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Meeting Minutes
General Meeting # 3-2012
May 24, 2012 Lancellotta’s


6:15 PM Meeting called to order by Dean Ambrosino. We had a moment of silence for all our fallen soldiers followed by the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Alan Conca. Roll call was done by Dean. Betty DiSalvia and Barry Baker were excused.

Dean introduced our guest speakers from New York Life: Darien and Meghan who spoke to us about retirement planning.

6:40 PM Dinner was served.

7:05 PM Meeting resumed.

Dean introduced NAPS National VP Jay Killackey. Jay talked about all the changes coming our way. He said everyone wants a buyout but not everyone can take one. Unfortunately there will not be an early out for supervisors because the success of NAPS to keep the Post Office from closing 256 facilities means we are still short supervisors. There was a buyout announced for mail handlers today. Jay went on to say that NAPS was successful in getting the PO to continue overnight delivery within a plant. The PO tried to sell the business community on keeping overnight delivery for them but did not tell them their mail would have to be at the plant by 9:00 or 10:00 AM.

As a result of the success NAPS had on the post office side, no post offices will be closed but many of them will no longer have a postmaster and the hours of operation are being reduced. The postmasters jobs being put up for bid as a result of the early out are only for current postmasters to bid on. There will be two rounds like this. It is estimated that the post office downgrade will affect 13,000 employees and there are only 4300 upgrades so this will have an impact on our employees because many of the postmasters affected can not retire. There is word that the “hub” post offices may be managing 5-10 offices. This is something NAPS will be keeping an eye on because it may turn out that the supervisor assigned to the hub is the only EAS employee running around and doing all the work.

Senate bill 1789 is what drove all of this. This is still just a bill, not the law. When it passed in the senate the post office started implementing all the parts of the bill but it will never pass in the House. That is where all the compromising will come into play. NAPS, the other management associations, and the unions are working with the post office to get the bill to where it will pass in the house. The post office has filed to get rid of overnight delivery. We need to keep fighting these issues in the House of Representatives which has 435 members. The Senate only has 100 members. If we can’t get anything through the House in the next 30-90 days, nothing will happen until after the election. The Senate is narrowly controlled by the Democrats. If we lose that to the Republicans in the next election and they continue to dominate the House and we elect a Republican president, we could end up with a “fire sale.”

The Post offices plan to end overnight delivery was not well thought out. When NAPS asked where the mail from the closed plants was going to be kept for a day while it was waiting to be run, the post office officials said in trailers. As anyone who works or has worked in a plant knows this is a disastrous plan. They also planned to run the machines 20 hours a day which we know is not possible because they will break down even more than they already do.

If the post office implements the new health care plan for employees, EAS will pay 4% more for their benefits than the clerks. They want us to pay what other government employees pay for their benefits but we gave up certain pay benefits that other government employees get, such as locality pay, years ago, to get the lower healthcare payment. The plan is that APWU employees will pay more for their healthcare in the next few years but EAS will be paying even more. The difference is that APWU employees got a 3.5 % pay increase over their 5 yr. contract.

Two of the issues going to fact finding that NAPS is working on are filling EAS vacancies and changing the SWCS formula. We are trying to get the post office to put a point value on duties that EAS have taken over from HR and Safety. We also want to build in points for administrative duties because if we go to 5 day delivery and lose the T-6s in offices, EAS positions will take a big hit. The unions and management organizations have done a good job in slowing the post office down in implementing 5 day delivery. The post office is postponing this for 24 months.

We need to stand up along with the federal coalition to protect our rights and our jobs. When a facility closes there is no preference for veterans. How many vets would have been impacted by the closing of 236 plants if you figure an average of 25 vets per plant? The veteran organizations are going to lobby congress to get preference for vets when facilities close. They won’t have spots in other branches of the federal government because there is a mandate that for every 3 government employees that retire only one new employee can be hired.

In closing, Jay asked us to contact our congressmen on the NAPS website to ask for their support.

Ann Mailloux commented on the change in service standards and asked Jay if there are any efforts to rally groups that will be affected by the changes. Jay answered that businesses can’t fight the post office too hard on this because they know that the post office will simply raise mailing costs. He also said that overall, mail volume is up. It is mostly standard mail but it is still supplementing the workforce. He also said that there should never be a time when the post office gives up overnight service in a plant.

A member commented on the “environment of fear” and the “wearing of discipline like a badge” that is going on in the CT Valley District. Jay said that issues are being brought to higher level next week.

8:00 PM Dean invited Cy up to speak. Cy said that we need to continue to support SPAC. He had breakfast with one of Joe Kennedy’s guys and Joe Kennedy is running for Barney Frank’s seat on the Democratic ticket. Cy went on to tell us that we had 68 delegates from across New England at the New England Area Convention. There was a speaker from EAP that urged us to tell our employees about EAP. There was a representative from Blue Cross Blue Shield that did a presentation on healthcare benefits when you retire. John Geter did a presentation on leadership and advocacy for EAS employees and there was a workshop on 540 Mediation. We had a consultative session with District manager Kim Peters and Terry Brusso. The feedback that CY got was that the other 2 area consultations went better than ours (CT Valley). $2500.00 was raised for SPAC through 50/50 raffles. This was a big increase over 2011 and 2010 when $1100.00 and $900.00 was raised respectively. Cy urged us to continue to give to SPAC at this very important time.

Dean commented on the consultative meeting with Kim Peters. He said he tried to steer the conversation in a positive direction by asking about detail assignments and the WOO and suggesting that Kim know who is interested in details.  Dean said we can’t be afraid to stand up for ourselves when we are being asked to do something unreasonable. Dean also told us that we have had another incident of an EAS employee “playing” with TACS and that if we do this NAPS can’t defend it.

Brian Holt had to leave early so a legislative report was not given but Dean urged everyone to contact their congressman and to donate to SPAC. Sue Evans gave the treasurer’s report and Becky Brown gave the secretary’s report.

Under old business, Dean asked if all those members that were nominated and were attending the national convention had turned in their registration and I confirmed that they had.

Under new business, Alan Conca made a motion to donate $1,000.00 to Jay Killackey campaign for reelection as National Vice President. The motion passed.

Dean made a motion to support Cy Dumas and the current national officers at the national convention for reelection to New England area VP. That motion also passed.

The motion to adjourn was made and passed at 8:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca Brown
Secretary Branch 105