NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Regular Meeting #1 Minutes

February 24, /2016

Kelley Gazzero Post, Cranston RI 02920.

Members Present: 38

Pledge of Allegiance led by Roger Johnson.

Roll Call of Officers:  Brian Holt, Roger Johnson, Joanne Keeling (coming later), Nancy Walkden (coming late), Sue Evans, Donna Machala, Rose Russo, Colleen Sherratt and Cy Dumas - all Present.

Excused:  Frank Halm, Betty DiSalvia, Victor Giorgio, Al Kesack, and Michaela Saccoccio (she is travelling on NAPS business).

Brian Holt opened the meeting by introducing our guest speak Dave Mastroianni, District Manager of CT Valley, and he acknowledged Kim Lewin, President of NAPS Branch 118.  Also attending tonight is Ann Mailloux, NEA HR Manager.  Brian acknowledged Dan Guenette who is the Acting President of the League.  Brian also welcomed first-time attendees:  Joseph Szylin, Gregg Anderson, Shaun Branch, and Gregory Grant. 

Brian discussed the fact that Nancy Walkden was recently promoted and as a result now falls in a different NAPS branch.  As a result, Brian appointed Barbara Bouchard to take over the duties of Secretary for Branch 105.  Cy will swear her in at the end of this meeting.

Barbara Bouchard gave the Secretary's Report.  She said that NAPS 105 currently has 149 Regular Members and 28 Associate Members.  Our total non-members are down to 5 from 12.  We are doing very well getting the newly promoted employees to join NAPS.
Motion to accept the Secretary's report:  Joe Szylin, Seconded by Sue Evans.

Donna Machala gave the Legislative Report.
Donna did not receive an update from Frank, however, they are both attending the Legislative Convention the week of March 7 in DC.

Vice President Roger Johnston said there are currently two disciplinary actions in play, one is in mediation and one EAS is on administrative leave.  Brian said he has spoken with Andy Cullen in Labor Relations about providing copies to NAPS on all discipline being issued to EAS.  We do not know unless someone tells us, so please speak up if something happens.

Treasurer Sue Evans gave the Financial Report.
Sue said she received the final statement for December 2015, and we came in under our budget of $21,460 and are at $18,226.84.  2015 was a good year for savings, and this year we have the National Convention so the extra funds ($8, 484) will be used for that.  Sue also provided the report from the Budget Committee who met on February 9th.  They recommended raising the amount budgeted for the convention from $18,200 to $18,800.  Roger and Joanne will be going for advocate training.  Meeting costs are budgeted at $4,800, and the scholarship fund is $500.  We receive $24,000 from the DCO/dues.  We are keeping costs down wherever possible.
Jim Ulicnik commented usually you try to have a balanced budget that a large part of the $8,000 is projected for the National Convention.  Have you considered having fewer attend the convention?  Brian said we are looking at ways to reduce the costs such as renting a car to drive there instead of incurring airline flights which would be more expensive.  People also share rooms.  We are always discussing ways to save on expenses. 
Motion to accept the Treasurer's report:  Jim Ulicnik, Seconded by Andy Maynard.

Old Business:
There were two motions from the last meeting still pending.   The first motion was changing the number from four to six executive board members being elected and should be reflected in the constitution and bylaws.
Motion to accept:  Bob Conroy Sr., Seconded by Skip Delsesto.

The second motion was changing the language from three to two meetings as the minimum mandatory criteria for members wishing to attend the National Convention or Legislative Meeting.
Motion to accept:  Andy Maynard, Seconded by Colleen Sherratt.  All voted in favor, no one opposed.

New Business:

Brian asked for the Audit Committee report.
Donna Machala said they met recently to verify the books and there were two outstanding checks from the previous year and otherwise everything was in order.  The money market did well.  She wanted to commend Sue Evans for her efforts and meticulous record keeping.
Motion to accept:  Pat Bennett, Seconded by Bob Conroy Jr.

Sue Evans said she wanted to thank Jim Ulicnik who assisted her in 2002 when she took over responsibility.  He set up a great system for her.

Brian asked NEA VP Cy Dumas to speak.
Cy gave an update on who was planning to run at the national level this year.  Cy said he appreciates the accessibility of the local leadership from the District Manager to the Postmaster of Providence, the Plant Manager, and POOM Lachapelle.  One of the biggest concerns everyone has is the EAS pay packages.  He reminded everyone about the New England Convention in May.  Postal leadership from the NEA VP and District Managers will speak.

Cy said this NAPS Branch is the third largest branch in New England, which is remarkable considering we are no longer our own district.  Boston is first, Connecticut is second, Providence is third, and Portland ME is fourth.  And Providence has the least amount of non-members.
Brian said if anyone has any questions for the District Manager to write them on the cards provided on each table, and he will respond to them when he speaks.  If anyone still wants raffle tickets, please see Donna Machala.

Break for dinner:  6:35 P.M.

Meeting resumed: 7:10 P.M.

Brian introduced the CT Valley District Manager, Dave Mastroianni, Jr.  Dave said he wants to hear from you tonight on what your concerns are.  We have been doing a lot in CT Valley District.  EAS vacancies are being filled.  There is lots of talent out there.  Green Belt training is on-going and started about three years ago.  We have smart people out there with great ideas.  We've had some meet and greets recently, looking for those individuals who seek to become supervisors.  Over 77 attended the session in Springfield last night and 117 in New Haven.  So our priority is recruiting.  We currently have 38 vacancies at level 17.  We have a 5.96 vacancy rate.  We have career employees to fill these jobs.  I review every postmaster selection package.  I do not like to see employee who want to lateral or downgrade.  He does not feel there is enough of a commitment from 204Bs.  We want to see a commitment.  We had a good holiday season this year and a tremendous effort spent attracting new revenue and new customers.  I worked with the POOMs on mPos.  We were pushing to validate revenue in the field and advance the products.  We did Sunday cancellations.  Every time I open the door to process mail, there is a cost.  He asked if you are looking at your NPA?  You need to watch that.  We are doing a lot operationally, but we are not where we should be with service.  Priority Mail is a big problem.  There is a drill down from the COO looking at all aspects of parcels.  What the customers want is that we have to scan.  If we do not perform well, these companies will pull their business from us.  We lost 1,600 deliveries because of scanning problems.  Focus on scanning and package delivery.  We've processed 19 million packages so far this year and this will continue to grow.  We re-opened two facilities, Southern CT and Bradley, to process holiday mail and we did a great job.  I have our Marketing Manager looking at business customers.  Our CCA cap was raised just yesterday, and we need to look at scheduling these people.  Some of our CCAs are supervising package delivery for us on Sunday's.  So we are not incurring overtime by using career employees.  The well-being of our employees is important.  This is a large district and we have lots of LLVs.  Our motor vehicle accident rate was up 15% this year.  Who in this room participates in safety and health committee meetings, please raise your hands?  About seven of you.  At the district level, I bring in 23 hubs to meet on safety.  I attended Steve Lachapelle's executive safety meeting a few weeks ago.  I recently recognized 19 employees in New Haven.  We need to do things and follow through.  There are lots of concerns in the plants with EWP violations and drop trailers.  Any time I receive a call at 11 P.M., it's not good.  Communicate with your employees about the CARE program; it's a conversation we are having with our people.  Look at unsafe or good work practices.  Buckle up your seat belt.  We need the NALC and rurals to buy into this.  Wear your seat belt every time.  There was a head-on collision recently, but the driver walked away because the seat belt was in use.  We need to focus more on delivery and on our people being safe.  I spoke to a carrier I happened to see last Sunday who was about to back up from a driveway onto a main street.  You need to get out and talk to your carriers.  Business is booming.  I was in Albany recently and the NALC President spoke to his peers and encouraged everyone to come to work.  I met with the Inspection Service regarding packages being riffled.  There are protocols that they have related to this.  There was a hazmat issue recently as well.  We need to educate our people and give them the right tools.  The Centredale Post Office in RI recently caught a money order washing ring.  Obviously that window clerk had the right training and got personally involved.  The ELD is leadership development for EAS level 16 and up.  If you are interested you can apply.  Your manager will review it.  We need to mentor them.  It's important to look at eCareer.

Brian asked if there was any plan for formal inspections in city routes?  Dave said no.  We have the rural counts starting March 12th.  Don Lamonde is heading a project for the district working on the 99 formal process and walking all of the routes.  Dave spoke to Chris French (CTV MOP) and we are 52% over budget in Function 2 now.  We need to manage the street.  Back up your start times, Providence City gets a 6:30 A.M. dispatch from their plant. 

Joanne Keeling asked if there was any further word on returning to scheme qualifications for clerks?  Dave said no.  I need my scheme qualified clerks to pitch some of these parcels that do not scan; I had a hamper full of them.  Dave said to get that feedback to the district, the percentage of what does not scan.
Cy asked if retirees will be used for the rural counts?  Dave said some are being used.  Dave said everybody should be doing 99s; supervisors should be walking the routes.

Jane Larson said she's having an eCareer session with PEDC on March 3rd next week at 6 P.M. and will go over how to write your accomplishments.  Dave said it's important to keep your eCareer updated.  Brian said he'll ask Betty to put that on our NAPS website.

Grant asked about the integrity report that comes out every day.  There are usually reasons why something won't scan.  It could be the Wi-Fi set up in the office.  IT is working on that.

Cy mentioned that the integrity of data is important.  Make sure everything is accurate.  We cannot defend input of inaccurate data.

Rich Wilson mentioned the washed money orders, once the money order is purchased when is it reflected in the system?  Dave said anyone buying a $1 money order, that should be a red flag immediately.  We are working with the Inspection Service on the process and get a procedure in place.  Rich said the system should be reading the number and matching it to the $1.  The gap in the system does not show up the same day.  Make sure you take the bank secrecy training.

Dan Guenette said to watch COAs and hold mail.  People are using fake IDs and credit cards to put in false COAs and then pick up the hold mail.  Also watch your eBay customers who come in at the end of the day with pre-printed postage and are not putting the packages on the POS unit for the correct weight.  We are losing a lot of money that way.  Dave said Finance can see items short-paid in the system.

There being no further questions for the District Manager, Brian thanked him for speaking tonight.
Brian mentioned the National Convention in August 15-19 in Maryland.  Brian is attending with Sue Evans and Victor Giorgio.  Brian asked if anyone else was interested in attending, and Joe Szylin said he was.  You need to get your form in by our next meeting on May 21st.

Speaking of our next meeting, May 21, 2016, it will be held at the East Greenwich Firemen's Hall.  You can bring a guest at a cost of $20.

Cy made a motion to pay for Michaela Saccoccio with Branch 105 funds to attend the National Convention.  Bob Conroy, Sr., asked isn't she a member of another branch now?  Yes.  Bob said she should go as a member of that branch.  I am referring to proper procedures here.  We have our own members who want to go.  Cy said there is money there, and I think it would be money well spent.  Roger said in his experience, rookies are not as effective at the convention in representing the branch as a veteran like her would be.  Cy said he can't think of more than two or three people who have done more for this branch than her.  She does not know I am asking about this.  Bob Conroy, Sr. said it's not about who you are asking for, it's about proper procedure.  I think it's a bad idea and it's out of order.  You want to pay for someone who is not a member of this branch any more.  Bob Conroy, Jr., said this should go to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee for review.  Hold the motion for the Executive Board to review that.  Cy said this does not qualify under the bylaws.  It's a separate stand-alone act.  Joanne checked and said the requirement is to attend three meetings; it does not address this situation.

A vote was taken to approve the motion.  No one voted to approve it, the motion failed.

Cy made a second motion to approve a $1,000 donation to Jay Killackey's campaign.
Motion was seconded by Brady Sullivan.

50/50 Raffle:  $92 was won by Steve Ravo.  Steve gave $20 of that back to Sue Evans for SPAC to be added to the $93 from the raffle for SPAC.

Barbara Bouchard was sworn in as Branch 105 Secretary by Cy Dumas.

Motion to adjourn:  Joe Szylin, seconded by Sue Evans.

Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Bouchard