NAPS Branch 105
PO Box 9101
Providence RI 02940-9101

Regular Meeting #4 Minutes - 11/28/2018
Meeting place: Kelley Gazzarro VFW, on 1418 Plainfield Street, Cranston RI
Members present: 28 (11 general members, 17 associate members)

Our President, Sabir (Jamal) Salih, called the meeting to order at 6:15 with the Pledge of Allegiance led by David Costa.

Roll Call of Officers: Sabir (Jamal) Salih, Roger Johnson, Barbara Bouchard, and Donna Machala - present.

Executive Board members present: Shaun Branch, Sue Evans, Victor Giorgio, Joanne Keeling, Al Kesack, and Colleen Sherratt

Excused: Don Taylor

Jamal opened the meeting by thanking everyone is attendance for joining us tonight. He said this will be a challenging holiday season. So take care of yourselves mentally and physically.

There were no first-timers in attendance tonight.

Barbara Bouchard gave the Secretary's Report. Barbara said that according to the last DCO report we received (through September 30, 2018), we have 140 general members, 21 associate members, and 23 non-members. There were three on the change report, however, two of them changed positions and remained in our branch. That gives us a total of 161. We received some correspondence since our last meeting which included invitations to the Providence PCC Holiday Brunch on December 7th with Kristen Seaver, CIO of the U.S. Postal Service; and on December 9th to Senator Jack Reed’s annual holiday celebration at the Carousel at Roger Williams Park. I received a request to indicate the breakdown of attendees by general members vs. associate members, which is indicated above. This was a good suggestion as we need to be mindful of this breakdown of membership when conducting business.

Motion to accept the Secretary's report: Made by Roger Johnson and was seconded by Donna Machala, and all were in favor.

Treasurer's report by Don Taylor: Our Treasurer was not in attendance tonight. An update will be provided at the next general meeting.

Roger Johnson gave the Vice President's report: Roger said there is one active case right now, a seven-day and a 14-day in lieu of a letter of warning for credit card misuse. Roger reminded everyone who uses a government VISA that you need to be extremely careful not to use it for personal expenses.

Motion to accept the Vice President’s report: Made by Brian Holt, and second by Dave Girard.

Donna Machala gave the Legislative Report. Donna said there is a new feature on the NAPS National website under “legislation” called NAPS.Chat. It is a new weekly pod cast by the Director Bob Levy. They last an average of ten minutes. On last Friday, Moyer spoke. He said there are 100 new members in the House and Senate and that means there will also be new staff. We will need to educate them at LTS next March. The dates for LTS are March 10-12, 2019. Donna reminded all the general members that you can donate to SPAC with a payroll deduction.

Senator Reed is having his annual holiday event on December 9th at Roger Williams Park from 4-6 P.M. Please bring a canned good as your donation. Congressman Langevin is having his event on December 15th at Harbor Lights, from 6-8 P.M. Please R.S.V.P. and bring a food item as a donation. And the 2019 National Legislative Convention will be held March 10-12, 2019. We need to know who will be joining Donna. Jamal plans to attend and perhaps one additional member.

Motion to accept the Legislative Rep's report: Made by Bob Conroy, Sr., seconded by Genie DelSesto, and all were in favor.

Old Business:

Donna said that she has been involved for many years with Operation Holiday Cheer which the Providence Post Office partners with the Lt Governor of RI’s office and the National Guard. This year they had 97 names of military service members who are overseas, and boxes of donated goods were shipped to them. Each year, we need between money for postage to mail the boxes. Businesses such as CVS donate goods, and Home Depot donates the boxes and some donate cash. Donna asked if NAPS Branch 105 would donate $500 towards the postage next year. Mr. Conroy, Sr. made that motion, which was second by Cy Dumas. All were in favor. Cy said he applauds this effort. Jamal asked if you could volunteer to help, and Donna said yes. Postal employees donate their time and so do Salvation Army employees. It’s an all-volunteer effort, gathering the good, stuffing the boxes, bringing them back to the Providence PDC to be weighed and postage affixed.

Joanne began the drawing on behalf of the scholarship committee. There were six applications received this year for the Branch 105 Dean Ambrosino Scholarship of $500. The winner’s name is Hilary Rogers, the member is her father, John Rogers. If she does not submit the appropriate proof of enrollment within three weeks, the next name drawn is Anthony Maine, grandson of Rebecca Brown, the Block Island Postmaster. The third name drawn is Taylor Payton, Paul Payton’s daughter.

We will break for dinner now at 6:55 P.M.

Jamal called the meeting back to order at 7:25 P.M.

New Business:

Jamal asked for volunteers for the audit committee and budget committees. The audit committee will be: Donna Machala, Genie DelSesto, and Skip DelSesto. The budget committee will be: Treasurer Don Taylor, Jim Bourque, and Betty DiSalvia.

The 50/50 SPAC raffle was won by Dave Girard. The Stop ‘n Shop gift cards were won by Genie DelSesto, Jim Bourque, Dave Girard, and Steve Rodowicz.

Cy asked for a few minutes to speak on about ten items. Cy made a $60 cash donation to SPAC. NAPS HQ counts on all donations. Payroll deductions are encouraged. Cy also presented a check to join the Providence PCC. Cy said it’s important for NAPS to participate in not just NAPS events, but the events held by the Providence PCC as well. He joined the group and attended National PCC Day in Foxwoods this year. He encouraged Jamal to join and attend these events as well. It will enable you to interact with Postal leadership and mailers in a more relaxed setting. It’s a good opportunity to lobby for NAPS’ interests as well. Donna will check to make sure both of you are on the PPC members’ list.

He also encouraged NAPS retirees to get on line with OPM as we are all being threatened, not just the active members but retirees as well, by Title 39. This will be a major political point for the next ten years. Retiree benefits are vulnerable as well. This should be the number one item at LTS in 2019.

Cy said we need the younger members in our group to step up to serve this group. Right now we are fortunate to have about 15-20 of our members are postmasters. Chuck is the UPMA President in RI currently. We need to continue with our positive relationship between both groups. We should do some collaborative things. There are approximately 27,000 EAS in NAPS, and 7,000 to 8,000 in UPMA. Out of the $10.50 dues we charge, $3.50 goes to NAPS HQ and is called the per capita and has not been raised since 2004. NAPS is very strong financially.

Cy said Joanne Keeling may be the longest serving member of this branch. We will miss you Joanne when you go to Florida. Jamal said he has known Joanne for so many years. Thank you for your dedicated membership to Branch 105 and everything you have done. Cy presented Joanne with a NAPS watch in appreciation.

Cy said I also want to recognize someone else for her quality of commitment. Especially during this summer when we have four presidents in as many weeks. Barbara please come up here and accept this watch with our thanks.

Cy said he was speaking with Jim Bourque and the NPA system is flawed. Do the best you can. The hearing is scheduled for December 10-11th with a federal mediator on the pay package. There are three members of the panel: one for NAPS, one for the USPS, and together they appoint a chairperson. We have lawyers also who will go in there for two days to present our case. We are working on that. I wish everyone a great holiday. Cy said if any of your people are struggling during the holiday season, please remember that EAP is available.

Jamal said with Joanne moving to Florida, we need to replace her on the Scholarship Committee. Do we have a volunteer? Colleen Sherratt volunteered. Jamal said we also need to replace her on the By-Laws and Constitution Committee. Al Kesack volunteered.

Jamal asked Bob Jr. to address what the field can expect from the Providence Plant for the holiday season. He said parcels will be extremely heavy because we usually off-load three trailers to Springfield of out-going mail, but that will not happen this year. We will be doing all the out-going mail. We will do a pull-down at 5:30 for the 027/028/029s. That may impact the flats and cause them to come to you later. We are counting on you to run a hub and spoke so we can get some of your mail as early as possible. Expect extra runs with parcels. Please utilize the Priority Mail placards.

Jamal asked if there was any new business. Mr. Conroy, Sr. said we need to get more people to attend our meetings. I propose we include a survey in the next mailing to encourage all members to attend at least one meeting per year. Do another survey just to those who are not members to ask them why they have chosen not to join and what their complaints or concerns are. Maybe if we can address them, they will change their minds. With 23 non-members, we need to address it. We need more people to participate. Do they still have a supervisor swing room? Maybe we can post material in there. When our meetings are and information on the legislation. He provide samples.

Cy reminded everyone that we do not have to represent anyone who is not a member.

Jamal asked all the Executive Board members to please remain for a brief meeting.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Brian Holt, and was seconded by Roger Johnson at 8:P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara A. Bouchard NAPS Branch 105 Secretary