NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Meeting Minutes General Meeting #5-2011

November 16, 2011

Attendance: 38
Pledge led by Brian Holt

Meeting called to order by Dean Ambrosino at 6:15 PM. Dean gave roll call of eboard. Norma Johnson and Pam Monroe were excused from meeting. Brady Sullivan and Brad Fish were not present. Dean introduced representatives from New York Life who passed out information cards on retirement and investments.

Dean announced that Jay Killackey, scheduled guest speaker, was tied up on business in Washington, DC and was not going to be able to attend the meeting. He thanked Cy Dumas and Kathy McKenna for coming.

Becky Brown gave the secretary’s report. Dean gave the treasurer’s report which was updated as of 9/30/11. Total expenses YTD is $24,072.91. Total income YTD is $20,504.08. Total assets are $36,812.47. Dean gave the legislative report for Pam Monroe who has transferred to Florida.

Break for dinner at 6:35 PM.

Dean thanked audit committee members Regina Delsesto and Alan Conca, and Joanne Keeling for her work heading the scholarship committee, by presenting each of them with an entertainment book. Entertainment books were available to purchase that night for $15.00. Dean announced that SPAC raffle tickets were available to purchase and the raffle included gift certificates to Stop and Shop as well.

Dean appointed Rose Russo, Andy Maynard, and Regina Delsesto, to the audit committee for 2012. He also appointed Sue Evans, Norma Johnson, and Betty Disalvia, to be the budget committee for 2012.

Cy presented Ann Mailloux with a NAPS watch in appreciation for helping to place so many NAPS members in new jobs after the SENE District was dissolved. He said that 160 craft jobs and 9 EAS jobs are being eliminated when the Portsmouth, NH plant closes and the PMG has announced that 240 plants will be closing. Only three plants in the country are not being studied for closure and Providence is one of them. The number of NAPS members nationwide is quickly dwindling as people retire.

Dean took over the floor. He said the biggest threat he sees to our local membership is the increase in threats of discipline. The CT Valley District management style is to constantly threaten discipline.

Under old business we had to have election of eboard members. Dean said that everyone ran unopposed so that we just needed to swear everyone in. In accordance with the constitution and by-laws, Becky Brown cast one vote for Dean Ambrosino as president, Michaela Saccoccio for vice-president, Sue Evans for treasurer, and Brian Holt as legislative representative. Dean Ambrosino cast one vote for Becky Brown as secretary. Cy Dumas then swore in Becky Brown, Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, John Knapp, Sue Evans, Alan Conca, Joanne Keeling, Rose Russo, Brian Holt, Victor Giorgio, and Betty Disalvia. Barry Baker, who was not present, will be sworn in at the meeting on 1/25/2012.

At the September meeting there were two proposals for changes to the by-laws to raise dues for active and retired members. Bob Conroy Sr. made a suggestion to wait until after the national convention in August 2012 to see if the national dues are raised. He made the point that with $36,000. in assets we don’t need to worry about money before then.

Cy made the point that the national average for local dues is $10.00 per pay period and that is also the New England average. He suggested that $1.50 is not much of an increase. He also pointed out that the last time our dues were raised was 2006.

Dean made the comment that Jay Killackey told him there will be a proposal at the convention to raise the national dues.

A vote was taken on whether to raise dues for active members at this time. Fifteen members voted “yes” and seventeen members voted “no”.

The second amendment was to raise dues for retirees. In light of the first vote, Sue Evans withdrew the motion.

Dean asked Cy to come up and speak to the membership.

Cy said we are all suffering from “tohoo bohoo” which means confusion. He said the most important thing members can do is to get educated on the political stuff. He pointed out that there are still a lot of people in this country who believe the Postal Service gets a tax subsidy. He said that in the House the best bill is Congressman Lynch’s HR 1351 which probably doesn’t have a chance because the Republicans control the House. He said that NAPS has to be constantly lobbying these people to keep them up on our issues.

Cy told us that he went to a rally in VT organized by Representative Bernie Sanders to save the Postal Service. He said this congressman is “right on the money” with his ideas for saving us. There were about 300 people at the rally and 90% of them were postal workers.

Alan Conca suggested that we get the carriers to sponsor a Congressional breakfast like they used to. Cy said we should talk to our local NALC people about putting this together.

Cy went on to tell us that he talked to our new area VP and that he is fair and has a good way about him. He mentioned that he would be attending a meeting with him and the other management groups on December 1. Cy said that at the district level he did not have any good news. There are people suffering in this district and it makes him happy that he is retired. In terms of pay talks a lot is known by NAPS HQ but they signed a confidentiality agreement not to discuss anything until the information is released by the postal service.

Cy told us that NAPS currently has about 30,000 members nationwide but we will be down to about 25,000 members in a couple of years. He mentioned that the Portsmouth Plant would be sending out its last dispatch the next day.

Dean asked if any member had new business to discuss.

Bob Conroy Sr. made a motion to change the wording of the current local constitution and by-laws from a “quorum of active members” to a “quorum of  35 active and retired members”.

The winner of the NAPS scholarship was Dave Girard’s daughter Stephanie.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Vic Giorgio who donated $20.00 back to SPAC.

The 5 Stop and Shop gift certificates were won by Andy Maynard, Richard Piette, Michaela Saccoccio, Skip Delsesto, and Kim Graziano.

The next meeting will be at Kelly Gazarro Post on 1/25/12 at 6:00 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Brown
Secretary Branch 105