NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Branch 105
Meeting #3 Minutes  – 9/16/2014
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Lancellotta’s Restaurant – North Providence, RI 02904.

Members present: 47

Pledge of Allegiance led by Cy Dumas

Roll Call of Officers: Michaela Saccoccio, Brian Holt, Nancy Walkden, Sue Evans, Frank Halm, Rose Russo, Donna Machala, Joanne Keeling, Victor Giorgio, Betty DiSalvia, Cy Dumas.
Not present/Excused: Colleen Sherratt.

Michaela Saccoccio told members about the recent election results at the NAPS National Convention in San Diego.  Unfortunately, Jay Killackey lost the NAPS National President race to incumbent Louis Atkins. Ivan Butts, whom NAPS 105 had decided to support, won for Vice President.  She said that Brian Wagner won the Secretary/Treasurer race by a very large margin.  She also told members that Mohegan Sun won for the 2018 National Convention site. 

Michaela recognized special guests in attendance: CTV District Manager David Mastroianni, NE Area HR Manager Ann Mailloux, RI League President and NE Area League Coordinator Gary Laprocina, NE Area Vice President Cy Dumas, and EAP Representative/Councilor Kathy McKenna. 

Kathy McKenna told members that September is “Recovery” Month, and goes “hand in hand” with suicide prevention.  Michaela said that many people were affected by Robin Williams’ suicide and that anyone who had questions should look to EAP for assistance. Kathy said that the number of suicides in the USPS have dropped 50% since the suicide prevention campaign started.  She brought material that she left on the tables and urged everyone to seek assistance if they had worries or concerns. 

Michaela recognized those who were attending their first NAPS 105 meeting, and welcomed them to come again and recommend other members to join them. 

Treasurer Sue Evans gave the Financial Report.  She said that our account was looking very good for the month, with $7855.00 for convention, for a total of $16,834.00…  almost $10,000.00 less than our budget for the year.  She said we were in the black this month since we had one of the healthiest DCO’s in a long time due to new members’ dues.  However, she said that next month would not be similar since the payments would go out to cover Convention costs.  Sue said that the Convention costs came in under the budgeted $7000.00 for NAPS 105 delegates Nancy Walkden, Vic Giorgio, and Frank Halm.  Sue told us that Frank had saved money by sharing a room with another delegate from the NE Area, Don Spirlet.  She said that we will be pretty close to balanced by the end of the year, and may even have some money left over.  Cy Dumas asked if the eBoard had discussed the training seminar he was conducting in November at Mohegan Sun, and if any excess funds could be used to cover expenses for members wishing to attend.  Sue said yes, if there were funds left over after all other conventions items were paid. 
Michaela said that the two-day Training Seminar in November would be a good session, and though she hadn’t yet seen an agenda, she knew that it would include advocacy training, a discussion of the last National eBoard session, and a classroom conducted by Jay Killackey on Problem Solving.  She said the fee for the training sessions is $25.00, and that rooms will be available for $179.00 for members who wished to attend.  The NAPS 105 eBoard had discussed cost cutting measures for this training, as many would not need rooms since the location is fairly close for most of us. 
Victor Giorgio commented that it would be a lot less expensive getting members to the next two conventions since we have the 2016 convention in Baltimore and the 2018 convention will be at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut.  He said the low cost should afford more people an opportunity to attend. 

Cy Dumas motioned to accept Sue’s report.  Bob Conroy Sr. seconded.

Michaela recognized Mike Kocak, Acting POOM for 027-028 offices, and mentioned that he would be speaking later about the Informal Mentoring program he, Gary Neirinckx, and NAPS 105 are sponsoring. 

Frank Halm gave the Legislative Report.  He said that last month, 51 Senators signed a letter for the appropriations committee to put a moratorium on the closing of 82 Plants in about 32 states.  He said that both Senators signed the letter.  Just recently, Congress did the same thing, sending a letter to their appropriations committee, with 160 signatures, asking for the moratorium.  He said that only James Langevin signed the letter, David Cicilline did not.  He said maybe it was an aide that didn’t bring it to his attention.  Frank said that it doesn’t mean they’re going to put it in the bill, but since the appropriations committee is responsible for funding the government, hopefully that will get some attention. 
Frank talked about SPAC, and said that per capita, RI was likely the best in the country.  He said the Northeast Area is Number 2, Southwest was in first place, but they also have a much larger area.  He said that we are doing well, but can do better, and that statistics show that nationally, members give only 2% to SPAC.  Frank said that money talks in Washington. 

Frank said that anyone can send letters to representatives in Washington by using the link on the National NAPS web page, even family members of postal employees. 

Motion to accept the report was made by Victor Giorgio, Seconded by Brian Holt.

Michaela introduced Acting Providence Plant Manager Bob Conroy, who rose to recognize the following P&DC NAPS members:
Tour 3 MDO Jessica Cusack received an award for Perfect Attendance.  Tour 3 In-Plant Support Specialist Bill Hill received an award for 30 Years of Service.

Secretary Nancy Walkden reported that NAPS Branch 105 currently has 33 Associate Members and 147 Regular Members.  She said this represented 11 new members since our last regular meeting.  She said that NAPS 105 received two pieces of correspondence: paperwork from the IRS granting NAPS 105 tax free status, and a letter from the Ocean State Theater offering group rates for event tickets. 
Frank Halm made a motion to accept the report and the last meeting minutes, seconded by Rose Russo. 

Break for Dinner at 6:27

Meeting resumed at 6:49

Guest Speaker: CTV District Manager – Dave Mastroianni. 
Dave began by telling us that we should pay attention to employees who may be prone to depression and suicide, and said that keeping silent is not an option.  He said that if we see someone who is suffering, we should offer EAP, and never take anything for granted. 

He then commented on Bob Conroy’s recognition of his employees at tonight’s meeting, saying that “we have to make sure good things are being recognized.”  He said that recognition doesn’t need to be done on a grand scale, and that a breakfast or even a “thank you,” show appreciation. 

Dave talked about where we are at the end of the fiscal year in the Connecticut Valley District, and where our focus will be in FY15.  He said that a large emphasis will be placed on Work Hour planning, and everyone should take a serious look at staffing and scheduling.  Dave said that year to date, the CTV District used 1.1 million hours of overtime. 

Dave told members that current conditions are okay compared to last year, and that though mail conditions are better, there are still opportunities in improving service. 

Dave talked about Safety, saying that we need to talk about it all the time.  He said that there have been far too many motor vehicle accidents, and that communicating safety cannot be the flavor of the week; it must be promoted every day.  Slips, trips, and falls are also a big focus, and so is proper lifting.  He said that if we put safety in the background, we risk losing key people to accidents.  He said that CT Valley is the only District above 7% for safety issues, and we must do better.  He said we have to address things that aren’t right, and hold people accountable. 

Dave spoke about communication, and inquired how many of us had attended the recent Northeast Area Communication training.  He stressed that communicating with employees should also be a daily requirement and not a flavor of the week.  He spoke about 552 Training, telling us that over 40 EAS employees have recently been trained in how to conduct Harassment Investigations in the CTV District. 

He spoke about revenue, saying that “revenue is like football; cut, cut, cut is defense…but if you cut all the time, you lose the game.”  He said that he pushes revenue often.  He told us that commercial revenue has dropped, nationally and in CT Valley, and that retail revenue is based on our own initiative.  He said that we can push retail revenue to the point where we can equal budget hours.  Dave told us that right now, retail revenue is pulling our district to plan.  He gave the example of the Johnston, RI office, who recently had a sale for $210,000.00.  He said that the unions are getting involved as well.  He said that the NALC is helping to push Customer Connect, and that using multiple channels, such as clerk care, and clerk leads, revenue can definitely improve. 

Dave spoke about the new database tools that can assist supervisors with budgeting hours and office efficiency. He said one new tool, SST, gives a great overview of how to manage opportunities. 

Dave spoke about Amazon, and the anticipated November 9, 2014 Kick-off for Sunday delivery.  He said that the USPS is looking to deliver packages for under $2.00.  He also spoke about the effects of 7-day delivery on Supervisors and the potential for using 204B’s or CCA’s to close the offices.  He said that it is very important that we are successful with Amazon.  He said that two other companies are currently looking to get into “same day” delivery so we need to stay focused on success. 

Michaela thanked Dave for coming, and presented him with mug with a saying that she had heard him say at some of the telecoms she’s attended, “Develop or Move On.” 

Michaela asked Mike Kocak and Gary Neirinckx to speak about their Informal Mentoring for Supervisors and 204Bs.  Mike said that the project started back in May and that they wanted to help as many new supervisors as they could.  He said that past sessions included information on DOIS, Labor, and addressing employee performance.  Gary said, “we want to see that people come in, build networks among yourselves, and then pass that on to the next group.”  They both believe that supervisors need information to do their jobs successfully.  They urged everyone to encourage their people to come to the next meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30 from 1:00 – 3:30 in the Providence Main Office.  Mike said that this class will touch upon the new DOIS database, and the next class will focus on avoiding harassment allegations in the workplace.  Mike and Gary both said they are eager for new ideas and welcomed supervisors to throw out subjects that they want to have discussed. 
Kris Moore said that she attended one session and liked it because it was informative, interactive, and that it was nice to see Mike and Gary agree.  She said that she would suggest a class on time management, since so many supervisors need to work with so many deadlines and need to learn how to balance all of those with the intangibles on the floor. 

Michaela commented that mentoring is more than mentoring people to take over, and NAPS is also looking for people to learn what we do and perhaps step up to become more active as officers or eBoard members.  She also thanked John Knapp and Joanne Keeling for advocating for our members. 

NAPS Northeast Area Vice President Cy Dumas re-emphasized safety, saying “When Supervisors and Managers walk the talk on safety, then craft will follow.”  He also told us that the future for all of us is Amazon, and that if we don’t hit a “home run” with parcels, it will affect everyone.  Cy said, “Let your people know about it, remain positive, and get over the rough spots so we can be successful.” 

Cy said he has been depressed since the NAPS National elections in San Diego when Jay Killackey lost the race for President.  He appreciated that there was strong support for Jay in Branch 105, and told members that Jay is doing well, and has some opportunities, in addition to presenting a class on advocacy and problem solving during the November Advocacy Training in November at Mohegan Sun.  Cy said that although Jay will no longer be an officer, he will still be around. 

Cy spoke about the changes coming in mail processing due to new mail standards.  He said that Tour 1 is currently the biggest tour, but a shift in “Blue box” mail will mean more mail being run on Tour 2.

Cy talked about the political action plan to urge Congress to stop the closing of 82 Processing Plants, in addition to reducing service standards.  He said, “No matter what happens with politics and L’Enfant Plaza, we can’t drag our feet when serving the public.” 

Cy told members that he felt it was a pleasure to work with District Manager Dave Mastroianni, and that the new DM was a breath of fresh air.  He said that Dave is fair and reasonable…the kind of leader you can trust.

Sue Evans spoke about this years’ Combined Federal Campaign.  She told us that Retirees can now make a 1 time payment/donation to the CFC.  Sue asked us to stand up if we, or anyone in our family had experienced Alzheimer’s disease, Heart disease, Cancer, or Diabetes…it wasn’t long before everyone was standing.  Sue said that we should dig deep if we can and make this year’s campaign a success.

Brian Holt told us that there were no current adverse actions he was aware of.   He said that there are Service Improvement Plans (SIPS) that have been going around, and if you are asked to do one, then you should call a NAPS representative.  Michaela reminded us once again that no one should be changing clock rings in TACS, or engaging in scanning scams.  She said that the USPS is looking at scanning integrity, and NAPS can help members but may not be able to help much if there is evidence of lying or falsifying records.  She said, “It’s still better to get yelled at than trying to explain a lie.”  Cy Dumas said that these days, if you are in management and you get into serious trouble, the opportunity to go back to craft is no longer a safe option. 

Old Business: Scholarship applications: Joanne Keeling will accept applications up till the deadline of November 1, 2014.

New Business: Michaela urged everyone to reach out to other members and urge them to come to our meetings. 

Cy Dumas, who said he was now speaking as a member of NAPS 105, made a motion to make Jay Killackey an Honorary Member of NAPS Branch 105. Cy said that he doesn’t know of anyone else from Headquarters who has done more for our branch, and that Jay was someone who has done honorable things.  The motion was seconded by Bob Conroy Sr. who said that he thought Jay has done a lot for us. 
Motion passed. 

Cy Dumas told members that he is hosting Advocacy Training on November 8 & 9, 2014 at Mohegan Sun.  He urged anyone interested in going to let someone on the eBoard know.

Michaela told members that the next Regular Meeting for NAPS 105 is scheduled for November 19, 2014.

Rich Wilson posed a question to the District Manager regarding package scans that can’t be verified after the scans are made?  A long discussion ensued and Dave Mastroianni replied that he would look into it and get clarification back to us.

Steve Ravo asked that presenters and speakers keep acronyms to a minimum, or clarify what the acronyms mean so that everyone can understand the conversation.  Michaela agreed, especially for the Associate Members who no longer have daily interaction with many new programs or databases. 

50/50 Raffle:  One half benefits SPAC.  Proceeds from raffle = $230.00.  Brady Sullivan won $115.00. 

Motion to adjourn made by Pat Bennett.  Seconded by Andy Maynard. 

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Walkden
NAPS Branch 105