NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Regular Meeting #1 Minutes - 2/21/2018
Meeting place:  Kelley Gazzaro VFW Post, 1418 Plainfield Street, Cranston RI  02920
Members present:  41

Brian called the meeting to order at 6:05 with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Cy Dumas.

Roll Call of Officers:  Brian Holt, Roger Johnson, Barbara Bouchard, Sue Evans, Donna Machala - all present.
Executive Board members present:  Greg Anderson, Shaun Branch, Victor Giorgio, Joanne Keeling, Tim Ruell, and Don Taylor.
Excused:  Colleen Sherratt

Brian opened the meeting by acknowledging tonight’s guest speaker, David Mastroianni, the CT Valley District Manager. 
Also present tonight is Kathy McKenna, EAP Representative, and Greg Murphy, the NAPS NEA AVP.  We also welcome Chuck Narcisco, Acting President of UMA.  Also I would like to recognize Sabir (Jamal) Salih, who is representing Branch 118 tonight.  Representing the Providence Plant is Bob Conroy, Jr.
There are also two first-timers to in attendance tonight:  Roberta Casey, A/Manager of Olneyville,  and Christie Valverde, the Postmaster of North Attleboro.

Barbara Bouchard gave the Secretary's Report.  Barbara said that according to the last DCO report we received (through December 31, 2017), we have 150 general members, 28 associate members, and 16 non-members, for a total of 178.  She is happy to see a newly-signed up member, Roberta Casey, here tonight.  We received some correspondence since our last meeting.  Ann Mailloux sent us a note thanking us for keeping her in mind, but she regrets to ask to be removed from our mailing list as she is not visiting this area any longer.  Joanne Keeling sent us a thank you card for the bereavement gift and card we sent recently.
Motion to accept the Secretary's report:  Made by Vic Giorgio and seconded by Dave Costa, and all were in favor.

Treasurer's report by Sue Evans:  Sue said this is her last report as Treasurer and she left a copy of her financial report through December 31st on each table.  We had $17,775.09 in expenses year-to-date.  Our total income for the year was $28,918.75, which leaves us with a balance of $11,143.66.  Our total assets with the checking account, savings account, and money market are $47,036.85.  Sue thanked everyone who signed up for the meeting tonight using the website, as we had a very accurate count as a result.
Motion to accept the Treasurer's report:  Made by Chuck Narcisco and seconded by Bob Conroy, Jr., and all were in favor.

Cy Dumas asked to make a comment.  He said Sue Evans has been the Treasurer of this organization for the past 16 years.  He feels there was no one in the North East that was better than her during those years.  As a result, he made a motion that she be made an honorary member for life and not be required to pay the dues.  The motion was seconded by Bob Conroy, Sr., and all were in favor.

Roger Johnson gave the Vice President's report.  He had no issues to report at this time, but thanked everyone for coming tonight.  This is a good group.  If you have receive any corrective action, please call him or Brian.

Donna Machala gave the Legislative Report.  Donna said the 2018 LTS is March 11-14.  It will focus on the three routes in Washington for strengthening NAPS presence.  Those three routes are the White House, Congress, and the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).  Each of these institutions could bear an important impact on USPS and Postal policy in the coming months.  This year’s LTS is set to orient NAPS delegates on the Trump/Congress/PRC impacts, along with the state of Postal reform and Civil Service benefit reduction threats.  Our Capitol Hill meetings are set up for the convention with the two Senators, Reed and Whitehouse, and the two Congressmen, Langevin and Cicilline.  Senator Whitehouse’s aide is providing us with a tour of DC.  Donna has reports from their offices, and they are strongly recommending supporting NAPS in Washington DC.  There will be big impacts on the current policy in the coming months.  There will be more meetings to come in May.  Representative Cicilline has sponsored a bill HR 4586 to rename the Bristol RI Post Office as the Peter A. McKenna Post Office.
Motion to accept the Legislative Rep's report:  Made by Bob Conroy, Sr., seconded by Andy Maynard, and all were in favor.

We will break for dinner now at 6:15 P.M. and will resume shortly with our guest speaker.
Brian called the meeting back to order at 6:40 P.M., and asked everyone to please welcome the CT Valley District Manager, Dave Mastroianni.  Dave said he appreciated the invitation as he has a lot of information to give out.

  • How did we do at Christmas?  We always have a follow-up with the NEA to discuss Christmas holiday operations.  We did good as a whole.  His concerns are safety and service.  We are in business for one thing and only exist for one thing, and that is service.  He does not talk about budget at Christmas.  We did good during December delivering 14 million packages.  CTV was 17% over plan in package delivery for the entire month of December.  The growth is not backing off as we saw 10-15% package growth.
  • Sunday retail – we had some good response on this and pushed the business mail to the plants for processing.  Did we make enough money to continue doing this?  The first year we did this, we opened 46 offices, this past year we opened 23.  We learn as we do this.
  • We had hard times with LLVs this year.  In 2016, we spent lots of money on renting vehicles.  In 2017, we pulled from the VMFs and saved some money doing that.  At the last minute the NEA said we could rent some vehicles, so we rented about 100.
  • We started some carriers at 6 AM and some at 5 AM.  The carriers liked the early starts vs. working later hours.  We are the largest city delivery operation in the entire nation.  Some carriers in NY and NJ were still on the road at midnight.  We didn’t have any carriers out late.
  • For 2018, our hiring goal is for HR to be at the cap before we go into Christmas.  We hired right up until the last minute last year.  We need to bring them on earlier.
  • We run hubs at Christmas time that we don’t run during the rest of the year.  We bailed out Springfield PDC and brought it into Bradley.  We opened Southern CT with good success.   At Christmas the hours are irrelevant.
  • Right now we are struggling with service.  Providence PDC has a good handle on service now.  Springfield does well.  Parcel select we are struggling with.  The goal is 99.8%.  It drops in-house, and we have so many failures.  But this is NPA compensable.  And we have to focus on our customers.  Quality is becoming an issue.  Informed Delivery is raising the awareness level of customers.  You need to focus on the first mile and last mile.
  • Budget right now is 2.7% to Plan.  Function 2 is 2.6%.  Keep in mind in one more month, half of the FY is over.  Budget is a big impact on NPA.  TOE is 30%.  Parcel Select is 10%, Priority Mail is 10% on NPA.  Revenue is a big factor.
  • Safety is very big.  We have had 244 MVAs so far in FY18, for +.9% right now.  We are at 7.06% for OII.  Our people do not understand the impacts of accidents.  Keep in mind OSHA can come into any company when the safety program is not working.  We are tolerating unsafe behaviors.  For every 300,000 accidents, there is a fatality. 
  • eCC cases, let the customer know you are looking for their package.  We can see it by the longitude and latitude on the road, that’s how closely the technology can pinpoint it.

Dave asked the group for Questions and Answers:

  • Vic asked has there been any talk of Amazon dropping us?  Apparently, 02864/Cumberland RI was dropped.  But every business looks to cut costs, so why would they want to take on the cost of vehicles.
  • Rich Wilson asked with Informed Visibility, when in the process of a mail pieces does the equipment take a picture?  On your 919 second pass.  This is where machine quality comes into play.
  • Bob Conroy, Jr., asked where are we with WTIL issues?  We are not following the SOP.  The AOs are failing on the front side of the office.  Hazmat is also key.  We have to understand if we continue to fail on hazmat, we could be banned from flying our products on aircraft.  This is simple stuff, every day it comes in over the counter.  We need to work together as a team.  Dave Williams at HQ is watching this.  And what’s so hard about circling the survey?  Why can’t we get this done.
  • Vic asked when will we see the new vehicles?  We won’t see the first round.  Some are  four-wheel drive; we won’t see them until 2020.
  • Chuck asked do we have a bench?  There is a bench, but it starts in the office first.  You need to see the diamond in the rough, then mentor them.  We need to pull people up.  I believe in promoting from the craft level.  Take risks on people, and give them the time to learn.

Brian thanked the District Manager and presented him with a NAPS stein.

Brian reminded everyone to be sure and sign in and make sure we have your home email address.  We use the sign-in sheets to verify your attendance at the meetings if you want to attend any training sessions or conventions.

Old Business: Brian asked for the audit committee report.  Donna Machala said the committee consisted of herself, Don Taylor, and Regina DelSesto.  They completed a review of the 2017 financial records on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, and submitted a detailed report.  They commended Sue’s work organizing and maintaining these records for Branch 105.  Their review was compiled in letter format and given to the Secretary for the records.

Motion to accept the audit committee’s report:  Made by Vic Giorgio, and seconded by Greg Anderson, and all were in favor.

Brian called for the budget committee report.  Sue Evans said the committee consisted of herself, Betty DiSalvia, and Don Taylor.  They met on February 1, 2018.  They recommended a budget of $19,000 for conventions/training for this calendar year.  They projected a total income of $29,670 and a budget of $32,452.  She reminded everyone we came in under budget for 2017, which is usually the case in a non-convention year.  Bob Conroy, Sr., asked is this budget for 2018 or 2019?  Sue said it’s for 2018.  Their review was submitted in letter format and given to the Secretary for the records.

Motion to accept the budget committee’s report:  Made by Greg Anderson, seconded by Roger Johnston, and all were in favor.

Cy raised a point about the scholarship we give every year.  He asked what the amount was when we began to give this, and Sue said $500.  He recommended we increase this amount.  Discussion followed, but it was decided that we will not change the amount this year due to expected costs for all the conventions this year.  We want to send as many people as possible.  Please bring this up again for 2019 as it would require a change to the by-laws.  He also feels we should increase the active members’ dues as those have not changed in many years either.

Brian asked Kathy McKenna if she’d like to speak.  She said her area (EAP) is sponsoring a new campaign, “handle pressure with grace.”  Please let her know if you need any information from her on any topic.  Brian said also on your tables is an article from the NAPS magazine by Brian Wagner to remember if you see something, say something.
Brian mentioned that Brian Wagner is running for National NAPS President again.
Brian introduced Greg Murphy, Northeast VP.   Greg said it’s always a pleasure to come to this branch.

  • The National Convention is at Mohegan Sun August 6-10, 2018.  Lisa Douglas from Hartford is the Postal Committee Chairperson.  Transportation arrangements are being set up with Bradley and TF Green Airports.  Room cost is $179 plus tax.  Wednesday is a free day.  A meeting will be held in April for the planning committee.  The Coast Guard band was invited to perform and the CT Foot Soldiers will be presenting the colors at the opening ceremony.
  • The New England Convention is May 17-20, 2018, at the Red Jacket Inn in North Conway NH again.  Ed Phelan, NEA AVP will attend, and we invited the three district managers.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield will also be back and the new DDF provider.
  • The LTS is in Washington DC March 11-13, 2018.  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier tour will be on the Wednesday prior to.
  • There is a large committee working on the SWCS study, but not much information has been shared so far.  He believes they will reestablish relief supervisor positions that will work on Sunday hubs and cover NSDs.  NAPS is pushing for this. The next meeting is in March.
  • Pay talks – the last meeting was held on February 4th.  We feel that every craft has been given pay raises, so why isn’t every supervisor getting one.  PFP should be for over and above performance.  This is what we’ve asked the resident officers to negotiate for on our behalf.
  • Three key areas of concern to keep in the forefront are:  safety, integrity, and service.
  • TACS – do not falsify carrier return times.
  • Postal credit cards are for official Postal use only.
  • He had mentioned this previously but wanted to remind everyone not to call your employee’s at home unnecessarily.  This can be construed as harassment.

New Business:
Bob Conroy, Sr. asked if anyone had read the NAPS President’s article on negotiations?  If the unions can’t get the Postal Service to agree, they can go to an arbitrator who will award something. NAPS does not have that.  The National Constitution and By-Laws says that “all supervisor/managerial and postmaster personnel…are not subject to collective bargaining agreements under Chapter 12 of Title 39, US Code.”  That being said, you should be entitled to a raise the same as the unions.  The NAPS executive board should looking at the way the Postal Service negotiates with us.  Greg commented that Title 39 is a federal law.  The board has talked about it, but would have to get Congress to agree to change it.

Brian asked for a show of hands of who would like to attend the New England convention in New Hampshire in May?  Cy Dumas, Joanne Keeling, Don Taylor, and Roger Johnson.  Cy said there is a sign-up form on the website. 

Brian asked for a show of hands of who is interested in attending the National Convention in August at Mohegan Sun?  Barbara Bouchard, Cy Dumas, Roger Johnson, Tim Ruell, Victor Giorgio, Shaun Branch, Greg Anderson, Christie Valverde, Joanne Keeling, Donna Machala, Lylca Velasquez, Jen Lewis, Jessica Cusack, and Matt Tiner.  Bob Conroy, Sr., said this is a great opportunity for the branch to attend a national convention especially since the location is close so there are no travel costs. 
Greg Murphy said there are no scheduled activities for the Wednesday of that week.  It’s a free day and there will probably be golfing opportunities. 
Brian mentioned that there are parameters regarding who is allowed to attend.  You must have attended at least two general meetings to be eligible. You need to register and bring your registration form to our May meeting.  We’ll determine at the May meeting how to make the best use of the rooms during that week.

Bob Conroy, Sr. had some comments before he proposed some changes to the by-laws.  You’ve heard Greg say tonight that this is a great opportunity for members of this branch to attend a national convention as the last time one was held in this area was in the 1960s.  At the next meeting, you can make any changes on these proposals before we vote on them.
Bob Conroy, Sr., had some proposed changes to make to the by-laws as follows:

  • Article IV Officers, Section 1.  Change the number of committee members from four to six. Motion seconded by Vic Giorgio.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 1.  There shall be no limit of the number of delegates.  Section 2.  Add that the number of delegates shall not exceed the number that the branch is entitled to per the National Constitution and By-Laws.  Motion seconded by Vic Giorgio.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 1.  Increase the amount from $7,000 to $8,000.  Motion seconded by Roger Johnson.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 1.  Change the percentage from 80% to 70%.  Motion seconded by Kristine Moore.
  • Article VI.  I suggest a new Section 1A.  “Any newly-elected or appointed officer(s) shall not be required to attend two (2) meetings per calendar year if their appointment or election date or time prevents them from complying with the above requirement in Article VI, Section 1.”  Motion seconded by Vic Giorgio.
  • Article VI.  I suggest a new Section 1B.  “There shall or may be an additional amount of money voted on by Branch 105 at the May 2018 general meeting by those members present and voting.  Any additional amount(s) approved shall be allowed and used for the NAPS 2018 national convention only.  Any additional amounts approved and not used shall be returned to the general fund of Branch 105 within two (2) weeks after the close of the 2018 NAPS National Convention.”  Motion seconded by Shaun Branch.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 2.  Add the words, “and vice president” after the word president.  This is regarding the payment of expenses to attend conventions and training.  Motion seconded by Pat Bennett.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 1.  One sentence in this section is repeated twice “The branch shall allow a maximum of $7,000.”  Delete the repeated sentence.  Motion seconded by Vic Giorgio.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 3.  Add, “Any newly-appointed officer(s) shall not be required to attend two (2) meetings per calendar year if their appointment or election date or time prevents them from complying with the two-meeting per calendar year requirement.”  Motion seconded by Roger Johnson.
  • Article VI, Delegates, Section 3.  Change 80% to 70%.  Motion seconded by Roger Johnson.

Bob Conroy, Sr., said it’s his opinion that he, as a retiree, will not vote on any of these changes that have to do with money as he feels it is the active/general members who pay more dues than the associates do.  The associates pay $60 per year vs. the $273 an active member pays.  This is his personal feeling.  Cy said he will speak against that if Bob chooses not to vote.  Everyone pays dues, the amount should not matter.  Brian said we will entertain more discussion on these items at our May meeting.

The 50/50 SPAC raffle was won by Brian Holt.
Our next meeting will be held on May 24, 2018, at a location to be announced at a later date.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Rich Wilson, and was seconded by Andy Maynard at 9:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara A. Bouchard
NAPS Secretary