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NAPS and the USPS have agreed to extend EAS Pay Talk consultation into January 2018. Click here to read the attached NAPS message from President Wagner.

Changes to Indicia screens in software applications 12 11 17

Customs declaration forms 12 8 17

Fingerprints for the FBI's IdHSC application 12 11 17

Replace component pieces of the mPOS equipment 12 8 17

Holiday ethics

USPS offers guidelines for employees
Nov. 22 at 10:23 a.m.
’Tis the season in which employees often participate in holiday activities while on the job, including giving and receiving gifts.

Although federal ethics standards apply all year long, the USPS Ethics Office wants employees to remember that complying with these rules is especially important during the holidays.

The Ethics Office has prepared a presentation on Blue to help employees become familiar with the standards of ethical conduct.

The presentation includes the standards that apply to receiving and exchanging gifts between employees and outside sources, including contractors, contract employees and vendors. There are also guidelines for attending holiday parties hosted by organizations outside USPS.

“This special time of year is also our peak season, and dealing with ethics issues can distract us from the important work we do during the holidays,” said Michael J. Elston, associate general counsel and chief ethics and compliance officer. “But if we all follow the rules, we can deliver on our promises to the American people now and in the new year.”

If you have questions about the presentation or specific situations, email the Ethics Office or call its hotline at 202-268-6346. Click here for Service Talk

New NAPS HQ Website September 16, 2017

Northeast Area Executive Announcement

HOT! HOT! HOT! From AVP Greg Murphy
I have been made aware that in several places across the country the OIG is investigating erroneous parcel scans, that is scanning of parcels as attempted when returned to the office when in fact they were not attempted. Numerous Supervisors have stated they were told to make certain no parcels returned to the office did not have scans. In some cases supervisors were told such things as heads will roll" "People will lose jobs or be subject to serious discipline"

These tactics fall under the bullying and are in violation of the Joint Statement on Violence in the Workplace.

1. PLEASE advise all SCS not to make erroneous scans in order to avoid failures.
2. PLEASE inform SCS they should report any attempt to bully them into taking improper actions and making threats of loss of employment because of scanning failures.
3. If these actions are made known to you, please let me know so I can advise NAPSHQ to address with USPSHQ

NALC Tentative National Agreement is reached

House Republicans Push Back Against Proposed Benefits Cuts

2017 Spring Executive Board Meeting Official Minutes
Ann Mailloux Promotion HQ

Response to request for briefing    Collect data on delivery point coordinates at West Springfield, VA
Guidelines for the Use of LDC 23 and LDC 24    Redesigning PO Boxe Online
Expansion of Secure Destruction May 4 2017

Board Memo 006-17 Whistleblower Hotline   

Collect data on delivery point coordinates at West Springfield, VA May 8 2017    Document entitled Guidelines for the Use of LDC 23 and LDC 24 May 8 2017

Expand the SD mail service program May 8 2017    Redesigning PO Boxes Online May 8 2017

Response to request for briefing   

NAPS_Headquarter_Board_Memo_002 Breaking News story regarding President Trump’s memo on the 2017 hiring freeze with a statement from USPS HQ. The following statement was received from Postal Headquarters on January 24, 2017 at 5:38 p.m. ET. “The Postal Service provides an essential service to the people and businesses of the United States, and is a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure. In view of our independent status, past Executive Orders imposing hiring freezes on Executive Departments and Agencies have not applied to the Postal Service. We have reached out to the Administration to discuss this matter.”
Please visit the Breaking News section on the NAPS website (Click Here Hiring freeze) to view the full Presidential Hiring Freeze Memo.

Hiring Freeze January 23, 2017    NAPS Headquarters Board Memo 002-17 January 23, 2017    White House Press Secretary Regulatory Freeze Pending Review January 20, 2017

EAS ANNUAL SALARY SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE 1-7-2017 2016 Fall Executive Board Meeting Minutes Official 12 2 16

2016 November NAPS USPS Consultative Agenda_With Responses

Minutes and photos of National Convention 2016

Jay Killackey Announces Candidacy for NAPS National President Comparing the Presidential Candidates - 2016

Candidate Letters

Letter From Jay Killackey: Candidate Information

Letter from Louis Atkins to the Memebership

1-8-16 Response to Williamson Re Pay Increase Request

12-17-15 EAS Pay Raise request

FY2015 NPA Unit Indictors    FY2015 NPA Unit Indictors - Summary of Changes      FY2015 NPA Unit Indictors - Summary of Changes

FPC Data Breach FINAL 3 25 pm JUNE 25 2015   


Read Michaela's final speech to the Branch

Updated Involuntary Reassignment Letter

May 2015 NAPS Financial Seminar    SWC Work Study Request JUNE 26 2015   

Exam 642 Info

A Thank You Note from Glenn Pyne   

EAS PAY SCHEDULE - effective January 10, 2015    EAS Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Program   

Q&A on the recent USPS Data Breach    NAPS HQ encourages employees to be vigilant   

Identity Theft and USPS, FedEx and UPS email scam - verified IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - UPDATED   

Unit-Level Mitigation Process paperwork

FY2014 End-of-Year Process and FY2015 Objective Setting Process      NAPS Advocacy Call to Action - NAPS Issue Brief Points to Negatives of Plant Closures  

NAPS Advocacy Call to Action - Tell Your House Member: Support the Moratorium Stopping the Closure of 82 USPS Mail Processing Plants   

NAPS Advocacy Call to Action - Tell Congress to Not Cut Mail Delivery to Bail Out the Highway Trust Fund   

NATIONAL CONVENTION 2014 NEWS Page - new postings

Talking Points - EBOLA  

PMG Patrick Donahoe announces his retirement

NAPS Advocacy Call to Action - Tell Congress: Stop the Closure of More USPS Mail Processing Plants   

Retail Partner Expansion Program Update July 15, 2014    ClickNShip or PC Postage Extra Service July 15,2014   

NAPS Questions on the USPS Healthcare Proposal 2-3-14   
2-6-14 Postal Vacancy Notifications   
NMO National Webinar Overview
Package Release Update   
Retail System Update on Cremated Remains
NAPS Statement on Budget Committee Proposals Cutting Federal Retirement Benefits   
FY2014 PFP Program and NPA Corporate and Unit Indicators   
NPA FY2014 Summary of Changes
November2013 Letter from Louis Atkins to USPS CHRO on Pay Increase for EAS  
FY2013 Pay for Performance program directive from the Postal Service
Letter from James Craven-NEA Labor Relations Specialist- to Tom Roma 12-31-2013   
Pilot Test for Handling Irregular and Non-Machinable Outside Parcels   
NAPS Headquarters comments on outsourcing of NMOs
Sales Retention Team Pilot Program
NAPS/USPS VP Employee Resource Management Meeting Nov 2013   
Postal Service's reply to a NAPS letter requesting the lifting of the ongoing suspension of Non-Bargaining Employee Recognition   
Brain Wagner's Training Presentation   
Letter from Jay Killackey on Mid-Term Elections   

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