NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Branch 105 Meeting Minutes
General Meeting #2
May 23rd, 2013

Meeting called to order 6:13
Number in attendance 25
Roll call of officers: Dean Ambrosino, Michaela Saccoccio, Sue Evans, Rose Russo, Brian Holt, Victor Georgio, Alan Conca, Betty DiSalvia, John Knapp, Joanne Keeling
Absent: Barry Baker

Frank Halm led the Pledge of Allegiance
Veterans were honored with a moment of silence in recognition of Memorial Day.

NAPS 105 President Dean Ambrosino welcomed Area Vice President Cy Dumas and guest speaker NAPS Executive Vice President Jay Killackey

Legislative Rep Brian Holt discussed the Legislative Training Seminar in Washington DC saying it was inspirational and we were successful in getting our message across.  He said we benefit by going to the offices of senators.  Several issues were discussed including: 
-The repeal or modification of the retiree Health Prefunding requirement,
-Returning pension over funding to the Postal Service
-Preserve Saturday Delivery and other Service Standards
-Permit the Postal Service to offer additional products and services

Two strong members of Congress who spoke in support of the USPS are Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia and Elijah Cummings of Maryland. 

Brian urges all to increase contributions SPAC to help support the bills.  Contributions can be made through the web page at the retiree’s link or the OPM web page.

Frank Halm asked:  Is there anything we should be looking at? Brian:  The most important thing is the granting of MSPB appeal rights to postal employees covered by the USPS Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS).  Congressman David Cicilline is a co-sponsor. 
Motion to accept made by Bill Barker and seconded buy Victor Giorgio

Treasurer Sue Evans gave the following report: During the current month $5,322.29 was paid out for Conventions bringing YTD expenses to $15,244.59.
Subtract the YTD Income $7,289.55 and we are at -$7955.03.  Total Assets $23,606.38.  Sue believes that with the recent increase in dues and reduction of general meetings by one we should be in good shape.
Cy asked if the convention expenses included the NE Convention.  Sue replied: Yes, except for the per diem, which has not been paid yet. Cy asked if the last deposit includes the dues increase. Sue replied: No.
Motion to accept made by Skip DelSesto and seconded by Bob Conroy, Jr.

Secretary Rose Russo gave the following report: Branch 105 has 150 current members, 20 associate members and 1 direct pay.  No correspondences were received.
Motion made to accept by Pat Bennett and seconded by Dave Girard

Dean commented about the Postmaster Convention held at the Crown Plaza Warwick, RI.  Rick Uliski spoke about the changes coming to Express Mail in name only to Priority Mail Express.  Priority Mail changes include 1, 2 and 3 Day Certain.  Packaging for all of these products will change.  Express Mail will no longer have a noon guarantee; it will be 3:00 pm except in major metropolitan areas where 10:30 am may be offered.   The Postal Service is looking at same-day and Sunday delivery.  Amazon orders received between 7 and 10 am could have a next day delivery.  Uliski commented on how well we are doing in revenue and expenses.  He thanked us for giving safety talks, although motor vehicle accidents are up.  The most recent push is on Platform safety.
Another speaker Ed Phalen, who is the Connecticut Valley District Manager currently at headquarters, talked about the Premier Post Office

Another initiative underway is offering parcel lockers at convenient locations for parcel pick up.  If you travel you get an email and a password, go to the locker and retrieve the package.  New England has the highest percentages of deliveries to the door.  We are changing the door delivery to curbside.

Cy added that Ann Mailloux attended the Postmaster convention and reminded all that EAP is available and stressed the importance of having a balanced life.  She reminded all to keep an eye on eCareer because if you are interested in upward mobility, opportunities are ahead.  Check eCareer on Tuesdays.

Dinner Break

Meeting resumed 7:00

NAPS Executive Vice President Jay Killackey talked about the benefits of a company named  M3 Technology, LLC that offers insurance products including, but not limited to, Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Catastrophic Ins., or Disability Ins. Premiums are based on age and set for life.  Jay suggested looking into it.
Postal Reform Bills are placeholders for new Bill on NAPS web site.  Jay reminded all to go to the Legislative Center on the NAPS web site.  Bills are listed after you enter your ZIP Code and pre-populated letters are prepared for congressmen in your area.  Your input counts…for each letter they receive, they realize that there are ten more people supporting bills.
As an organization we have to find solutions, such as:
Get rid of EXFC
Eliminate overnight delivery completely

Dean commented that first class volume remains steady while standard mail has increased.

Dean asked if there was any chance of the districts moving again such as Providence Plant processing for Boston.  Answer:  There are no plans for district consolidation although there are changes coming at plants moving the mail.

Dean presented Jay with a token of appreciation from NAPS Branch 105.

Area Vice President Cy Dumas talked about the New England Convention.  Guests in attendance including Theresa  Bruso, HR Manager CTV, Kristin Seaver, Mgr Ops Support, NEA, and Mike Rakes, Plant Mgr Providence.  Cy noted the professionalism of the delegates and the quality of the presentations and questions.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield gave pre retirement counseling. M3 Technology’s presentation was good - all should take a look at it.
All branches are struggling to get members to attend meetings.  This may result in more problems if people do not keep up on how to protect themselves.  Cy reminded us to support new supervisors.
Dean pointed out that Theresa Bruso, Mgr HR, CTV will bring back a system like WOO for detail opportunities. 
If you know someone with Administrative Action have them contact Michaela right away since there is only a ten day window to get 650 mediation or appeal to the next level.  You can appeal, mediate or deal with it.  If there is an issue with debt determination with EAS employees we have only 10 days to stop the clock.  NAPS has been very successful in winning, but if you miss the time line you will be out of luck.

The MSPB Bill does not affect a large percent of our employees.  Dean has represented employees with and without MSPB rights, although it is very important to have these rights.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Cy spoke as a dues paying member and made a motion to donate $10.00 per member towards the August 2014 NAPS Jay Killackey for President Campaign. Seconded by Pat Bennett.

Cy’s comments:  NAPS leadership has slumped.  If Jay Killackey is not elected, it would be a great loss.  Everyone in the country calls him for advice.  The campaign will be aggressive.  Cy would like NAPS 105 to be the first in the country to support him.
Frank Halm asked if Louis Atkins running again.  Yes

Motion was voted in by the body attending.

At the September meeting NAPS will be looking for nominations of those interested in taking on a more active role in NAPS Branch 105

50/50 winner is Jay Killackey who donated the full amount of $70.00 to SPAC.

Motion to adjourn made by Alan Conca and seconded by Pat Bennett.

Respectfully submitted,


Rose Russo
NAPS Branch 105