NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101


Regular Meeting #4 Minutes - 11/16/2016
Kelley Gazzero VFW Post, 1418 Plainfield Street, Cranston RI  02920

Members Present: 26

The meeting opened at 6:10 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Steve Hanley.

Roll Call of Officers:  Brian Holt, Roger Johnson, Barbara Bouchard,  Sue Evans, Joanne Keeling,  Donna Machala, Betty DiSalvia, Victor Giorgio - all Present.

Excused:  Frank Halm, Al Kesack, and Colleen Sherratt.

Brian opened the meeting by introducing the guests in attendance tonight.  Terry Bruso, the Manager of Human Resources for the CT Valley District, is our guest speaker tonight.  With us tonight is Greg Murphy who is the new Northeast AVP for NAPS.  Cy Dumas, former Northeast AVP, is also attending tonight.

Brian said there are no first-timers to recognize tonight.  We will break for dinner first tonight.

The formal meeting resumed at 6:30, and Brian said in order for our guest speaker to return home at a reasonable time, we will let her take the floor now.  

Terry Bruso said she has just returned from details at the Southern Plant and as OIC in Hartford.  She has just a few points she’d like to make tonight.  CT Valley is struggling right now.  We are ranked 61 out of 67 districts for safety, and we’re only six weeks into the new fiscal year.  So far we have 77 OSHA OII accidents, and 62 motor vehicle accidents.  We really need all supervisors and postmaster to look at what is going on in your offices.  Are you performing 4584s, 4588s, and 4589s?  Do your carriers understand what the impact is on our organization as well as them and their families when they have an accident?  Are you using the CARE program?  Have you ever attended or conducted a CARE meeting?  It can be very interesting, you can pick up good ideas.  Do you have an action plan?  There are 15,000 employees in the CT Valley District, 1,100 of which are EAS, but there are only 29 employees listed in Tier 2 (most deficiencies) of the CARE program.  Let’s be proactive to change what your employees are doing.  If you see a carrier not wearing a seat belt or satchel or backing up, these are deficiencies.  Get them on the CARE program.  There are lots of people getting hurt.

The next topic I want to touch on is ethics.  Some people are getting into trouble that should not be.  If you know something is wrong, call before you do it.  It could cost you your job.

Penalty overtime, the correct way is to use 1017A and B.  With unauthorized overtime, you give discipline but you still have to pay them.  Some are disallowing it without paying it.  That’s not the right thing to do.  Feel free to call me with any questions like this.  There is no need to get yourself jammed up.

Posting of details – we do post many of them.  Sometimes there are time elements involved, and a detail is filled without being posted because a quick decision needs to be made.  There are details out there.  Brian said there are not many posted in this area though.  Terry said she will speak with the POOMs (Ron Pauline, Steve Lachapelle) and Rick Goodwin (Plant Manager) about this.  LOC positions in the district – there are two in Providence and one in Hartford.  There are none in Springfield.  These positions watch the carriers and where they are.  Looking at RIMS and at Amazon on Saturday and Sunday.  These are not real positions (with position numbers), they are strictly details.  For craft members in the APWU, a detail cannot be less than 14 days and no more than 90 days.  We are looking at this.

SWCS (supervisor workload credits) – When will we reevaluate?  Bob Swol does this every January.  Last year, we had Norwich CT go from a level 22 to a level 21.  There is nothing else that I know of.  For manager workload credits, usually the postmaster will contact her and it will be run; there’s no set time frame.  You can ask for it to be done.

NPA – This was a good year for NAP.  If anything is wrong with the budget in your office, let Ops and Finance know, the earlier the better.  We are not sure yet what the goals will be for 2017, but you can be sure that safety, budget, and service will be included so really drive these elements.

Does anyone have any questions?  Brian mentioned the PET program, we are not relieving the workload of the supervisor.  Terry said we are not trying to put more on their plates, and this is recognized at all levels in the Postal Service.  In the near future, the duplication will change; right now there is still some overlap.  Terry said Ed Phelan, the Northeast Area VP, wants supervisors out on the road for safety and performance.

Victor said you mentioned SWCS, with Amazon and working Sundays, is the additional revenue from Amazon being included in the SWCS?  Terry said the revenue and deliveries and PO boxes are included, similar to an apartment complex.  Also your business connects, customer connects, and rural reach can make a big difference in changing your SWCS as well as TOE.  Vic said you need a supervisor on call for the issues a T6 clerk cannot handle, such as an accident.  Terry said some places such as Stamford rotate a supervisor and CCAs.  Brian asked, “on call,” is that considered to be a pay status?  Terry said not for a postmaster or manager but it is for a supervisor.

Brian asked if there was any thought to creating new supervisor positions to cover Amazon to reduce the T-time?  Terry said she has not heard anything on new authorizations.

Bob Conroy Jr. asked if the ELD candidates are part of IEP to enhance their skills if they are in a package should we consider them?  Terry said we do look at ELD candidates (about 100 plus right now) when filling details.  If they see the posting, they should apply.  I encourage every one of them to apply for all opportunities.

There being no further questions, Brian presented Terry with a framed print of the Providence waterline as a token of our appreciation for being our guest speaker tonight.

Brian resumed the formal part of the meeting.  He said he had nothing to report as far as NPA issues at this time.  There were no mitigating cases.  There is no current discipline he’s aware of because the POOMs and the Plant are reaching out to us.  It benefits everyone to have a good rapport and an open door policy.

Barbara Bouchard gave the Secretary's Report.  She said that NAPS 105 currently has 152 Regular Members and 28 Associate Members.  Our total non-members are 14.  Overall total is 180 members.  For correspondence,  we received a thank you card from Michaela Saccoccio for her farewell gifts.  Barbara reminded everyone to keep their home address current with NAPS so you will still receive the NAPS magazine.
Motion to accept the Secretary's report:  Made by Vic Giorgio; Seconded by Donna Machala.

Donna Machala gave the Legislative Report.
Donna said there was nothing new on the website that she was aware of.  Greg Murphy said that Bruce Moyer reported he does not see Postal reform going through now.  Brian said we have good support here in RI with our elected officials.  We want to send extra people to the next LTS.  
Motion to accept the report:  Made by Bob Conroy, Sr.; Seconded by Vic Giorgio.

Treasurer Sue Evans provided the Financial Report.  We had only $89 in expenses this month.  Our total assets are $35,612.84.  Total income YTD is $26,087.06.  We have a current shortfall of $1,067.68 but we still have DCOs to be credited before the end of the calendar year which will cover that.  Cy said we have the best treasurer in the country.  That shortfall is likely due to the donation we made to Jay’s campaign.  Sue said yes because she had not budgeted for that.  Cy asked about the amount budgeted for meetings, how much for example will tonight’s meeting cost?  Sue said about $800.  What is the percentage we are getting on the CD?  Sue said .40 on the  money market.
Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report:  Made by Cy Dumas; Seconded by Roger Johnson.

Brian asked Roger Johnson for his report.  Roger said there is no discipline right now that he is aware of.
Motion to accept the report:  Made by Vic Giorgio; Seconded by Donna Machala.

Brian asked Greg Murphy if he had any comments.  Greg said he brings greetings from NAPS HQ and Tony Roma, the Regional VP.   He just attended training and consultations with the Postal Service executives including the PMG, the COO, and the HR Manager.  There was a good turnout; which has not always been the case.  Nationally, NPA was 6.35, and 90% of EAS across the country will get something this year.  Scanning is the highest it’s ever been.  We were at a revenue cell of 9 for the year, and an income cell of 8.  Political mail is up 15% from 2012.  On the RCE reports, the “wait time in line” may go away.  We need to focus on the customer’s needs, not on getting them out within five minutes.  Within eight to ten months, an integrated HR system will replace eCareer.  Unauthorized positions will be tracked across the country.  Competition is heating up for the “last mile.”  You will see Amazon and FedEx delivering the smaller packages now.  Amazon is still considered a “test” program.  The PMG is looking at Target and Walmart to handle their eCommerce.  There are six suppliers of vehicles starting in 2018 in different variations with two- and four-wheel drive, various cargo sizes, and gas alternatives.  To be delivered within five years.  The Promaster is not the jewel they thought it was.  They are looking at large grievance pay outs across the country to try to control these costs.  Ed Phelan and NAPS are working on putting together a better SWCS system for level 18s, level 22s, and level 24s+ as one program does not fit every office.  The Postal Service has to recognize you cannot have a six-day delivery program when the reality is seven days now that justifies relief supervisors.  Sexual harassment is the biggest issue in MSPB right now.  Keep in mind MSPB information is public information.  This includes inappropriate emails.  For next year, March 7-9 is the LTS.  Tommy Roma is hosting training in PR March 24-25.  The New England Convention is May 19-21in New Hampshire.  The National Convention is at Mohegan Sun in 2018.  Some branches are putting extra money aside now to plan for that.

Bob Conroy Sr. asked if Sciala retired?  Greg said he was supposed to retire in 2015.  But he decided to train others in his firm to take over the MSPB work from him.  Bob asked if you have to a member of NAPS for a certain period of time to get help?  Greg said 90 days or if you are newly promoted.  Cy clarified 90 days before the incident that triggered the discipline.

Commenting on the discussion about SWCS Cy said, we have a plant in this branch and back in 1976, we had relief supervisors.  And it’s not just in delivery that there’s a seven-day work week, it’s the same for the plants.  That needs to be looked at.

Chuck asked if there was a time frame for eCareer to be phased out, and Greg said around August 2017.  But he had no other specifics regarding the replacement program.

Brian reminded everyone to please give us your personal email so that we can message you if the need arises.  We are not supposed to use Postal computers for NAPS business.

Another reminder is if the Postal Inspectors come into your office, you are entitled to representation.  They will not offer it to you.

Old Business:  There was no old business to conduct.

New Business:  Brian said we need to appoint an audit committee.  It will consist of Donna Machala, Barbara Bouchard, and Jean DelSesto.  Thank you for accepting this responsibility.

We also need to appoint a budget committee.  It will consist of Sue Evans, Betty DiSalvia, and Cy Dumas.  Thank you for agreeing to be on this committee.  Sue said she should have the statements needed by both committees in early January 2017.

Bob Conroy, Sr., asked to speak regarding Article 3, Election, in the by-laws.  In Section 4C, he would like to change 10 days to 20 days.  Under Section 5B, he would like to add this sentence:  “An additional sixty (60) ballots shall be printed and held by the election committee which can be used in case of a tie in the election of officers.” Additionally in Section 5B, he would like to add that a blank white envelope shall be provided for the return of the ballot.  This is common practice for elections.  And finally in Section 5C, he would like to add that ballots can be placed in a ballot box provided at the annual meeting.  The reason he is presenting these changes is that last November, we had a tie for the first time.  If we had the additional ballots ready, we could have used them.  These are just a couple of procedural changes that will help the election committee in November 2017.
Motion to accept made by:  Cy Dumas; Seconded by Vic Giorgio.

Cy had a comment that is not really new business.  But as he was looking around the room, he couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the attendees are retirees (13), 11 active members, and two guests.  This is a much smaller number than is usually for us.  We really need to increase out turn out at these meetings.  Let those who don’t come know about what they are missing.  It starts with us.  Try to reach out to at least one person and try to encourage them to attend the next meeting.  Let’s get the information out to everyone.  Brian said we have lots of new members, let’s try to get them to attend the next meeting.

Brian asked Bob Conroy, Jr., if the Plant was ready for the holidays.  Bob said yes.

Joanne Keeling conducted the drawing of names for this year’s Dean Ambrosino Memorial scholarship $500.   We pull three names in the event that proof of current enrollment is not provided within three weeks, then we go to the next name.  The winner’s names were drawn in this order:  1) John Pagano, 2) John Pagano, and 3) Gregory Conroy.

The 50/50 raffle was pulled, and John Bennison won!  We have four $25 Stop ‘N Shop gift cards to raffle off.  The following people won:  Roger Johnson, Barbara Bouchard, Cy Dumas, and Mr. Barker.

Our next meeting will be held on February 2nd at Kelley Gazzero VFW.  Our guest speaker TBD.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:40 PM:  by Dave Girard, seconded by Bob Conroy, Jr .

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Bouchard