NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Branch 105 Meeting Minutes
General Meeting
September 25th, 2013
Number in attendance 44

Roll call of officers: Michaela Saccoccio, Brian Holt, Sue Evans, Rose Russo, Frank Halm, Betty DiSalvia, Victor Georgio, Joanne Keeling, John Knapp and Cy Dumas  Absent: Alan Conca

NAPS 105 President Michaela Saccoccio welcomed guests including:  Paul Foley President of NAPS Branch 120, Don Spirlet, President of NAPS Branch 118, Sue Ambrosino and Executive Vice President Jay Killackey.

Eric McCarthy led the Pledge of Allegiance
We shared a moment of silence in memory of NAPS 105 Past President Dean Ambrosino.

NAPS 105 President Michaela Saccoccio expressed the emotions and shock over the untimely passing of Dean Ambrosino.  We see each other every day but are still emotional. She said Dean was a proud and great leader who will be sorely missed.  He led with compassion and he was a leader that we could all look up to.  Michaela said she was honored to serve as his vice president.  She believes she has tough shoes to fill.  Michaela thanked all for attending
This summer the branch held a special eboard meeting. Brian Holt was recommended and selected as Vice President and Frank Halm stepped up to serve as legislative rep.  With Dean’s passing, Cy is no longer the immediate past president but eboard member ex officio Branch 105. Barry Baker resigned as a board member this summer.  The board voted to make a $500.00 contribution to the Ambrosino College Fund.

Michaela and Sue Ambrosino were invited by Ron Pauline to attend the PCC Day meeting at Stonehill College on Sept. 18th.  The last page of the event program was dedicated to Dean.  Postal customers had a connection with Dean. Ron Pauline made many nice comments about Dean to the meeting attendees.  Dean was honored with a standing ovation by the attendees of this event.  Michaela said she appreciated being invited and that Sue was able to attend.

Secretary Rose Russo gave the following report: Branch 105 has 149 current members and 19 associate members.  The branch has received several correspondences. One from Bill Hill thanking the branch for the fruit basket received during his recent illness; thank you to the Branch from Beacon Hospice for the generous donation in memory of Antonetta Saccoccio, mother of Joe Saccoccio. Thank you from Joe and Michaela Saccoccio and family for the contribution made to the Beacon Hospital in Memory of Antonetta Saccoccio.
The branch received a thank you from the American Cancer Society for the contribution made in memory of Maryann Pascale, sister of Brian Holt.  A thank you was received from the family of Brian Holt for the contribution to the American Cancer Society in memory of Maryann Pascale.

The branch also received a letter from NAPS National Executive Vice President Jay Killackey concerning this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  Disasters happen nationwide all the time and many postal employees are impacted by these disasters.  This outreach reminds us that the Postal Employee Relief Fund (PERF) is an option available through CFC. It is recognized that many CFC participants do not designate an agency for their contributions.  If you are one, consider making PERF your choice during the 2013 campaign.  See a 4.5 min. video Betty DeSalvia placed on the web site for more information about PERF.
Motion to accept:  John Knapp   Seconded by Skip Delsesto

Treasurer Sue Evans August 31st, 2013 report.  The only expenses for the month include $73.95 for health and welfare making the year-to-date total expenses $21,188.89.  Year to date (YTD) total income is $16,018.53.  So YTD expenses exceed income by $5,170.36.  Our assets have been increasing some, membership has improved a little and the dues increase has helped monthly.  Sue expects that we’ll come in under budget, but we won’t make any money this year.
Motion to accept made by Frank Halm and seconded by Richard Laporte.

Vice President Brian Holt talked about representation for current employees.   If you receive any type of action you need to contact either Michaela or Brian.  Recently there was a management investigation being conducted and the EAS involved never contacted us. Once you start answering questions or sign a paper, it’s not a good thing.  We can just jump in and help you.  If you know of others not here this evening that may have been issued action, let them know.  If you are issued a suspension you need to fill out a mediation form right away since there is a time limit on that.

Also Friday, Michaela, Sue and Brian will be traveling to NY for training on branch financial responsibility, disciplinary expense fund and 650 mediation.  Charles Sciala will be there who represents NAPS in corrective actions.  JayKillackey and NAPS National Executive Secretary/Treasurer Brian Wagner will be there.
Q. Bob Conroy Sr.:  Be sure to inquire about the tax forms to be completed by the local.  Union and other associations must be careful of the forms needed to be filled out by the end of the year in order to avoid fines by the IRS. 
Brian:  We are bringing Sue with us to stay on top of that.
Motion to accept made by Bob McCall.  Seconded by Victor Giorgio

Michaela – Brian Wagner has excellent information at the website. All the paperwork is there.  We need the Budget Committee to allow in the budget for that $800 for the first time filing and $400 after.
Also on the CFC - the kick-off is in the next few weeks. Give the time and support to your key workers for the CFC.

NAPS Executive Vice President Jay Killackey states that he is the chairperson of PERF who works with the management association and the unions to try to raise money for the relief of Postal employees.  During the recent OK tornado, 38 postal employees lost everything but the clothes on their back. Much has gone to employees in the past.  Many do not have homeowners insurance and it is heartbreaking to see this.  Note that only a small percentage of the PERF contributions go towards the administration of PERF.  If you do not designate a charity on your CFC contributions, we’d like you to designate PERF. 

On Dean Ambrosino – Dean had a tough time when we were merged with Connecticut Valley but he was always positive.  The measure of a person is not made while they are here, only after they are gone.  Dean Ambrosino never quit, was never negative.  He could turn anything around.  Dean was very rational.  Some things to remember about Dean:  Integrity, what he brought to the table and how he dealt with adversity.  I admired him for what he stood for in this organization, he never quit.  We are fortunate to have known him. I only wish we could have had him longer.

Dinner Break 6:39-7:03

Michaela announced that Kathy McKenna is sorry to have missed this meeting especially for plant people.  There was an unexpected death in her family. She wanted to attend especially to address impacted employees and wants all to know that she remains available to employees.

NAPS Executive Vice President Jay Killackey extends greetings from Louis Atkins and Brian Wagner. This meeting is Jay’s sixth meeting in six days and three were on the west coast. Senate bill 1486 probably will not get anywhere.  This bill proposes the Postal Service find a new retirement system for new hires. Unions are against that. The bill suggests returning the overpayments made by us in installments and not all at once.
The USPS is now at its debt ceiling - $15 billion.
Postal Service also wants to develop a new Health plan where we stay in the FEGHP but limited to 1 of 17 plans.  This has been done in conjunction with the unions. The Postal Service is trying to have all retirees on Medicare A and B mandatory, which most are on anyway.  When you go into Medicare, it becomes primary and BC/BS pays anything over.  A penalty is paid by those signing on after 65. 

About scanning - Jay learned that in Seattle supervisors are out until 10 -11:00 at night to find packages and then calling carriers after hours to ask if they remember delivering a package.  The NALC is looking for four hours call back pay.  No one should be forced to put scans into the system.  How would you feel as a customer if you see a scan at 2:00 and no package or notice?  We have an opportunity to get a large share of the packaging market if we can come through with scanning. No one is as smart as all of us.  We need world class scanning.

PMG Pat Donahoe states that if we don’t close to five day delivery we will be a burden to the American taxpayer.  This is misinformation.

PFP is coming back.  The roll out of targets and objectives will take place in early October.
Ideas on improvement – Clerks got 3.5 percent over 5 years.  We want 3.5 percent in one year.

People have been complaining about using their privately owned vehicles.  NAPS position is -  Don’t use your POV.  Your insurance company can deny your claim if they find you use your car for business.
On teleconference improvement  - No disrespect on telcons.  Treat others professionally.  Berating is unnecessary.  Performance issues should be one on one. 

We have received reports of employees using government credit cards for cash advances.

On plant restructuring – contact Cy Who is working harder than anyone.  Problems are immediately brought to the manager’s attention and it’s generally someone who does not know the rules.

Legislatively we are gearing up for the spring and refiling the important MSPB bill for all employees.
Michaela presented a gift to Jay in thanks for attending as guest speaker.
Q. Victor Giorgio – Have you heard anything about going to CBU delivery?
Jay – It’s not that easy.  NAPS does not support it.  I don’t see it happening.  It’s a big change for customers.  How many boxes will we need?  How much time and money to change the locks? It will not expand beyond new construction.
Dan Guenette question -  Is there a bill to eliminate Social Security Supplement?  Jay - It will not pass this year.  We want a bill that is not going to hurt you. It will come up again.  The majority in the house does not support this.

We did a study on SPAC - only two percent has given more than $100.  Payroll deduction is available to current employees and retirees.  Instructions are on the web site.  There is only $111,000 in the national account.  We need to support those that will help us and keep jobs.
Ann Maillloux’s birthday was recognized.
Jay Killackey swore in Frank Halm as Legislative Rep. 

Legislative Rep Frank Halm – Members get the Postal Supervisor magazine and everything Jay is talking about is there – it even offers a section on retirees.  At the Nov. 21st Branch 105 meeting a lap top and printer will be made available to sign up for  the SPACS Continuous Contributor Club.  You will need your 4 digit pin and retirees need claim number.  Frank can’t understand why, with the work pressure, more people aren’t at these meetings.  Tell all members to come out to the meetings.  We are stronger unified than individually.  Frank noted that in RI there are two senators and two congressmen that support us.  Last year $6700 was given to Whitehouse and Langevin.  NAPS Headquarters has given RI legislators more that they are getting from local members. We need to support SPAC and it’s easy through payroll deductions.
Motion to accept Pat Bennett seconded by John Knapp
Old Business – None
New businessNew England Area Vice President Cy Dumas NAPS Branch 105 had the best president in Dean ever. Heartwarming remarks are heard often about Dean in Cy’s travels.  No doubt we currently have the newest and best president in New England.  Cy's relationship with Dean was such that he planned to step down with the hope that Dean would step up into his position. Since, others have made Cy reconsider his stepping down, he has, and will run for Area Vice President again.  
Cy talks to Jay regularly re restructuring.   Regular postings will show each Tuesday in eCareer.  Look at states you are interested in and get profile up to date.  Request a non-competitive lateral or downgrade if you see something that interests you.  Use current references.
Remember that EAP helps employees and families during stressful times.  Even financial planning is available. 
Branch will be proactive with impacted and VERA eligible employees.  There are no significant issues with SWCS in New England. 
On Sunday, November 24 at 9:00 am at the Central Mass. plant, Cy will be conducting a President and Officers meeting – anyone may attend.

New Business: Motion made by Bob Conroy Sr. to name the Branch 105 scholarship to the Branch 105 Dean Ambrosino Memorial Scholarship.  Because it is a change to the constitution it would be voted on the next meeting.  That would make the awarded scholarship that same night the first with Dean’s name.
Seconded by John Knapp.
Motion by Cy Dumas:  That Branch 105 subsidize the attendance of the NAPS105 president or designee to Providence Consumer Council events.
Seconded by Brian Holt.  Motion passed.

Scholarship deadline is November1, 2013.

Nominations for:
President:  Michaela Saccoccio.  Made by Pat Bennett, seconded by Rick Laporte
Vice President:  Brian Holt.  Made by Victor Giorgio, seconded by Frank Halm
Secretary:  Nancy Walkden.  Made by John Knapp, seconded by Brian Holt
Treasurer:  Sue Evans.  Made by Betty DiSalvia, seconded by Steve Linden
Legislative rep: Frank Halm. Made by Brian Holt, seconded by John Knapp.
Eboard members:
Betty DiSalvia. Made by Sue Evans, seconded by Michelle Dellaporta
Joanne Keeling. Made by John Knapp, seconded by Pat Bennett
Victor Giorgio. Made by Dan Guenette, seconded by John Knapp
Donna Machala. Made by Brian Holt, seconded by Frank Halm
Don Taylor. Made by Joanne Keeling, seconded by John Knapp
John Knapp. Made by Victor Giorgio, seconded by Don Taylor
Rose Russo. Made by Frank Halm, seconded by Lori Bruzzi
Colleen Sherratt. Made by Joanne Keeling, seconded by Brian Holt.

Ballot committee:  Pat Bennett, Bob Conroy Jr. and Lori Bruzzi

50/50 winner is Ann Mailloux $115 pulled by Sue Ambrosino.

Motion to adjourn made by Eric McCarthy seconded by Rick LaPort.

Respectfully submitted,


Rose Russo
NAPS Branch 105