NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

NAPS Branch 105

Meeting #2 Minutes  – 05/02/2015
Saturday, May 2, 2015
East Greenwich Veteran Fireman’s Club – East Greenwich, RI 02818.

Members present: 39

Pledge of Allegiance led by Cy Dumas

Roll Call of Officers: Michaela Saccoccio, Brian Holt, Nancy Walkden, Sue Evans, Frank Halm, Donna Machala, Victor Giorgio, Betty DiSalvia, Colleen Sherratt, Rose Russo, Joanne Keeling, Cy Dumas were all present.

Meeting was called to order at 6:32pm.

NAPS 105 President Michaela Saccoccio asked for a point of privilege and spoke briefly about Supervisor of Customer Service/Regular NAPS Member Joseph Pizza, who lost his battle with major depression that week.  She said that she had gone to his funeral services that morning and the church was packed, and that she understood from talking with people that Joe was very well liked and would be sorely missed.  She asked members to observe a moment of silence for his passing. 

Michaela reminded us that during the last regular meeting she spoke about a member who had told her that he was contemplating suicide, and she had tried hard to get him help, keeping him on the phone until his wife came home.  She said we all did everything we could to help him, but that sometimes it isn’t enough.  Michaela stressed that we have to look out for each other and try to help one another.  If you see someone who needs help, you need to reach out.  She said she brought pamphlets on depression and if anyone wanted to take one, they are on the back table. 

Michaela said she wanted to keep the social event light, but she did want to give us information about the club where we were gathering.  She said she was at a store recently picking up some things for the meeting and came upon a book about Benjamin Franklin.  She said Ben Franklin actually started the Volunteer Firefighters in Philadelphia.  He was the editor of a newspaper and there was a horrific fire that the regular firefighters had a terrible time putting out.  Franklin put together a volunteer force along with himself and 19 neighbors, modeling it after firefighters in Boston.  They purchased engines and hoses and helped people take items out of their houses when fire threatened to destroy their belongings. 

She said she thought it was appropriate to talk about it because this club was started by the East Greenwich Volunteer Fire Department on Main Street over 40 years ago.  The location was moved to Queen Street and now also has a Firefighter museum. 

Michaela told us that the club also participates in many social activities ranging from Christmas where Santa gives out gifts to children, along with Mothers Day and Fathers Day gatherings.  She said the club also engages in charitable activities, and bring their trucks out to schools where children have disabilities. 

Michaels mentioned that volunteerism is a common theme among the firefighters but also among NAPS, where members volunteer to assist one another when problems arise.  She said the e-Board and the officers give the gift of their time to help make life better at work and to help resolve issues.  She asked for a round of applause for them, as well as the families that help to support everything they do. 

NAPS 105 Vice President Brian Holt told us that there was only one mediation going on at this time, and that he wasn’t aware of any other Supervisors receiving discipline. He said that he and Michaela met with Providence Postmaster Ron Pauline recently regarding staffing, trying to find out what’s going on.  He mentioned a manager in one office that needed to be upgraded, but that there was a stall there.  He said she should have been upgraded a year ago.   Brian thanked people for attending the meeting and for bringing their spouses. 

Michaela said she was sorry she neglected to recognize Cy Dumas during the roll call and also wanted to recognize guests Jay Killackey and his wife. 

Treasurer Sue Evans gave the Financial Report.  She said since March we have had zero expenses, and we have only spent $1837.00 so far this year.  She said we’ve had some pretty healthy DCO’s coming in, totaling $6543.00, minus the $1837.00 means we are in the black $4706.00.  She said that in April, however, expenses incurred for the LTS had to be paid out, along with other items such as envelopes, and expenses related to the New Hampshire Convention.  She said that should be it for the summer, so we should be back in good shape during the summer months as far as bringing in more money. 

Motion to accept the treasurer report: Cy Dumas.  Seconded by Brian Holt.

Nancy Walkden gave the Secretary’s Report.  She said that NAPS 105 currently has 144 Regular Members, and 31 Associate Members.  She told us that NAPS 105 received a thank you note from RI Congressman Jim Langevin for the donation we made to his re-election campaign. 

Motion to accept Secretary’s report: Victor Giorgio. Seconded by Andre Maynard.

Frank Halm gave the Legislative Report and thanked those of us who donated to SPAC.  He said RI is leading the pack, and we need to keep going.  He said March was a busy month, and he and Michaela went to Washington for the Legislative Training Session.  He said the only one they were able to visit with was Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and they made a special effort to speak with him. Frank said we are very fortunate to have two outstanding congressmen and two excellent senators. 

Frank said he wanted to thank everyone who came to Senator Reed’s Breakfast a few weeks prior.  He said NAPS had a table with ten members.  He also urged anyone who was interested in going to Congressman Langevin’s Dinner on June 8 in East Greenwich should let Michaela know.  He said that they had 4 seats available and the venue is Finn’s Harborside.  Frank said the tickets for these events are  purchased with SPAC dollars that NAPS HQ sends to our Branch in order to foster a positive agenda for the USPS in Washington.  He said that NAPS 105 goes to these events to thank our representatives for being on our side. 

Motion to accept the legislative report: Donna Machala.  Seconded by Rose Russo.

Cy Dumas spoke for a few moments, and again voiced his opinion that 105 is a great Branch, saying that the Branch does everything right, “across the board.”  He said there was one thing, however, that the Branch could do better, and that is holding a social event like the one this evening at least once a year. He also said we need to bring more members together regularly to share information. 

Michaela mentioned once again that there was no guest speaker, and therefore was an open forum.  She asked if anyone had any questions or issues they wanted to discuss.  There were no questions. 

She thanked everyone for coming, and mentioned that Glenn Pyne would be starting the music shortly, and the buffet would be ready soon. 

Meeting was adjourned at 6:50. 

50/50 Raffle:  One half benefits SPAC.  Proceeds from raffle ticket sales = $320.00.  Associate Member Carl Papino won $160.00.   He donated $80.00 to SPAC. 


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Walkden