NAPS Branch 105
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NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes  #1-1/25/2012
January 25, 2012

Members present: 34

Pledge of Allegiance: Alan Conca
Roll call of officers: Dean Ambrosino- Vic Giorgio, excused.

Guests attending: Officers Matarese and Parker from The OIGs office and Cy Dumas.

Secretary’s report given by Becky Brown: 174 regular members and 31 associate members.

Treasurer’s report given by Sue Evans: At the end of 2011 we had $40,831.45 in assets. Our total income for 2011 was $27,802.60 and our expenses were 25,923.07 for a balance of $1,879.53.

Legislative report given by Brian Holt: Four members of our branch will be going to the Legislative Training Seminar in Washington in March. This is one of the most important LTS in the history of NAPS because of the many bills before the Congress and Senate dealing with the Postal Service. All Branch 105 members need to go to the NAPS website and send your congressmen an email asking for their support of the bills that NAPS supports. Every member also needs to support SPAC. Brian would like to get the personal email addresses of all branch members so that he can send out important information from headquarters as soon as he receives it.

Dean spoke about a telecom that He, Michaela, Cy, upper management, and POOMS of the former SENE district had with our district manager, Kim Peters, to discuss issues that have come up. This took place in the beginning of December. Some of the things discussed were the need to increase the number of supervisors in the plant before consolidation because the plant has been running too short for too long. The plant manager was concerned with the negative results of the VOE. Customer service discussed the negative impacts and stress of the increased audits being performed by the Ct Valley District. Also discussed was the lack of positive feedback from the district and upper management.

Break for dinner at 6:45 PM

Meeting resumed at 7:30 PM

Dean introduced Agents Matarese and Parker from the OIGs office. They said that front line supervisors have the most difficult job in the Postal Service. They are getting stress from above and below and are under a lot of pressure to make numbers and “get off lists.” They said to protect your income and your pension by not putting yourself in a position to jeopardize them. Do not make clock ring changes that you can not validate with paperwork. If you don’t know an employee’s time for a fact, do not change it or put it in. Make sure you have a 1260 to back up anything you may do in TACS.

Dean commented that if you have an employee that is not making their rings you need to do something about it. He thanked Agents Matarese and Parker for coming to speak to us.

Dean asked Cy to come up and speak to us. Cy said that NAPS has a hard time defending any member that changes clock rings because it is a black and white issue. The impasse with the pay talks between the postal service and the mail handlers union will have a direct impact on the EAS pay talks. Jay Killackey had to miss tonight’s meeting to stay in Washington for more pay talk meetings.

At the national level Representative Issa from CA has submitted to congress one of the most controversial bills dealing with the issues of the Postal Service. He is very anti-postal service. As of right now his bill has no co-sponsors but he is one of the wealthiest and most influential members of Congress and we have to do all we can to stop his bill from getting support.

Joe Lieberman from MA has submitted one of the best senate bills dealing with the issues of the Postal Service. Cy urged us to get educated on these political matters and then to educate our co-workers and families. When our branch members go to the Hill they will report back to headquarters which congressmen and senators support the pro-Postal Service bills and which don’t. The ones that support us are the ones that get SPAC money. Bruce Moyer, our paid lobbyist is constantly putting out new information on what is going on in Washington. You can get the information from the headquarters website.

The plants that are being considered for closing have already had their public meetings. The Springfield plant has already closed. Dan Doyle has had public meetings for the small finance stations that are being proposed for closing but Congress has said they will put off decisions on closing until May 15, 2012.

EAS positions in the area have been frozen to handle the impact of possible plant closings but some laterals within the district are being allowed. If you are interested in a position, send in your letter requesting the lateral transfer and you may get it. It may take 6-8 weeks. I suggest anyone in a customer service position know the SWCS number for your office and any office you are requesting a lateral transfer to.

Membership is a big issue across the country. At the national level we are down about 1,660 members since 6/1/2011. If you know of anyone that transfers in try to get them to sign up for NAPS.

NAPS is very close to getting a payoff from the Postal Service for the appeals from the 2009 pay for performance.

Rick Uluski, our new area vice-president, is a breath of fresh air. We are trying to get him to speak at our next general meeting on March 20. We need as many members as possible to attend this meeting to show the strength of our branch. Please be sure to call in your reservation ASAP so that we can get a good count.

Cy swore in Barry Baker and Brian Holt to their positions on the eboard.

Under old business: Sue Evans gave the budget committee report. The committee consisted of Sue Evans, Betty DiSalvia, and Roger St. George. The budget was accepted. If anyone would like a copy of the report please email Becky Brown and I will send one to you.

Rose Russo gave the audit committee report: On 1/20/12 the committee, consisting of Rose Russo, Genie Delsesto, and Andy Maynard, met to review the financial records of Branch 105. The committee found the records to be accurate with all checks and deposits verified for all three accounts. Norma Johnson did a fine job organizing and maintaining the records for these accounts.

Under new business: Roberta Menard made a motion to change Art. 6  Sec.1 of our local constitution to change the amount of money budgeted for the national convention from $4,000. to $7,000. Discussion and a vote will take place at the March 20, meeting.

50/50 Raffle won by Tammy Scott.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca Brown
Secretary, Branch 105