated for secretary by Sue Evans
Sue Evans was nominated for treasurer by Betty DiSalvia
Brian Holt was nominated for legislative representative by Joanne Keeling

Nominated for the Executive Board:
Barry Baker
John Knapp
Betty DiSalvia
Alan Conca
Rose Russo
Brad Fish
Joanne Keeling
Victor Giorgio

Sue Evans made a motion to change the by-laws of Article 1 Sec. 2 to raise dues for regular members to $260.00 per annum and Article 2 Sec. 3 to $55.00 for associate members per annum. Dean explained that the branch needs to offset the loss of dues caused by the declining membership.
Cy announced that he had an award to present to Ann Mailloux, signed by Louis Atkins, Jay Killackey, and Brian Wagner, thanking her for her hard work in placing members in new jobs during restructuring.

Michaela asked all of us to talk up the CFC campaign that is starting in all our offices.

Alan Conca mentioned that his wife will be assisting postal employees with retirement planning and has set up an office in their home. Cy is planning on having Sharon speak at his training sessions.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Bob Conroy Sr. Ticket number 836008 was pulled by Pat Bennett.

NAPS National Vice-President Jay Killackey will be the guest speaker at the meeting on November 16.

Joanne Keeling reminded everyone that the scholarship applications are due on 11/1/11.

Cy is holding a training session on October 23, in Shrewsbury, MA. Any member can attend.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Brown
Secretary, Branch 105