NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Branch 105 Meeting Minutes
General Meeting
Kelly - Gazzero VFW Post
November 21st, 2013
Number in attendance 44
Meeting start t 6:12

Roll call of officers: Michaela Saccoccio, Brian Holt, Sue Evans, Rose Russo, Frank Halm, Betty DiSalvia, Victor Georgio, Joanne Keeling, John Knapp and Exofficio Cy Dumas 

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Victor Giorgio

NAPS 105 President Michaela Saccoccio welcomed guests including: Terry Bruso CTV Manager Human Resources, Kathy McKenna EAP, Don Spirlet, President of NAPS Branch 118; West Warwick Postmaster Gary Laprosina and Dan Guenette of the League of Postmasters.

Ballot committee was on hand to collect ballots through 8:00 pm: Bob Conroy Jr., Pat Bennett and Lori Bruzzi.

NAPS 105 President Michaela Saccoccio talked about telcon she attended – Topics discussed included service and getting the packages home, getting cancellations done on time, the importance of safety, lead by example, correct bad habits, window operations and the importance of asking the hazmat questions.  Revenue generation, including EDDM, was discussed and the opportunities for all of us to be salespeople.

Treasurer Sue Evans reported that the current month expenses as $1,298.39 bringing the YTD expenses to $23,819.26.  The total of assets in the bank accounts is $26,765.45.  YTD total income minus expenses leaves the branch behind by $2,847.51.  With minimum expenses, meetings, NY trip, Scholarship and a couple of good DCO deposits we might break even this year.  But next year is another story since we will need $9,000 for the convention.
Cy Dumas pointed out what a good job Sue does.  There were many unusual things this year – you recognized the drop in membership and did a good job voting for a dues increase. Keep in mind that at last count there are about 20 retirees.  Also there was $1,500 for Jay Killackey’s reelection that was not in the budget.
Motion to accept made by Frank Halm and seconded by Brian Holt.

Secretary Rose Russo gave the following report: Branch 105 has 149 current members and 19 associate members.  The branch has received several correspondences including an acceptance letter from Nancy Walkden for her nomination to the position of Secretary of Branch 105, a Christmas card from Tommy Roma, NAPS NE Regional Vice President; a thank you from Jay Killackey for Branch 105’s generous donation to his campaign, a thank you from Joanne Asermely for the get well fruit basket, a thank you from Children’s Wishes for the branch donation in memory of Kathleen Lampinski, sister of John Rinn, and Scholarship information and application form from Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc, due by July 31, 2014.
Motion to accept made by Bob Conroy, Sr. and seconded by Steve Ravo

Michaela added that a letter from labor relations was received regarding downloading and taking sensitive information from work with you.  Corporate security monitors the computers and anyone can get into trouble for taking home sensitive information.

HR Manager Terry Bruso added that that started at the Hartford Plant where they found that a union stored information on Postal computers. The unions need their own devices.

Michaela announced that she plans to meet with Providence PM Ron Pauline and Customer Service Support Manager Gary Neirinckx concerning the vacant EAS positions in 029.  She has some questions about the SWCs.  Some people need landing spots.

Michaela pointed out the letter from Megan Brennan and Jim Corbett concerning timekeeping responsibilities.  No one should be making clock ring changes.  Document everything.  Correct errors each day.  See for links to much information concerning these matters.

Dinner break

6:58 - Meeting resumed

CTV Manager Human Resources Terri Bruso (TB) talked about her background – She said that her transferable skills and ability to meet deadlines and timelines enabled her to survive six RIFs. She said that in interviewing others for positions, if she had two people to interview and one had the will to do a job and the other had the skill, she would pick the one with the will.

-TB on PES pay for performance 2014.  Not too much information on that at this time.  Jeff Williamson wants to get that up and running.  He’s working with management organizations to get that done. It is important to him.

-TB on RIF - We have 77 employees in CTV that are in a RIF avoidance.  There are also 43 impacted lower level postmasters. Five plants have been reorganized; three plants went down a level, including Providence.  Hartford went up a level.   Congratulations to Mike Rakes and Ron Pauline for placing people.  Positions will go up in the next round.  Only impacted employees may apply – no one else.  RIFed employees only have 10 months to find a position.  RIF avoidance begins 2/12/14 and ends 4/18/12 on the plant side.

-TB on MSCOs and POOMs.  Teams will Interview POOMs and MSCOs to get a feel for the job.  They are being evaluated.  Right now there are no vacant POOM or MSCO positions and if there were they could not be posted due to the evaluations. The changes to the postmaster positions will affect the ratio related to the POOM positions. Not all districts will have these positions. 
We’re top 5 in country for size so we believe we will still have them.

Q -  Michaela – Could you just go over the definition of the impacted employee that is eligible because there is conflicting information?  A. Once you are impacted at the beginning of a RIF avoidance, you are impacted throughout the entire RIF. Even if you are selected for a position, you are still considered impacted and may apply for the “impacted only” positions.  Also, if one lands a position in another district, they will still have the ability to return.

Cy Dumas’ comments re Terri Bruso – Shortly after Terri came to HR, I realized that she applies herself.  She has good HR skills and gets back to you.   We’re lucky to have someone with those skills.

Q. - Gary Laprosina re CCA conversion.  Posting Q2s is slow is there a method to the rollout?  A. Some of them are being held because we are doing a lot of route inspections. Q1s are being withheld because of the AMP.   There are 70 – 75 Q1s vacant and within 50 mile of two plants that will not go up.  Stanford will be closing and 600 will be looking for jobs.

Terri thanked the branch for the invitation.

Kathy McKenna reminded us that EAP offers local support to employees and their families.  Holidays sometimes bring up family issues.  EAP coaching available especially those who may be RIFed. What transferable skills do you have?   Information available on the tables can help.  EAP is available to family members too.  If you have difficult situations with employees, we can help you.
Q - Cy - Is EAP available for financial planning. A. - Kathy - EAP does not offer financial planning – we refer to others.

NAPS New England AVP Cy Dumas– Recent consult with CTV District Manager/a D. Mastroianni talked about cancelling mail on Sundays.  We haven‘t had cancellations and collections in a long time. 
There were two consults last week – one in Boston and the other Connecticut Valley – with similar problems.  Same RIF problems stem from L’Enfant Plaza.  NAPS is pushing back to improve positions that are going up and then were pulled down. NAPS will continue to work with L’Enfant Plaza.

NE Area - No consult there. Quarterly Christine Seavers Debbie Essler owns Northern New England Customer Service person.  Take that as an opportunity to learn F-1.  She allowed lesser penalty then removal.  Mike Powers – acting in northern New England - consult tomorrow morning. We are fortunate to have people to talk to.
Brockton and  Central Massachusetts had jobs pulled down.  NAPS people are going through a lot of anxiety. 
Meeting Nov. 24th for officers but anyone is welcome to come.  Massachusetts State branch meets right after the meeting.

The December 4th NAPS meeting offers presenter Doug Tolino Manager of Labor Relations L’Enfant Plaza.  He is point person for USPS presentation of the new USPS Health Plan. - simultaneously presenting to NAPS and the unions to get support.
If it flies, will help the USPS’ bottom line and the economic crunch.  Rick Uliski AVP will address everyone there too.

Q. Bob Conroy Sr. - Health Plan - As a retiree the OPM has run the health plan for decades.  I’m not sure that they can satisfy us.  Not all retirees take Medicare part B and D.  I really wonder, if it hooks up with Medicare, whether it will cost less than what we have now.
A. Cy: You must do some due diligence.  NAPS has not taken a position.  Like you I’m cynical about what NAPS should do.  It is going to be part of the FHP that definitely has a Medicare component.  We must wait and see and do some analysis.
Frank Halm:  The health care if forced into Plan B won’t get penalized – 16 plans – Only Postal employees and retirees will be eligible, but still be under OPM. 
Bob Conroy Sr.’s comment:  APWU election resulted in 9 of 12 incumbent National Officers getting beat.  I’m not sure if the new APWU officers will buy into these changes.
Cy: NAPS perspective is it’s got to make sense for coverage and costs.  This may take 1 to 2 years to pull off.

NAPS 105 Legislative Rep Frank Halm:  *There are several bills in both the House and Senate that are of interest to NAPS and need NAPS members to contact their Senators and Congressman for support.

In the Senate Bill # S.316 which is a bill to recalculate and restore retirement annuity obligation of the USPS, to eliminate the requirement that the USPS prefund the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund, to place restrictions on the closure of postal facilities, to create incentives for innovation for the USPS, to maintain levels of postal service, and for other purposes.
Also Senate Bill # S.686 will extend to all EAS the right to appeal significant personnel actions taken against them by Postal Service to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)

In the House there is Bill # H.RES.30 which defend the Six-Day First Class mail delivery.
Also Bill # H.R. 1431, which will extend to all EAS the right to appeal significant personnel actions taken against them by Postal Service to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

There is a Bill proposing retirement changes for all new employees to only 401K and social security – no pension.  They are trying to turn the clock back to the 20s and 30s- Frank urged us to get involved.

NAPS NY Area VP Jim Warren has invited all Branch Presidents and Legislative Reps in the Northeast Area to a co-sponsored meeting with USPS Northeast Area on December 4th. All District Managers and their HR Managers will be in attendance. The main purpose of the meeting will be a presentation on the new Health Benefit Plan proposal being made by the Postal Service and is anticipated to be incorporated into bills that hopefully will be addressed by Congress and the Senate.  Michaela and Frank plan to be in attendance.

Frank reminded us that anyone can sign on to SPAC at the NAPS105 website

Motion to accept made by Dan Guenette. Seconded by Victor Giorgio

NAPS 105 Vice President Brian Holt: One letter issued and a potential 14 day suspension coming soon.  Brian reminded us that management does not have to do a PDI. 
Brian challenged members to bring someone with you to attend the next meeting.
Motion to accept made by Sue Evans.  Seconded by Victor Giorgio

NAPS 105 President Michaela Saccoccio  - Michaela attended a PCC event where she met customer designers – she said that two color is quite an eye opener – make a connection delivering the mail correctly and on time.  She said that it was well worth attending.  Michaela joined the PCC– and can send someone in her place. 
Sue and Michaela worked on the tax exempt documentation.  One page needs adjustment before the tax return is filed.

Selections for the following committees were made:
Budget committee:  Sue Evans, Betty DeSalvia and Roger St. George to Report in February
Audit committee:  Rose Russo, Donna Machala and Barbara Bouchard

SPAC drawing - $180 collected - $90 won by Skip DelSesto who gave all his winnings to SPAC.

Four Stop and Shop gift cards were won by: Joanne Keeling, Frank Halm, Steve Rodowicz and Dave Girard.

Motion was passed to change the name of the scholarship to
Branch 105 Dean Ambrosino Memorial Scholarship.
2013 Scholarship winners:
1 – Sterling Saint, Ann Mailloux’s son
2 – Andrew Larson, Jane Larson’s son
3 – Andrew Papino, Carl Papino’s son

New Business
Ballot committee members Pat Bennett, Bob Conroy Jr. and Lori Bruzzi, announced the following
eBoard Election Results.  There were 31 ballots and no duplicates:
Donna Machala, Betty DeSalvia, Victor Giorgio, Joanne Keeling, Rose Russo, Colleen Sharratt.

Michaela announced that the special eBoard donation of $500.00 to the Ambrosino College Fund will be made shortly.

Motion to adjourn made by Victor Giorgio, seconded by Steve Ravo.

Respectfully submitted,

Nanct Walkden
NAPS Branch 105