NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Branch 105

Meeting Minutes
General Meeting
January 23, 2013

24 members in attendance
Pledge of Allegiance led by Alan Conca

Dean Ambrosino introduced guests Cy Dumas, NAPS NE Regional Vice President and Don Sperlet President of Branch 118, New Bedford, MA.

Roll Call of officers:  Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Sue Evans, Rose Russo, Brian Holt John Knapp, Joanne Keeling, Betty DiSalvia, Alan Conca
Absent:  Victor Giorgio, Becky Brown, Barry Baker

Dean announced that Becky Brown is officially the postmaster of Block Island and resigned as NAPS Branch 105 secretary.  Rose Russo signed on as secretary.  This leaves a vacancy on the Executive Board that will be filled by anyone interested.  Please contact Michaela or Dean.

Legislative Report given by Brian Holt - Congress tried to pass bills during the lame duck session but they never went through.  Brian urged members to check out the NAPS web site to see how easy it is to use to contact your local congressmen.  He said that this is an important time and our messaging does get noticed and makes a difference.
He said that NAPS 105 representatives will be attending the LTS in April to meet with congressmen in hopes of success.
Motion to accept the legislative report was made by Bob Conroy and seconded by Pat Bennett.

Treasurers Report given by Sue Evans – Sue said that in 2012 we spent $32,299.15 ($4,000.00 under budget) with an income of $20, 580.16.  The membership still has $31, 612.96.  We spent more than we took in.
Motion to accept was made by Alan Conca and seconded by Bob Conroy Jr.

Secretary’s Report made by Rose Russo – Rose reminded all to sign in.  There was one correspondence from Norma Rose thanking the membership for her recent scholarship.  Then she reminded retirees that membership dues of $45.50 are due.
Motion to accept was made by Frank Halm and seconded by Dave Girard.

Budget Report was made by Sue Evans – Sue met with Betty DiSalvia and Roger St. George and proposed the budget presented at the meeting.  They lowered the convention funds by $11,000 (since there is no convention this year), Dance and events is $1,000 and the meetings budget was lowered by $1,000. The 2013 budget is a total of $10,000 lower than 2012.  She stated that despite the spending reductions, we possibly still will be in the red by year end.
Motion to accept made by John Knapp and seconded by Frank Halm.

Dean Ambrosino spoke about plant staffing and a new supervisor training program to be rolled out in February.
Cy Dumas continued by saying that jobs will be posted that are site specific.  The new training program will be partially on the job and a manager will be responsible for training for about one year.  There will also be some classroom /computer training, based on the experience of the trainee.  He added that nationally there are about 2,000 vacancies and Connecticut Valley has 50-60 vacancies.  He stated that adequate staffing is needed for the success of the USPS.

The meeting reconvened, after dinner, at 7:15
Guest Speaker Manager of In Plant Support Robert Conroy Jr. reported that the plant is in the best shape he has seen in the past few years.  He credits A/Plant Manager Mike Rakes for the improvement. Bob stated that some changes will be occurring shortly.  Providence will be processing Cape Cod’s mail.   Shifts will be more uniform for Mailhandlers and Clerks.  There will be a total staffing realignment since the plant is loosing 68 people and backfilling 20 of them.  He stated that the plant is looking for supervisors and seven vacancies currently exist, two in InPlant Support, a level 18 and one level 20 and the Maintenance Manager’s Job is open on Tour 1. Bob talked of plans to clear DPS and FSS on weekends and getting all the mail processed by 5:30 to make on time dispatches.

Brian Holt reported that Congress will dictate everything that happens to current employees and retirees.
Dean advised that anyone interested in a lateral move or downgrade to vacant positions should apply now before the jobs are posted and let Dean know.

Cy Dumas, NEA Vice President Comments

He added that if President does not call another freeze we should see a Pay for Performance increase for 2013.
Cy Dumas talked about debt determinations and the postal service going after retirees and just taking it all out of one check.  Dean elaborated on this subject in that any members who are notified of this need to contact NAPS right away. There are no time extensions on these cases.

Cy passed out a folder on M3, to active postal members. This company was voted by the executive eboard as one we would support for financial planning, etc. He suggested we review this and we should all be looking at our retirement security. More info on this at the NEA Convention to follow.

Dean was asked, “What is the USPS coming after of the retirees?”  He replied, ”Overpayments and stock shortages.“

Old Business:  Motion by Joanne Keeling from the last meeting to change Article 1, Sec. 1 of the By-Laws which reads: The association shall meet during the months of January, March, May, September, and November. The meeting in November will be the annual meeting. Based on lower branch membership, and less income, the association will reduce the number of meetings from 5 to 4 and will meet during the months of February, May, September, and November. The meeting in November will be the annual meeting.
Dean Ambrosino as President can call a special meeting any time and the March meeting this year will be deemed a special meeting.
The amended motion passed.

More Old Business: Bob Conroy Sr. recommended looking at Article 4 Quorum. Currently it says that a quorum is 35 members. Bob made a motion to change Article 4 Quorum by adding “and June 1st” to read: A quorum shall consist of 15% of the membership, active and associate, as of January 1 and June 1st, each calendar year.

Bob Conroy Sr. suggested a 2nd Amendment to Article 4, by adding :  Members of the executive board and executive committee who are excused from the meeting shall count towards the 15 percent quorum.  (The reason for the amendments is to try to make it easier to fill  the quorum for the meeting in order to conduct Branch business.)
The motion passed with amendments.

Robert Conroy Sr. stressed the importance of keeping the website current to keep members informed.

New Business:  A motion was made by Brian Holt to increase membership dues by $2.00 this motion will be submitted in writing and discussed at the next meeting.
Motion was passed.

Sue Evans made a motion to spend $4,000 to send 5 people to the NE Convention for 4 days of training.
Motion was passed. 

Skip Delsesto won half of the $130.00 50/50 SPAC raffle, $65.00; and promptly donated $60 back to SPAC.
Dean announced that gift certificates were purchased for the most recent retirees:  Barry Baker, Dan Doyle, Bill Cavalieri, Rick Collins and Jerry Botelho.

Motion to adjourn made by Joanne Keeling and seconded by John Peters.

Respectfully submitted by

Rose Russo, Secretary
Branch 105