NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Regular Meeting #3 Minutes - 9/17/2018
Meeting place:  Benvenuto Restaurant, 1785 Cranston Street, Cranston RI.
Members present:  20

Our President, Sabir (Jamal) Salih, called the meeting to order at 6:15 with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Cy Dumas.

Roll Call of Officers:  Sabir (Jamal) Salih, Barbara Bouchard, and Donna Machala - present.

Executive Board members present:  Shaun Branch, Sue Evans, Joanne Keeling, Al Kesack, and Colleen Sherratt
Excused:  Roger Johnson, Don Taylor, Victor Giorgio

Jamal opened the meeting by acknowledging that we had expected to have a guest speaker tonight, Tony Impronto, the new CTV MOP, however, he was not able to join us.  With us tonight is newly-elected New England Area VP Cy Dumas.  Representing the Providence PDC tonight is Bob Conroy, Jr.

There were no first-timers in attendance tonight.

Barbara Bouchard gave the Secretary's Report.  Barbara said that according to the last DCO report we received (through June 30, 2018), we have 142 general members, 20 associate members, and 21 non-members, and one on the change report, for a total of 163.  A special thank you to Al Kesack for signing up three new Plant people.  We received some correspondence since our last meeting, which was a thank you card from Sue Evans for making her an honorary associate member.  She remains a loyal and active member of NAPS Branch 105.

Motion to accept the Secretary's report:  Made by Shaun Branch and seconded by Donna Machala, and all were in favor.

Treasurer's report by Don Taylor:  Our Treasurer was not in attendance tonight.  An update will be provided at the next general meeting.

Roger Johnson gave the Vice President's report:  Roger was not in attendance tonight, so we have no update. 
Cy said he can comment on this.  Cy indicated there have been a few adverse action cases.  He said the biggest problem he is seeing is TACs.  The NEA is sending audit teams into the field to perform audits.  Twelve Letters of Warning In Lieu of currently in the Greater Boston District.  This is a very serious issue.  Do not break the rules and follow-up with the appropriate paperwork.  It is worse for manager because of oversight responsibility.  Communicate with your employees.

Donna Machala gave the Legislative Report.  Donna said President Trump has formed a task force to look at the Postal Service.  OPM has independently called for privatization.  The report from the task force is expected to be released in November.  There is currently a resolution HR 993 opposing privatization.  This is all part of an overall plan to reorganize the federal government.  The task force will not release their report until after mid-term elections.

The Postal Board of Governors should have nine members.  Two new members have been approved, and there are two new nominations pending.
Donna said she received a thank you from Langevin thanking us for our donation to him.  Cy asked if we made a donation to Congressman Cicceline?  Donna said no.

Motion to accept the Legislative Rep's report:  Made by Dave Girard, seconded by Bob Conroy, Sr., and all were in favor.

Cy said he went to the dedication yesterday at the Bristol RI Post Office, and it was the best one he’s ever attended.

Jamal wanted introduce himself and to give an update to the group about his Postal career, even though he knows most of the attendees.  He began his career in the Middlesex-Essex District as a letter carrier.  He transferred as a letter carrier to the Greater Boston District.  He was a 204B at Brockton under the former Southeast New England District in 2006.  After he graduated from the ASP in 2009, he was promoted to SCS in Fall River where he spent 7 to 8 years.  He was on detail as the Acting Manager in South Station and Highland Station.  He was the Acting Manager in New Bedford, and Postmaster of North Dighton.  He is currently the Postmaster of Bristol RI.  I joined this NAPS branch in February of this year.  I look forward to getting to know all of you.  We all need help at some point to be effective and motivated.  We need to create the platform for new people, and to get everyone involved.  It starts with us.  Bob Conroy, Sr., asked for a round of applause for our new President.

Cy said there are 15 branches in New England.  We’ve had three presidents since Brian Holt accepted the detail as Acting Manager of Labor Relations (Roger Johnson, Cy Dumas, and now Jamal.)  He said he’s known Jamal for many years now, when he was a member of Branch 118 which is a very active group.  He was a very good manager and is very well respected by others in management.  That’s very important when you are speaking with senior management.  He is a good person for us to have working on behalf of this branch.  You have challenges every day and so do we.  Things have changed.

Cy said the NAPS National eBoard had their first meeting the Saturday at the end of the convention.  Everyone is concerned about the SWCs study and staffing in the Plants.  There are 25 craft employees for every one SDO.  We need a sub-committee to review that, and he will chair that board.  He has been to every Plant except the one on Bangor ME.  He will visit Greater Boston and Providence a lot so he can get up-to-speed on the new technology that you are dealing with.  What you see in one plant, you can expect to see in the next.  He met with District Manager Mike Rakes today, and will meet with Dave Mastroianni soon.  I want to help the districts and the branches.  We need our members to give their feedback, and we need more general members at our meetings.  Share the importance of using TACs the correct way.  Please try to bring a fellow supervisor to our next meeting.  Get Jamal’s cell phone number and mine.  I am on the NAPS website.  A reminder that you cannot issue discipline without a NAPS representative.  You cannot interrogate EAS.  That’s important.  Cy firmly feels that we’ll hear nothing further on the SWCS study until after the pay package is settled.

I’ve suggested that this branch hold some mini-meetings at lunch time in different locations.  Get a few officers to go, bring some refreshments, and talk about what’s going on, see if any EAS need assistance.  Cy asked what are the best times to try to do this in the Plant?  Before or after a tour.  Bob Conroy, Jr., said we can make that happen any time.  Cy said we need to bring people along.
Kristine Moore asked about the mandatory survey that was sent out.  They are not anonymous.  Cy said don’t do it.  Kristine said we were mandated to.  Jamal said the questions were very vague.  These will be shown to upper management.

Cy mentioned the “fact finding” process.  There is nothing new so far.  It’s a lengthy process.  Title 39 would need to be changed.  Bob Sr. said when you realize the clerk craft is negotiating their second contract, why would anyone want to be a supervisor.  It gives the Postal Service all the rights and we have none.  We should be able to go to arbitration just like the unions can.
Dave Costa asked if the politicians know what’s being done to management.  Cy said no; supervisors are in a tough spot now.  You can go back to a mail handler with a penalty.  Bob said we just converted three MHAs to regular.  Dave asked does HQ have to approve that?  Cy said NEA and HQ.  There are no more downgrades to the craft.  It’s a difficult situation now.  It’s hard to keep the morale up.  Know what your rights are.  Know what you want and what you are dealing with.

Jamal said he’ll be speaking with Jeanne Jackson and Jim Spencer soon since he’s the new Branch 105 President.

We will break for dinner now at 7:10 P.M.
Jamal called the meeting back to order at 7:42 P.M.

Old Business: 

Bob Sr. requested the following changes in the May 2018 minutes and on our website:

2-Constitution Article VI Delegates: Section 1 delete the sentence “there shall be no limit of the number of delegates.  Add to Section 1, “the number of delegates shall not exceed the number that the Branch is entitled to per the National Constitution and By-Laws.”  These changes were made to the May minutes and to the website.

New Business:

Cy said we’ve had changes to the President of this group over the summer.  Brian Holt accepted a detail as the Manager of Labor Relations.  As a result, he resigned as President of this branch.  Roger Johnson took over in the interim, then Cy took over until he was elected as New England Area VP.  Then Jamal took over.  Bob Sr. asked if Roger was still the Vice President, and Cy said yes.  We have two new board members also, Al Kesack and Sue Evans. They are both good assets to the Branch.  Sue had served for many years, and I appreciate her stepping up again.  Bob Sr. asked who did we lose?  Cy said Tim Ruell from the Plant retired, and Greg Anderson was promoted to Postmaster of Swansea so he is in a different branch now.

Who attended the national convention?  Joanne said seven of us, herself, Barbara, Cy, Roger, Victor, Greg and Shaun.  Joanne really enjoyed it.  We spent three days on constitution and by-laws.  There were 18 items to read and vote on, plus 37 resolutions.  From management, Dave Mastroianni and Mike Rakes spoke the first day.  Then the PMG and Dave Williams.  We also voted on the 2022 convention which will be held in New Orleans.  It was a good networking experience.  Creating a better future was the basic theme.  Bob Sr. asked if the per capita dues have gone up, and Cy said no.

Barbara said it was amazing to hear the Postmaster General speak.  It was hard work.  It was not all fun and games.  One day it was 11 hours start to finish.  We met people from Alaska and Hawaii.  Cy said Megan did Q and A for about an hour.  Jay got Williams to speak on compensation.  Barbara said the most glaring thing was when Megan was asked about cash awards to EAS, why no one was getting them.  She said there was no stop put on that they were fully funded like it always is.  Come to find out, Williams told his direct reports earlier this year, no cash awards to EAS because they are not meeting their goals.  Bob Sr. said that should be addressed by NAPS.  The program is funded, what will happen to that money.  That should be a follow-up item from the convention.  Jessica asked now that this was revealed, will it be looked into?  Cy said that is up to the NAPS resident officers.  Also anyone attending the convention has the opportunity to speak on the floor.

Cy said for the next meeting, try to bring another member with you.  Try to reach out to people.  Bob Sr. wanted to congratulate Cy on being elected.  He said we are lucky to have you as you are an asset to this branch.

Cy also said to make sure you follow proper procedures with TACS and complete the 1017s as needed.  At the first moment you feel uncomfortable if upper management is speaking with you, always ask for a representative.  Bob Jr. said pay them and write them up.  Do not take time away.  The 1017s carry weight when you are in front of an arbitrator.  It will also show a pattern.  Inform your employee what they did and stay on top of it.  Cy said that’s right and it all goes to an integrity issue.

Cy said we have member advocacy training on October 14th at Gregg’s in Providence from 8 A.M. to 11:30.  Cy and Jay Killackey will provide the training.  Other New England branches have been invited.  Give your name to Jamal if you plan to attend.  All the officers should attend as well as anyone else interested in being an advocate.
Jamal said he attended an UPMA meeting on August 18th.  They have the same issues we have.  Chuck said they settled the pay talk before us.  He said level 20s without a supervisor will get T time, and level 18s will get a 2% raise.  And that’s a one-year agreement.  Chuck said 33% of EAS will not get a raise this year.  Jamal said to be sure to finalize your PFP.  Look at your budget and what’s given to you.

Bob Jr. said the plants NPA is more compartmentalized.  So if you are in transportation, your NPA is geared towards late trips.  Trips on time, employee availability, TOE, pieces at risk are some of the indicators and depending which department you are in they are weighted differently.  TOE will be very tough next year.  Take a look at the unit said of the scorecard at the things you can control.  If you have a mitigating factor, you need to identify it to the District early on.  Don’t wait until October.

Jamal said we need two more members for our scholarship committee besides Joanne Keeling.  He asked for volunteers, and Colleen and Bob Jr. agreed to assist as needed.

The 50/50 SPAC raffle was won by Steve Rodowicz.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Cy Dumas, and was seconded by Jessica Cusack at 8:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara A. Bouchard
NAPS Secretary