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National Association of Postal Supervisors - Branch 105

NAPS LTS March 2018
Brian Wagner, NAPS President                          Ivan Butts, NAPS Vice President                        Mark Acton, Commissioner, Postal Rate Commission

Letter from Greg Murphy March 6, 2018 Re-elect Brian J Wagner 2018

Vince Palladino 2018 Scholarship Application - Deadline July 20, 2018

Proposed revisions to ELM, Section 354 12 18 17
Postal Service revising Privacy Act System of Records 12 14 17

Pay-for-Performance Program Evaluation Rules for Field EAS Employees


NAPS and the USPS have agreed to extend EAS Pay Talk consultation into January 2018. Click here to read the attached NAPS message from President Wagner.

Changes to Indicia screens in software applications 12 11 17

Customs declaration forms 12 8 17

Fingerprints for the FBI's IdHSC application 12 11 17

Replace component pieces of the mPOS equipment 12 8 17

Tell Congress: Protect CSRS Retirees Against Steep Medicare Premium Increase

High-3 Average Salary: What Is It and How Is It Calculated?    How to calculate your High-3 Average    My Federal Retirement

eOPF Liteblue FAQs

Instructions for Making SPAC contributions for Active and Associate Members

Annual Leave Exchange Program

EAS Privately-Owned Vehicle Program   

Suggested Rentention Periods for Branches    The Steps to Take After a Benefits Related Life Changing Event Occurs

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Next meeting: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 6 PM at Kelley Gazzero, 1418 Plainfield Pike, Cranston, RI 02920
Guest Speaker: David Mastroianni, Jr., CTV District Manager

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