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NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes            
Branch 105 General Meeting #4
September 19, 2012

Attendance: 36

6:10 PM Pledge of Allegiance led by Roger Johnson

Roll Call of Eboard: Vic Giorgio, John Knapp, Joann Keeling, Barry Baker, Alan Conca absent. All others present.

Dean announced that our invited guests were going to be late because of a national telecon and asked Kathy
McKenna, from EAP, to speak.

Kathy said that many people in the postal service are suffering from a lack of "hope" and are burned out. She said
that it is important to recognize it and own it. It affects your employees and your family. It is your responsibility to
take care of yourself. Ask yourself what is important to you and be sure to make time for those things. This will
help you take control and preserve your "hope". Kathy ended by saying if EAP can help anyone to be sure to con-
tact her.

Dean thanked Kathy for coming and recognized Don Spurlet and Frank Hamm and thanked them for attending our

Sue Evans gave the treasurer's report. The motion to accept it was made by Michaela Saccoccio and seconded by
Don Lamonde.

Becky Brown gave the secretary's report. The motion to accept was made by Roger Johnson and seconded by Pat

Brian Holt gave the legislative report. He told us that congress is currently not in session but once they get back
we need to start sending emails to our representatives asking them to support legislation favorable to the Postal
Service. He left instructions on the tables for donating to SPAC through pay roll deduction. Dean commented that
Daryl Issa is going to introduce a scaled down version of his original bill during the "lame Duck" session. The hot
items in this new bill are 5 day delivery and abolishing the no lay off clause for postal employees. A motion to
accept Brian's report was made by Skip Delsesto and seconded by Dave Girard.

Dean told us that Michaela had left a memo from Meghan Brennan on the tables about being reassigned involun-
tarily. It says that there is a process that has to be followed and the reassignment has to be for operational
reasons. Dean asked that any member that feels they are being reassigned for reasons other than operational, to
contact him, because sometimes less effective managers will use this to move an employee they feel is a problem.
Dean also talked about EAS employees using their personal vehicles for postal business. He urged us not to do it
because if you are in an accident the postal service's insurance will not cover your vehicle. Dean mentioned that
we will be drawing the winner of the Branch 105 scholarship at our next meeting on 11/15. Jay Killackey, Jim
Warden and Tommy Roma arrived and were introduced by Dean.

6:30 PM Adjourn for dinner.

7:00 PM Meeting Resumed.

Dean told us that the CFC campaign is in full swing and that Sue Evans is working on it for her 16th straight year.
He encouraged all of us to contribute. On Oct. 14, Cy is having a president's meeting in Shrewsbury, MA. All NAPS
members are invited. Dean praised Andy Socci for all the great work he did for NAPS before he passed away and
said how much he is missed by everyone in the NAPS community. Dean then introduced his dedicated pred-
ecessor Tommy Roma.

Tommy said that he loves coming here because Providence is so much like Brooklyn where he is from. He said that
when Andy was sick he took over for him and that it was a natural progression to slide into Andy's position.
Tommy told us that he is putting on the best NAPS training seminar in the country, in February, in Puerto Rico. He
is using all headquarters people to do the training and if you attend you will come away with the most current
information. He mentioned that Branch 105 had not sent anyone to this training in quite a while although Michaela
and Dean had attended his May 8th seminar in New York. He said the information from headquarters is changing
daily and we should find the funds to send representatives from our branch in February.

Dean asked Jim Warden to come up and speak. Jim thanked us for inviting him and said he would be brief so as not
to steel Jay's thunder. He urged us not to take PFP lightly this year even though we are not getting raises because
PFP can affect our RIF seniority date. Cy got up and praised Jim for being such a bright person.

Dean introduced Jay Killackey. Jay said that the first time he came to Providence was the first time he ran for area VP
and he thanked us for supporting him in every campaign since. Jay told us that we have to write a paragraph for PFP
about our accomplishments in FY 2012. NAPS is trying to get HQ to give all EAS contributor status even if they were
non-contributors.  The fiscal year ends in a couple of weeks. A lot hinges on the election in November and a lot of
people could be in harm's way. If you get contributor status, you get 5 yrs. toward your real seniority date which is
based on your hire date, not your EAS promotion date. We will have PFP in 2013 but core goals have been eliminated.
In 2013 our goals will be 60% corporate and 40% unit. The only area that has not put out their plan for FY 2013 is the
NE Area. Over 3,000 people are going to be impacted by restructuring but we don't know what the net impact will
be. HQ is trying to scare people into taking the VERAs. Everything is in different formats. It is like doing a jigsaw puzzle
with the blank side up. It can be done but it is much more difficult. The Postal Service would rather talk to the Boston
consulting group, they have paid 5 million dollars to, than to talk to NAPS.

Jay went on to discuss Daryl Issa's new bill. He said that it has 3 provisions. The first says that the Postal Service would
not have to prefund retiree health benefits until we are "back on our feet". The second says we will immediately go to
5 day delivery. This could impact a lot of jobs including supervisory because of SWCS. The third says there will be no
more no lay-off clauses in future contracts. There will be no contract negotiations until 2015 so this won't be an issue
until then. Issa's bill will be presented between the November elections and January. NAPS thinks the unions will go
crazy over it and fight it down. NAPS is still trying to figure out what parts of the bill they will support and what parts
they won't.

Jay went on to tell us that eliminating 10 level 17 jobs saves the Postal Service 1 million dollars. If they eliminate 10 in
every district that is 67 million dollars. He said that as executive VP his main job is legislative. He told us that the next
NAPS magazine will have endorsements for candidates that are running for election in November. NAPS develops this
list based on which candidates endorsed and/or voted for bills favorable to the Postal Service. Jay concluded by urging
us to vote "postal" and thanking us for supporting him over the years.

Dean thanked all the speakers for coming. He said that NAPS needs members to tell us what is going on out in the
field. Dean asked if there was any old business and there was no response. He asked for new business. Cy got up and
asked that we vote to allocate $3,000.00 for Dean and Michaela to attend Tommy's training seminar in February. He
said that it is important for branches to "hob-nob" with the "higher-ups". A motion was made and approved.

Dean asked Michaela to talk about the national convention. She said that the top 4 leaders of the Postal Service were
there and gave very informative speeches. They thanked the delegates for all the hard work we do every day but said
we still have a long way to go. Michaela told us that the 2014 convention will be in San Diego and the 2016 convention
will be in National Harbor, MD. She said that CT NAPS branches made a motion to break away from the NE Area and
join New York. Dean spoke against this. Their motion did not pass.

Frank Halm won the 50/50 raffle and donated the $120.00 back to SPAC.

Roger Johnson made a motion to adjourn seconded by Pat Bennett. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.