NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Meeting Minutes
Special Meeting
March 20, 2013

Thirty five members in attendance
Pledge of Allegiance led by Dean Ambrosino

Dean welcomed guests Kathy McKenna of the Employee Assistance Program and Ron Pauline, Providence Postmaster.

Roll Call of officers:  Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Rose Russo, Brian Holt, John Knapp, Joanne Keeling, Alan Conca, Victor Giorgio, Cy Dumas
Excused:  Sue Evans Absent:  Barry Baker, Betty DiSalvia,

Legislative Report given by Brian Holt – The theme of this year’s LTS is 2013 Connect with Congress.  The passage of postal reform legislation in 2013 is a “must” to assure the Postal Service remains solvent.  The Senate and the House will be considering postal reform legislative proposals while we are on the hill.  This will make our time very important educating Congress and urging action in the following areas:
-Modernize the Postal Service – Don’t dismantle it
-Achieve Balanced Deficit Reduction; Oppose further cuts in Federal and Postal Pay and Benefits
-Expand Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) Appeal rights to all EAS personnel in the USPS
Brian said that NAPS supports 5-day delivery.

Dean reminded us that NAPS has reserved a table for 10 on May 5th for the Jack Reed fundraiser breakfast and is looking for volunteers to attend.  Contact Brian Holt if you are interested.

Betty DiSalvia is adding to the legislative page of the NAPS 105 web site.
Motion to accept:  Alan Conca.  Seconded by John Knapp

Treasurer's Report given by Michaela Saccoccio for Sue Evans – Total expense for the month of February $3,639,59.  Total Expenses YTD $8,742.89.  Balances at the end February, 2013:
Checking Account                     $1,580.06
Savings account                       $   385.28
Money Market Account            $ 24,410.06
Total assets YTD                     $ 26,375.40
Motion made by Brian Holt to accept.  Seconded by Bob Conroy Jr.

Secretary’s Report made by Rose Russo – Rose reported that the branch received thank you notes from:
- The Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Newport and Bristol Counties Hospice for the donation received in memory of Peter Angelone, father of Al.
-Home and Hospice Care of RI for a donation made in memory of David Vincent, father of Dave.
-Hasbro’s Childrens’ Hospital for a donation made in memory of Diamante Santilli, father of Steve.
Also, a thank you note was received from retiree Dan Doyle.

Guest Speaker Kathy McKenna  Kathy mentioned how the EAP web site offers many topics for review.  Questions may be asked at this site.  She reminded all that counseling requests may be made through the EAP phone line 1-800-EAP 4YOU, and not the web site.  EAP even offers coaching services which can be an excellent resource for  new supervisors and managers.  EAP is beyond clinical, offering services such as health and wellness, exercise and work/life balance programs, and is completely confidential.  EAP also addresses personal topics, mental health issues among other topics and Kathy encourages you to just call if you should have any question.

President’s report given by Dean Ambrosino - Dean announced that jobs will soon be posted in eCareer including some plant, customer services positions and some in 029 soon after.  We’ll have new supervisors and they will struggle.  He said that 20 years ago there was more support- more time to guide new supervisors.  ASP prepared some but until you are on the line it is challenging.  Encourage the new supervisors to join NAPS. Remember to look in eCareer.
SPAC contributions have dropped in RI partially because of the reduced membership.  The more we give the more we get back from the national till to attend  political events, and that is money well spent.  These events give us the ability to meet with local politicians who have a say in legislation that affects the U.S. Postal Service. Dean encourages all to go to  Postal Ease to set up contributions of $5.00 per pay period to show support to SPAC .    Instructions are on the NAPS 105 web site and in the Postal Supervisor.  It would be a wonderful boost if everyone gave.  We can tell our representatives what is needed, or people with competing interests will.  Dean points out that the politicians receive much misinformation and it is up to postal employees to get the message out. Brian Holt and Dean talked about the important role politics plays in the future of the Postal Service.  Within two years NAPS Headquarters has spent $100,000 in New England alone and has received $30,000 back.

Dean encouraged all to also use the NAPS web site to let your congressman know what your position is on the postal issues.  It’s easy if you go to the web site, find the Legislative Updates on the left then select,
-Communicate with Lawmakers
-insert your ZIP code
-Click on the bills
-Read and sign the prepared letter and choose the person(s) you want to direct the message to
Your input is significant.  Politicians pay attention to the correspondences that they receive. Michaela added-it would be great to fill up their mailbox before going to the LTS in Washington.

Dean continued by mentioning that on April 3, a meet and greet will be held at the plant for employees who think that they may be interested in supervising.  If you know anyone who has the potential to supervise stay positive and  encourage them to attend. Ron Pauline will be one of those hosting.

Guest speaker Providence Postmaster Ron Pauline – Ron began by giving a brief bio of his career with the US Postal Service.  He followed by asking those attending to self evaluate by asking themselves, “Would you want to work for you?  If you wouldn’t, why? “ He explained that he leads by example.  He would not ask someone to do something that he has not done. He explained that there would be changes ahead.  That supervisors and managers must match work hours with workload.  The 18 and 8 standards were established in 1922 and are almost 100 years old.  He talked about the consolidation on Corliss Street, with operations at 181 Corliss moving into 55 Corliss and East Providence to Seekonk.  He said that we would start to see changes at the end of March. 

As a golfer Ron learned that lakes ponds and traps are simply distractions.  Ron only sees the green and finds what need to be done to do to get there and he applies this mind set work goals.   He pointed out that we will soon have 68 CCAs on board that will impact the current carriers’ overtime.  CCAs get a break each year and are similar to Rural Carrier Associates.  Senior CCAs become career employees.

Ron stated that he would help anyone who called him.  That he works a 12 hour day and originally planned to remain in New Bedford for the rest of his career but was asked to come to Providence.  He intends to walk routes with every single supervisor.

Ron encourages meetings in each office to go over what works and what can be improved.  Discussions should be held regularly.  He encourages supervisors to show carriers the data, show them that they can do better and turn them around.

NAPS Area Vice President Cy Dumas reported Ron Pauline has been a friend of NAPS and he is also active in NAPUS.  We should have no problem getting access to him.   He is please that Ron came to Providence and Cy knows him to be fair.  Cy reminded all to promote the Meet and Greet to employees who show the potential to move up.  Providence needs the best people we can get.  He said that NAPS 105 is lucky to have Dean Ambrosino as its president and that there is no one better in all of New England. 

Cy talked about the speakers presenting at the New England seminar In North Conway, New Hampshire.  Northeast Area Vice President Area Operations Richard Uluski will be a guest speaker.  He mentioned that Uluski’s first priority is safety – let your people know you care.
Delivery and Post Office Operations Vice President Ed Phalen is another speaker attending.  There will be a presentation made by M3 Technology concerning Insurance programs that members may benefit by.  The OIG will also be presenting at this convention.

Cy mentioned that the new supervisor program is different than the ASP Program.  He stressed the importance of every EAS helping the trainees top help them be successful.

Dean reminded all to contact a NAPS rep if asked to attend a meeting that may be a PDI.

Old Business: Rose Russo read a motion made at the January general meeting recommending the raising of membership dues for active current members.  Discussion followed:  Bob Conroy Jr. asked why.  Dean replied that it is because we have been loosing money each year and there has been a declining membership, adding that Branch 105 has one of the lowest dues in New England.  Other options included having members pay for meals at meetings but the Executive Board did not think that would be a popular option.  After discussions a vote was taken and the motion was passed to raise dues by $2.00 per month to $10.50 for all active members.

The Audit Committee Report was given by Rose Russo.  All of the 2012 financial records of NAPS Branch 105 were reviewed and found to be in order.  Two recommendations were made:  To reference minutes’ dates where approved motions for convention expenditures and/or contributions are approved, and better tracking of associate members.  Sue Evans’ record keeping was commended.  Audit committee:  Mary Fontaine and Rose Russo.
Motion made to accept by Jim Ulinick and seconded by John Peters.

Vice President’s Report made by Michaela Saccoccio.  Michaela and Dean went to Puerto Rico where they learned the latest information on the new SWC.  NAPS Vice President Jay Killackey’s presentation broke NAPS membership down to three groups – participating, unattending members and non-members. Jay asked us to do more to get our members involved and active.

There was discussion concerning hiring part time employees and getting the percentages to 50/50. Anthony Vigliante Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer discussed corrective action for supervisors and he said that he would be willing to listen to new methods of corrective action that is two sided and gets results. Eighty people attended.  Delsesto asked if there is a proposal to downsize the USPS.  Cy has heard nothing. 

Alan Conca was this meeting’s winner of the 50/50 raffle - $75.00.
Motion to adjourn made by John Knapp and seconded by John Peters.

Respectfully submitted by


Rose Russo, Secretary
Branch 105