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NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes
General Meeting 3/20/2012
Attendance: 57

Meeting called to order at 6:00PM
Pledge of Allegiance lead by Alan Conca
Roll call by Dean Ambrosino: Sue Evans excused

Dean invited Kathy McKenna from EAP to speak. She said that it has been a very tough year with the district closing and all of the rumors going around. She urged any member that is having a hard time dealing with things to contact EAP.

Dean thanked Rick Uluski and Mike Haggerty for coming. He recognized Ann Mailloux, Cy Dumas, and Don Spirlet, president of Branch 118, Ray Fields, VT State President of NAPS and Betty Fields VT State Vice President. He also recognized Mike Kocak and Debra Klibanoff from Branch 120. Jay Killackey was not able to attend because of a meeting in Washington.

Becky Brown gave the secretary’s report. We currently have 174 regular members and 31 associate members. If you are an associate member and have not paid your dues for 2012, please do so as soon as possible.

Brian Holt gave the legislative report. He told us that there were about 600 members at the LTS this year to discuss with their congressmen and senators the two bills that have been proposed that will give us postal reform and relief. NAPS does not support the Issa bill and Brian urged all members to let our congressmen know this. He asked that members provide NAPS with their personal email address so that we can get information quickly. Dean commented that we need to stay active and informed on the bills being proposed because the federal government is trying to cut health care benefits. This affects everyone. NAPS supports bill 1789. It gives us the ability to find new sources of revenue and to stay relevant in the future. No one can argue that technology is taking the place of first class mail. Our representatives in RI and across the country know the issues facing the Postal Service and know the solutions being proposed. They were eager to know NAPS’ stand on them. Dean urged us to donate to SPAC because it helps NAPS get the ear of our politicians.

Dean thanked Dan Guenette, president of RI League of Postmasters for coming and also thanked Kathy McKenna for coming. He urged us to contact EAP for help with personal and work related issues.

Break for dinner at 6:15 PM.
Meeting resumed at 6:50 PM

Dean introduced our guest speaker Richard Uluski, Northeast Area Vice President. Rick thanked us for having him and thanked us for what we do every day. He said that there are a lot of hot topics and distractions in the Postal Service right now but we need to not worry about that right now. We should keep on doing what we do.

He went on to say that safety is a hot topic for him and has been from the time that he started with the Postal Service. The area is doing very well this year and has been helped by the mild weather. The NEA is ranked second in the country. We are down over 1,000 accidents from SPLY in OSHA II. We are down almost 500 motor vehicle accidents this year. It is not just because of the weather but also because of our commitment to working safely. We need to keep the focus on safety for our employees. VOE and safety go hand in hand. We need to take a few minutes every day to talk to our employees about safety and what is going on in the Postal Service. We are one of only two areas in the country that went up in our VOE scores because we are communicating with our employees.

The second thing Rick talked about was service. Our biggest strategy for driving revenue is providing good service. It also gives our senior management some cover when asking congress for help. It would be very difficult to go to congress for relief if we were failing in service. The NEA has the highest service scores in history, 96.55 for Q2. This is the “year of pain”. It is the first time that we are measuring delivery time of everything and we have started to release those scores to the public. We are doing well but the areas that are problematic are periodicals and standard letters and flats. We have gone up in Q2 in both these classes and overall we are doing well. We are scanning everything because companies like Amazon want to see scanning. They will patronize the Postal Service if we do a good job with scanning. The platform at the plant has become a very important place. It is like triage. Everything that comes there has to be seen and scanned to “stop the clock”.

The last thing Rick discussed was budget. He said we are showing significant increases over SPLY. EDDM mail has been a great revenue product for us. We are working on our third million in the area. The other great revenue boost has been parcels. This has its headaches but it is where our business is going to be. We have to provide the visibility our customers are looking for with great scanning. It is important to the organization that if someone makes the decision to come to the post office that we give them a good experience. Many of our customers only come to the post office once a year in December. We have to give them a good experience. Sell them up like other organizations do to keep them coming back the rest of the year. Over 24 million dollars has been generated in the NEA so far this year from programs like Business Connect, Rural Reach, and other programs that generate leads. Still, 72% of small businesses do not use the Postal Service. We all have to get on the bandwagon and “talk up” the Postal Service to generate more revenue.

As far as expenses go, we have reduced 3.2 million work hours in the NEA over SPLY. We are still over plan but we have made great strides. “That is all because of you”. We have done an incredible job in saving work hours. We are taking out more than the volume shows. We are on track to save about 6 million hrs. over last year by the end of the fiscal year. This is another great cover for upper management as they negotiate in Washington.

In closing, Rick said he does not know what will happen in Washington or the dates the changes will take effect but it is in the hands of congress. We are moving forward as an organization as if our plans will happen on the dates we set. We are under a moratorium until May 15, to not close any facilities but what happens after that he does not know. “We will deal with it as it comes”. Rick concluded by thanking us for having him and thanking us for the jobs we do every day. “Continue to do your best and we will be OK”.

The floor was opened for questions.

Alan Conca asked the VP to speak about supervisors constantly being threatened with discipline. Rick said that everything that is going on is stressful but there are ways to work through that. There are times when discipline is necessary but it should be a last resort.

Don Lamonde asked if the area has required districts to submit requests for carriers where we need them. Rick answered that there is an operations meeting in about a week and that we need the NALC to be flexible.

Dean asked a couple of questions. He said that administrative workload has increased greatly since the closing of the district and it is hard to get support. Is there any chance of getting some relief? Rick replied that staffing in plants is being looked at right now and if we can get a plan it will expand to delivery units.

“Are smaller offices still being considered for consolidation and if so, what levels”? Rick’s answer was “yes” and definitely level 11-15 offices because it is not cost effective to keep these offices open all day for 2 hours worth of work.

Dean thanked Rick for coming and said it was great to see Norma Johnson here tonight.

Dean tried to contact Jay Killackey by phone to get his remarks but was unsuccessful.

The last thing Dean spoke about was employees using their own cars for postal business. The CT Valley District has taken away govt. cars from offices. The MOP, Tom Sullivan, said POOMS have told him there are extra vehicles because we are pivoting routes every day. For many offices this is not the case. NAPS says do not use your own vehicle even if submitting for mileage. When the post office reimburses you for mileage part of that money is meant to be used for commercial insurance. Most employees using their own vehicles do not have commercial insurance. If you get in an accident the Postal Service will not pay for damage to your vehicle.

Dean gave Cy the floor. Cy commented that our branch representation at LTS: Dean Ambosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Brian Holt, and Alan Conca, was wonderful. Sheldon Whitehouse knew our delegates by name when Cy ran into him at a fundraiser. Cy also said that Rick Uluski is a good NAPS member who is very supportive and has always given NAPS an “open door”.

Under old business a motion was passed to change funds allotted for the national convention from $4,000.00 to $7,000.00.

Under new business the funds for the New England Convention were discussed.

Nominations for the national convention were taken. The following members were nominated: Sue Evans, Alan Conca, Rebecca Brown, Michaela Saccoccio, Victor Giorgio, Rose Russo, and Brian Holt.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Don Spirlet and the meeting as adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Rebecca Brown
Secretary, Branch 105